How Much Does A Wedding Cost At The Chateau

If you’re curious about how much does a wedding cost at the chateau, you can prepare for prices that can reach up to $10,000. We will discuss what a typical package would include and how to have a wedding in a castle in the US.

But if you want to know how much should a French chateau wedding cost, we have also discussed it below. In general, destination weddings require planning, so if you’re limited with finances, read how to plan a destination wedding on a small budget

how much does a wedding cost at the chateau


How Much Does A Wedding Cost At The Chateau: Sample Chateau Wedding Budget 


Average wedding costs of a chateau wedding

A chateau or castle wedding in the US costs a starting price of $3,000, but some can reach over $10,000. The total expenses for chateau weddings depend on the specific place and time of the year.

Some venues also offer packages that include chairs and tables, setup, clean-up, and even a venue coordinator. So if you want to get the most out of your wedding budget, consider getting married in a chateau that usually hosts weddings.


Best wedding castle venues in the US

Here are some of the most famous castle venues for weddings in the US. Consider finding the most convenient for your location and then compare their wedding packages. 

  • The Biltmore: This wedding venue located in North Carolina is ideal for couples who love French Renaissance chateaus. This place even has a winery and can host large wedding receptions. 
  • The Bolt Castle: If you’re close to New York, the Bolt Castle is famous for hosting wedding ceremonies. It is also a romantic setting as the owner built it originally for his wife.
  • The Chanler: A historic location ideal for an intimate wedding is The Chanler located in Rhode Island. It is located on the famous Cliff Walk that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. 


How Much Does A French Chateau Wedding Cost?

If you want a destination wedding in France, why not get married at a French chateau? In general, you must prepare a budget of $3,000 to over $50,000 based on the expected costs in Euros converted to US dollars. 

A helpful tip is to be realistic with your budget, as the most luxurious domains or chateaus will cost higher than a secluded chateau. As of this writing, a private chateau in Bordeaux is famous for American couples, especially for intimate destination weddings. 


Best French chateau wedding locations

To help you make your French destination wedding planning more manageable, here are the best French chateau wedding venues that you can compare. Check the chateau wedding cost to know if getting married in one fits your budget. 

  • Domaine d’Essendiéras: This location features two castles from the 16th and 19th centuries. You can even accommodate your guests here, and it’s perfect for couples who are having a big wedding with more than 100 guests. 
  • Chateau Lagorce: American couples usually want a French chateau wedding for a fairytale-inspired union. The Chateau Lagorce would be perfect for this, and they even offer different wedding packages for every couple.  
  • Chateau de Pennautier: If you’re limited with finances, the Chateau de Pennatier boasts that they welcome weddings of all budgets. It is also perfect for all weddings, regardless if you want a traditional or modern setup. 


Can I get married at the chateau?

You can get married at the chateau, and different chateau wedding venues in France offer various wedding packages. Some may be pricier than others, but you can find locations perfect for intimate weddings and reasonable budgets. 

You can also personalize your chateau wedding in some venues and make it as romantic, traditional, or modern as possible. Just allocate a budget for your travel and accommodation, or consider having your guests stay at the chateau venue itself. 


How Much Does It Cost To Stay Escape The Chateau?

Staying at the Escape to the Chateau castle range from £5,000 to £6,000. However, please check the availability and prices as they constantly change now that the location is popular for wedding venues. 


Can you book a wedding at Escape to the Chateau?

If you want an Escape to the Chateau wedding, expect to spend £19,000 to £38,000. However, it is also trendy that it is fully booked as of this writing for the year 2022. 

Remember that the average costs for any popular wedding venue will always be higher than those that aren’t as well-known. You can also read when is wedding peak season as popular wedding dates usually have venues being offered at higher prices. 


How Much Is A Wedding At Legacy Castle NJ?

If you don’t want to fly to France for a fairytale wedding held in a French chateau, why not consider the Legacy Castle in New Jersey? Expect to spend anywhere from $25,000 to over $30,000, depending on your number of guests and wedding personalization. 

The Legacy Castle is a popular wedding venue because it can accommodate over 100 guests. It also represents luxury and elegance thanks to the white and gold theme. 



Was this budget guide helpful? We just learned how much does a wedding cost at the chateau, which is between $3,000 to over $50,000 in French chateaus. 

If you want a castle wedding in the US, some can go over $10,000. We hope you have to find the best venue for your fairytale wedding; let us know below if you can also recommend a castle wedding venue. 

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