How Much Does A SubZero Fridge Cost? The Best Fridge For Your Home!

How much does a subzero fridge cost? This article will answer that for you. So stay with us till the end!  Usually, sub-zero fridges can cost more than a thousand dollars.

Specifically, the price range for these premium fridges is from $1 985 to $11 900.

how much does a subzero fridge cost

Sub-zero refrigerators are pretty expensive because of their quality features suited for high-end kitchens. You see, sub-zero was the first counter depth refrigerator in the market. Its innovative design, such as its shallow structure and its made to compliment the kitchen because of its look similar to a cabinet, you can’t tell if it’s a fridge at all.

That’s why more people are eyeing this product. I know you are very interested in this kind of fridge. Learning more things about your home is necessary for bringing a good atmosphere for your family. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.


The Cost Of Having A Sub Zero Fridge

While surfing online, you might stumble on this article, “How much does a subzero fridge cost?” Well, you must be intrigued by that question. Well, now that you are here, let me answer that for you. These types of refrigerators are the premium fridges found in the market. Sub-zero fridges are like the Michael Jordan of basketball and the Ferrari of sportscars. But, with this, the brand comes with a premium price tag.

Specifically, it comes with features that are capable outdoors and has French doors, ice makers, and premium freezers. In addition, sub-zero offers fridges that are either built-in, integrated, under-counter, and wine specific.

The starting price for the sub-zero fridge starts at $1 985 with their UC-24R as the under-counter refrigerator. Then, it is followed by UC-24BG and UC24C as both under-counter, with the former being beverage and the latter being a combo fridge, priced at $2 265 and $2 455.

On the other hand, their outdoor refrigerator, UC-24RO, comes at $2 715, and their ice maker fridge IC-15I is at $3 565. The other models come at the near four thousand dollar price tag. The UC-15IO fridge comes at $3 825, 700BR at $3 950, 700BF(I) at $4 090, and 700BC(I) at $4 230.

Likewise, their IC-27R fridge is at $6 600, together with other fridges that are above the six thousand dollar mark are IC-27FI, 700TR, and 700TFI. Besides, sub-zero also have fridges priced at seven thousand dollars. The 700TCI is at $7 060, 736TR at $7 560, 736TFI AT $7 670, and 736TCI at $7 745.

BI-36R fridge is at $7 190, BI-36RG at $7 925, and BI-36 at $7 500. Next, their BI-30 built-in fridge is at $9 250, BI-36S at $9 380, BI-36U at $9 580, BI-42SD at $9 625, and BI-30UG at $9 860.

Sub-zero also sells some of their fridges above the ten thousand dollar margin. Including their BI-42S fridge at $10 030, BI-36UFD at $10 060, BI-36UG at $10 285, BI-48S at $10 615, and BI-42SID at $10 660.

Lastly, they will not stop with their luxury lineup of fridges starting at the price tag of $11 260 with their built-in and combo BI-48SID fridge. Their most expensive fridge is at $11 900 with their built-in and combo BI-48SD refrigerator.


What Are The Benefits Of Having A Sub Zero Fridge?

Knowing the prices will not satisfy you if these fridges do not have excellent advantages to light up your home and food with happiness. Here are four benefits when buying a sub-zero fridge can give you. Learn if such a fridge is worth your money.


Benefit #1. Technological advancement

Sub-zero itself has developed technology to compete with other brands in storing your food. For example, their fridges have a dual refrigeration system that can set the temperature and humidity in all the cooling sections of the refrigerator.

Also, the fridge maintains the temperature with a 1-degree difference. The fridge also offers vacuum sealing doors and air purification technology. These advantages will make you and your family want to buy such quality product; the best food storage in your home.


Benefit #2. Build quality

The sub-zero fridges can last for almost two decades of use. With this, the company prides itself on having a 12-year warranty on its premium fridges, proving its promise of quality and luxury taste. Now, you don’t have to worry about replacing your fridge for such a long time.


Benefit #3. Designs

The sub-zero fridge has two installations and nine door styles, including stainless steel, glass, and French doors. Also, it offers a wide range of dimensions that can fit into any kitchen in the world, from 30-inch to 48-inch fridges.


Benefit #4. Investment

It is undeniable that this fridge is a status symbol and sought-after brand of all the fridges in the market. With this, sub-zero fridges are used commercially, industrially and come with luxury apartments which can be an investment.

It is no joke that this fridge is expensive but a wise investment.



Wow! You know, “How much does a subzero fridge cost?” Because of the features and benefits this refrigerator has, it is no wonder why it is expensive. But, if you are in the food industry, this product is a great investment because of its warranty and feature that can hold lots of food.

Usually, their fridges come with specifications from built-in, freezer-type, wine specified, under-counter, and integrated. Sub-zero offers their fridges from the starting price of $1 985 up to $11 900.

And that’s all! Thank you very much for reading this article. Share this with those who are shopping for a new fridge. If you want more articles, you might want to learn how much it costs to run a 5000 BTU air conditioner. See you at the safest time, goodbye!