How Much Does A Wedding In Hawaii Cost: Breakdown

If you’re curious about how much does a wedding in Hawaii cost, prepare at least $3,000 for a wedding package. You will also know below the prices to expect with Hawaiian wedding venues and the expenses you must budget for if you’re having a wedding with 100 guests. 

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how much does a wedding in hawaii cost


How Much Is A Wedding In Hawaii: Average Costs


Hawaii wedding rates for a beach wedding package

A wedding in Hawaii can start at $3,000 for a simple beach wedding package. The range offered by resorts begins at $2,500, but it can go over $7,000, depending on the inclusion. 

Note that this is just the ceremony, and you also have to allocate a budget for accommodations and trips, especially if you’re shouldering some guests. So again, the key is finding a value for money package with freebies to save on costs. 


Prices for weddings in Hawaii wedding venues

As for the fees for Hawaiian wedding venues, the average is around $600 to over $1,000. If you want a venue package with add ons, it can reach $12,000 and above.

This is assuming that you’ll have under 15 guests. You also want to consider the season as peak wedding season will have venues at a higher price.

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Other expenses for marriage in Hawaii

This assumes that you decided to have an elopement wedding ceremony in Hawaii. If it is just you and your partner, there are packages under $3,000; you can select add-ons. 

Consider allocating a budget for your decors, attire, food, drinks, cake, photography, and the paperwork for the destination wedding. And of course, you also need to pay for your tickets and room. 


Is It Expensive To Get Married In Hawaii?


Consider three factors

The costs for getting married in Hawaii can get high, but this is expected with any destination wedding. Ultimately, the number of guests, your desired wedding, and where you’ll have it will dictate how pricey your wedding in Hawaii can get. 


It can potentially be cheaper than a non-destination wedding

For example, if it will just be you and your partner, you can find a place that offers a package for under $3,000, and it will already include the officiant, photographer, flowers, limo, hair and makeup, and wedding license processing. But on the contrary, your Hawaiian wedding can go over $10,000 if you’ll have many guests and you’re also planning on a weeklong celebration to take advantage of the island. 

So how does a wedding in Hawaii compares to a typical ceremony? If you’ll be spending $3,000 for a Hawaii wedding package plus $3,000 for the travel and accommodation expenses, it’s cheaper than a traditional wedding ceremony at $28,000.  


Be realistic with your financial capacity and preferred wedding experience

Remember that you may also want to go around Hawaii and bring your closest friends and family. You should talk with your partner about how to budget for a wedding in Hawaii and also know the etiquette for who pays for a destination wedding


How Much Does The Average Wedding In Hawaii Cost?


Average cost of a simple wedding in Hawaii

Depending on your package, a small-scale or straightforward wedding in Hawaii can be around $2,000. However, it should be easy to find a reasonable price for elopement ceremonies or intimate weddings with under 30 guests in popular Hawaiian wedding venues. 


Average cost of a grand wedding celebration in Hawaii

If you want a large-scale wedding or a grand celebration in Hawaii, expect an average cost of over $30,000. Of course, this is assuming that you’ll have around 50 guests, but the amount for the lodging and transportation are still not included. 


How Much Is A 100 Person Wedding In Hawaii?

The prices to expect for a 100-person wedding in Hawaii start at $25,000 to $30,000 since you’re assuming that you’ll spend $300 per wedding guest. Also, because it’s a large-scale wedding, you’ll have an easier time by booking a wedding planner to be responsible for the critical aspects of the event. 


How Can I Spend Less On My Wedding In Hawaii?

  • Compare the wedding packages offered by the resorts and hotels in Hawaii
  • Select an all-inclusive wedding package
  • Consider a small guest list
  • Clarify with your guests that they’ll be covering their own travel and accommodation expenses
  • If shouldering lodging, get a hotel block
  • Consider doing the wedding ceremony at the hotel or resort you’re staying in, as they’ll likely offer discounts or freebies
  • Opt for a simpler wedding ceremony and reception
  •  Have your wedding in Hawaii during the off-season


What is the best month to get married in Hawaii?

To score an affordable Hawaiian wedding, avoid the peak wedding season in December, January, or November. Instead, you can find lower expenses during August or be on the lookout for deals and discounts offered by different hotels and resorts.



And that’s it! To recap how much does a wedding in Hawaii cost, prepare at least $3,000 for a simple wedding package. 

On the other hand, large-scale weddings can mean you’ll spend $300 per wedding guest, so a 100-person wedding in Hawaii will be around $30,000. Regardless, there are many wedding packages from resorts to choose from, so you can find the one that fits your needs and budget. 

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