How Much Does A Water Heater Weigh? 6 Impressive Weighs!

Have you ever wondered how much does a water heater weigh? No more wonders, you have arrived at the right place. Empty, tank water heaters weigh from 20 to 600 pounds on average, but this fluctuates by size.

Tank water heaters, in general, weigh 2.7 pounds per gallon of storage. Tankless water heaters are much lighter, weighing on average 26 pounds.

how much does a water heater weigh

In addition, the average weight of the underwater heater is 30 pounds. A typical 50-gallon tank can contain up to 418 pounds of water because water weighs approximately 10 – 12 pounds per gallon. When you include in the tank’s weight, you’ve got one big machine. Also, when empty, heaters using holding tanks were bulkier versus tankless ones. It’s important to know that almost all holding tank heaters include a metal box, which might be galvanized iron or chromium steel. For more about the weight of water heaters, you need to continue reading.


Factors Affecting The Weight Of A Water Heater

The kind, size, or even if the reservoir is empty or full all have an effect on the final weight of the heater. Let’s take a closer look at each one, so we easily understand how much does a water heater weigh.


#1. The type of water heater

Water heaters are divided into two categories: tank style and tankless. As the title suggests, Tank-style heaters feature a tank that reserves warm water, so it’s available when you need it. Tankless water heaters, also known as instant water heaters, need not keep boiled water in a big tank.

Whenever you switch on the showerhead and tap, cold water instead streams into the appliance to warm it. Tankless water heaters offer additional benefits, cost, and energy savings: lighter weight than tank water heaters. Instant water heaters typically weigh 26 pounds, while tank water heaters weigh 155 pounds on aggregate.


#2. Tank size

The overall weight of tank water heaters varies widely depending on the tank’s size. For single-family homes, heater tanks are typically around 35 and 75 gallons. Here’s how much the tank should weigh once it’s been emptied, water heaters with a capacity of 40 gallons weigh an aggregate of 108 pounds, heaters with a capacity of 50 gallons weigh on average 145 pounds, and water heaters with an 80-gallon capacity weigh around 190 pounds on typical.


#3. Water in tank

In fact, if somehow the tank is filled with water, it gets much heavy. Because water weighs a little over ten pounds, I advise draining the water before moving the water heater.


Weigh Of Different Sizes Of Water Heaters

Heated water heaters come in a variety of capacities, which has an influence on weight. To discover more, have a peek at the material below. You’ll be likely to see how much various sizes of water heaters weigh, which must satisfy the crucial question.


#1. Weigh of 10-gallon water heater

The 10-gallon water warmers are quite little and therefore may not be particularly effective for heating homes. Many individuals may use them to warm little residences when there isn’t enough room for bigger heated water heaters. They are also suitable for compact homes with a limited heating area. The 10-gallon water heater should weigh around 47 pounds, however, keep in mind that this might vary depending on the sort of device you select.


#2. Weigh of 20-gallon water heater

The 20-gallon heater is most likely the shortest tankless heater you’ll discover in a home. This will only work in a modest home. Inside a small area, it may supply warm heat and water to one or two persons. The water heater with a capacity of 20 gallons would weigh 75 pounds.


#3. Weigh of a 30-gallon water heater

The 30-gallon heater is one of the tiniest you’ll find in a house. Such water heaters could be under 90 pounds in weight. Heaters with a capacity of 30 gallons and a weight of 94 g are common. This sort of heater would be enough for heating a single office, but it will be inconvenient in somewhat bigger spaces.


#4. Weigh of a 40-gallon water heater

The 40-gallon water heater will weigh roughly 110 pounds on typical.  This changes depending on a variety of things. It is the most popular component of water heater found in most households. If you only have a water heater for just a single-family home, this size may be ideal. It isn’t the biggest or smallest water heater just on the marketplace, but neither is it the tiniest.


#5. Weigh of 50-gallon water heater

Whenever a 40-gallon heater isn’t quite adequate, a 50-gallon will be an alternative. It is slightly heavier and might weigh 170 pounds. These figures may vary based on the framework. Nevertheless, a standard 50-gallon water heater will weigh roughly 170 pounds.


#6. Weigh of a 75-gallon water heater

The weight of a 75-gallon water heater will be much higher than that of a 40-gallon heater. Heaters with a capacity of 75 gallons can weigh 300 lbs. There’ll be some differences in weight, but they must weigh at least 290  pounds. This type of heater is commonly seen in business settings, but it may also be used to warm extremely big apartment estates.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned how much does a water heater weigh. If you are confused about water heaters’ weight, this article cleared all your confusion. Mostly, tankless water heaters are lighter in weight than tank-style water heaters, but if you live in a large family, you need a tank-style water heater. Thank you, friends. For reading this article. 

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  1. Water heaters with storage tanks can weigh 20 pounds to 600 pounds or more, depending on the storage tank capacity.

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