How Much Does A Wedding DJ Cost: Reasonable Prices

The answer to how much does a wedding DJ cost is under $1,500. However, various considerations will affect the pricing of the wedding DJ, which we will discuss in more detail below. 

But if you’re having a small wedding and there’s no room for the wedding DJ costs in your total wedding budget, why not be the DJ instead? Check how to DJ your own wedding to know more. 

how much does a wedding dj cost


How Much Does A DJ Cost For A Wedding Reception?

The pricing for a wedding DJ is around $1,500 or lower. This is the average cost that couples spend when hiring a DJ for their wedding, but it could be higher or lower, depending on various factors. 


What affects the wedding DJ costs?

The factors that affect the rate of a wedding DJ include the number of DJs you’ll need for your wedding, the amount and types of equipment, how long you will book the wedding DJ, and if they will also provide the lights or act as the wedding MC. 


How much do wedding DJs cost compared to wedding bands?

The prices you can expect to spend between hiring a wedding DJ versus a live band show a massive difference. The average wedding DJ cost is under $1,500, while a live band is under $4,000. 

Choosing between them will depend on your budget and other wedding costs. However, some couples are willing to allocate a great amount for the music at their wedding since a live band is still a memorable experience

Furthermore, finding a live band at a lower price is possible. The factors that will affect the pricing will typically depend on the set, duration, number of band members, equipment, and if they potentially need to travel far to attend your wedding venue. 


What Is The Average Price For A DJ For A Wedding?

The average wedding DJ cost could start at $1,500 to twice the amount. Besides the inclusions in the package you select, other factors will also dictate the final pricing of hiring a wedding DJ. 

For example, those who live in a larger metropolitan area will find wedding DJ costs higher than those in smaller towns. In addition, the length of the reception, type of reception, and wedding type might also affect the price of the wedding DJ. 

Remember that some wedding DJs also offer inclusions like uplighting or hosting, so you’ll also pay a higher price if you need them. So again, it’s essential to talk with the wedding vendor to clarify your expectations with the package, especially when you’re limited or have a set budget for your wedding music. 

Consider reading how to MC a wedding as it might save you on the total costs if it’s not passed on to the wedding DJ. 


What’s included in a standard wedding DJ package?

The average wedding DJ costs under or over $1,500; a standard wedding DJ package usually includes the planning session, complete set-up, equipment, ceremony music, cocktail hour, and reception music. Then, the inclusions may offer MC or hosting services and uplighting. 

To avoid any hassles, it would be best to discuss how long you want the DJ to play music at the reception. You can also talk about the ceremony moments that need music accompaniment and what songs you want. 

And finally, ask if the vendor will charge for the teardown of their equipment after the wedding. It’s always helpful to know what to expect with who cleans up after the wedding


What Is A Reasonable Price For A DJ?

A reasonable price for a wedding DJ starts at $1,000, although there might be decent professionals at under $800. However, remember that the responsibilities for this role also affect the expected payment on the DJ’s end. 

A quality service should be paid well, especially if it’s very satisfactory. Furthermore, the wedding DJ’s time does not only include when he’s playing music but also when he’s traveling, preparing, and breaking down the equipment.  

Not all wedding receptions will also provide DJ equipment, and some of them are pricey to purchase. Finally, remember that the music played was bought by the DJ as well. 


Do you have to tip your wedding DJ?

Check the wedding DJ cost breakdown if the tip is already included. But if not, it’s only suitable to tip the vendor 10 to 15% of the total bill, especially if the services are top-notch. 


How Much Should A DJ Charge For 4 Hours?

Since most wedding receptions last between 3 to 4 hours, the wedding DJ can reasonably charge around $1,200. Depending on your chosen DJ, they might also offer an hourly rate starting at $200. 


Why Do DJs Charge More For Weddings?

Wedding DJs are more expensive than DJs in other events because the wedding service is different. They’ll also arrange for the ceremony, and the location will change from the ceremony to the reception. 



And that’s it! To recap how much does a wedding DJ cost, the average pricing is between $1,500 to $3,000 or $1,200 for most packages. 

The inclusions such as MC services and lighting systems can also affect the total costs of the wedding DJ. Regardless, it’s always best to discuss everything with the vendor to avoid miscommunications. 

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