How Much Does A Stove Weigh? 5 Awesome Types Of Stove!

Most people don’t consider overall weight when choosing a stove, but when moving it is vital to know how much does a stove weigh. The size and weight of commercial stoves used in establishments like restaurants and food stands may vary significantly.

Typically, a stove weigh about 50 pounds. There are several factors that go into the weight of an electric or gas range, including its size, materials, and whether or not it is a standalone unit.

how much does a stove weigh

For instance, a 60-inch industrial stove may weigh up to 800 pounds. This two-burner stove weighs about half as much as a 30-inch residential stove. Please keep reading to know more about the stove weights according to their type.


Types Of Stoves And Their Weight

Styles and sizes of cooking stoves vary widely. As a result of the broad range of sizes, designs, and options available, stoves must be categorized. Due to this segmentation will better equip customers to make an informed purchase.

The number of burners, surface area, and other characteristics determine how a stove is categorized. Next, we will examine each of these divisions in further depth. Depending on the type of heat source, whether electric or gas, the stove weight varies. So, how much does a stove weigh?


#1. Gas stoves

When compared to other types of cooking methods, utilizing gas stoves has several advantages. First, because of the strength and consistency of their flames, they can generate and transport heat almost instantly.

By altering the cooking temperature, you have complete control over the meal’s outcome. When using a gas stovetop, you don’t have to be concerned about your food getting burnt. The weight of this type of stove ranges from 100 to 250 pounds. Single-burner portable stoves are as light as 5 pounds.


#2. Electric stoves

Similarly, electric stoves have been around for a long time. They’re also an affordable option for families. Because these gadgets don’t require a flame, you may use them without lighting the burner. You may start warming up the food in the pan as soon as you plug it in and turn on the stove.

Since there is no gas residue on the top of these stoves, they are straightforward to clean. There is a 128-pound weight limit for an electric stove and oven sets. Small, lightweight heaters are ideal for single use.


#3. Inductive stove

Using an inductive stove can reduce the time it takes to cook by switching to an induction cooktop. Even though it costs more than standard gas cooktops, this model has several added features that make it worthwhile.

As a result, the heat it generates is immediately transmitted to the pot or pan. When compared to other types of stoves, induction models simply heat the pan’s surface. The weight ranges from 100 to 250 pounds for induction stoves. A single-burner induction portable stove ranges from 5 to 8 lbs.


#4. Cooking range

The combination of oven and stove may be found in every American house, regardless of where you live. This is the most prevalent type. They can run on both electricity and gas. The majority of them weigh in the range of 100 to 250 pounds.

Typical cooking ranges weigh between 100 and 130 pounds each. On the top, you’ll find three or four burners, depending on your kitchen. With this type of stovetop burner, you’ll get the basics instead of cutting-edge technology for cooking and baking your meals: heating, cooking, and baking.

The weight of a stove-oven set might vary from 130 pounds to 220 pounds on average. Larger and more capable oven ranges will be heavier, costlier, and larger in the long run.

Some of the most sophisticated commercial cooking ranges are 500 pounds or more in weight! Weight increases as a result of having more burners on the front and additional functions. To understand better, read how much is the average weight of the stove


#5. Wood stoves

A wood stove, as the name suggests, cooks and heats meals using wood as fuel. It can burn wood and wood-derived biomass fuels such as sawdust bricks alongside each other in this device. In addition to the solid metal firebox, this cooking apparatus features one or two air controls.

The build and kind of equipment impact the efficiency of a wood stove as well. Kilograms are used to quantify the weight of a wood stove. A standard wood stove might weigh as much as 300 pounds.

However, the maximum temperature may be higher if the stove is larger or constructed from other materials. Greater bulk means more heat from a heavier wood stove. Or to put it another way, a larger, more powerful woodstove will provide greater heating and cooking results. For more information about wood stoves, check out how a wood stoves works


It’s A Wrap!

Going back to the main question: how much does a stove weigh? Well, it depends on some factors. One element that affects a stove’s weight is its size and material. Another consideration is whether it is linked to a range of other kitchen appliances.

In American homes, the most typical cooking configurations include a stove and an oven. For the most part, stoves at restaurants are broader and taller than those found in the average home. As a result, they are considerably more cumbersome. Do you want to read more stove articles? Read on how to seal wood stove chimney pipe. Thank you for reading! I hope you have learned something. 

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