Pest Control 101: How Much Does Dewey Pest Control Cost?

When in desperate measures, a homeowner depends on the most effective and asks, ‘how much does Dewey pest control cost’. However, before diving into that question, there are important things one must know.


how much does dewey pest control cost

What Is Dewey Pest Control?

Dewey Pest Control commenced as a one-person business in 1929 and has now grown to a corporation with hundreds of employees and nearly a century of knowledge to draw on. 

Steven R. Dewey succeeded his father in 1977 and changed the company’s name to Dewey Services, Inc. Its company’s mission is to ensure that its clients live in a clean and friendly environment.

Inspection is the first step in Dewey Pest Control’s method, which is followed by identification, suggestion, limitation, treatment with green products, and evaluation. 

They also maintain in touch with the client throughout the process to address any issues or queries they may have and to keep them informed. 

All of these phases are part of their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program (Dewey Green Pest Management Program), which aims to provide pest management, public health, and environmentally sustainable solutions.


How Much Do I Need For Dewey Pest Control?

Pricing from reps can be hard to acquire at times, and it is not available on their website. However, one could locate customer pricing that stated Dewey Pest Control’s regular monthly prices for basic pest control treatments are $49 per month. 

Separate services for bed bugs and bees are believed to be somewhat costly. Many buyers cited cheaper alternatives, but many also thought the higher price was justified. 

There were no discounts or promos advertised on the company’s website, by consumers, or by representatives.


How Does Dewey Pest Control Work?

Before diving further, a homeowner must know how Dewey pest control operates. The following paragraphs will answer this question. 


1. Integrated pest management

A Dewey Green Pest Management Program is Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Dewey Green Pest Management Program’s purpose is to tread a fine line between pest management advantages, public health, and environment protection.

Dewey Green is a method of identification that always begins with a comprehensive inspection, then identification, recommendation, exclusion, and treatment with green materials, and lastly evaluation. All elements of IPM are intertwined with continual customer engagement.


2. Dewey termite control

An efficient termite treatment program begins with a comprehensive examination of the structure by a licensed specialist. Termite infestations are frequently hidden and not easily apparent to the untrained eye.

After determining the right termite genus and problem sites, an efficient control program can be launched.

Termite specialists from Dewey have the education, knowledge, and skills to detect an issue. They will advise you on the best termite treatment to preserve your investment by maintaining the property termite-free.

Termites can attack your home regardless of how old it is, where it is situated, or how it is built. Every year, they cost the United States billions of dollars in harm. It’s likely that you won’t notice any termite or termite infestation until it’s too late.


How Are Dewey Pest Control Professionals Trained?

Dewey’s networks of pest management professionals are standing by to help you solve your pest problems. Dewey employs a large team of experts, including Board Certified Entomologists, Technical Directors, AIB, and SQF experts. 

These experts are in charge of sanitation audits, pest detection, client orientation, and on-site assessment services, among other things.

Each business service specialist at Dewey receives extensive training and will detect probable pest infestation causes as well as interact with on-site supervisors about corrective actions. To ensure success and client happiness, each service specialist is regularly trained with the most up-to-date technologies available.

Dewey sees its employees as its most valuable asset. Their standards are high, which is why they strive for excellence in all aspects of our business.

Dewey will analyze all results and provide recommendations after completing a field inspection of your facility to assist you in building a strategy that is based on establishing a complete and cost-effective solution. 

For all of your pest control requirements, Dewey’s Commercial Services will be your one-stop-shop.

California bugs, their pals, and their families are most likely currently residing in your home! For almost 90 years, Dewey has been evicting unwelcome house visitors using only state-of-the-art, ecologically safe pest control solutions. 

They understand their tendencies, where to look for them, and how to get rid of them. Dewey’s team of experts is made up of professionals with extensive training and experience in all aspects of pest control. 

Dewey Service technicians are trained on all new and effective application procedures for each condition on a regular basis. They have experienced pest control operators at Dewey and they will restore your home to a Single Family Dwelling in a secure, economical, and effective manner.

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The question of ‘how much does Dewey pest control cost’ arises when the infestation apparently starts. However, with this guide, you can prevent the worst-case scenario by taking action today!

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