How Much Does A Space Heater Cost? 6 Amazing Options!

Are you unsure how much does a space heater costs? Don’t worry! We will tell an average price of each type available in the market for space heating.

The space heaters are pretty affordable in terms of initial and operational costs. The different type of heaters has variable prices. You have to ensure that whether the heater you are getting is sufficient for heating your space or not.

how much does a space heater cost

Of course, the heaters are a lot more than just a device. They are lifesavers in the cold winter season, and a good heater decides how comfortable your winter season will be this year. Without further ado! Let’s have a look at the prices of space heaters. 


How Much A Space Heater Cost? 

We know that you want to know more about space heaters. So, this guide will guide you on how much does a space heater costs.  


#1. Panel heater 

A panel heater will suit you best if you want to remove the chill from a room in moderate weather. However, the super-safe hot air currents from the heater are equally beneficial for you and your pets and children. 



They are priced in an affordable range of $90 and $150. You won’t get disappointed by the overall performance of the heater. 


Why should you buy a panel heater? 

It can give an aesthetic view to your guest room. Plus, you can paint the heater body with a landscape or any color that suits your room’s color combination. 


#2. Infrared heaters

An infrared heater is the second name of efficiency. Yes! The natural feel of the heater makes it everyone’s favorite, including you, because you have to pay less in terms of electricity bills. An infrared heater doesn’t need a fan, and it directly means that heater will use less electricity. 



Infrared heaters are generally more expensive than other heaters. So, don’t get surprised if you find a heater with a price tag of $600. But don’t worry, some standard-size heaters are also available at reasonable prices of $75 and $190.


Why should you buy an infrared heater?

First, they heat the room quickly. Second, they don’t produce annoying sounds. Lastly, the efficiency of an infrared heater doesn’t get affected by drafts. 


#3. Propane heaters

A propane heater makes you free from the hassle of plugging the heater. They work by generating electromagnetic heat waves that travel in the room to provide you with warmth. Some models also have the facility of fans to make sure that you get the heat in each corner of the room.

They are made for people with a love of commuting. The low upfront cost adds some more stars to the chest of a propane-powered heater. The heat produced is a lot hotter than electric heaters. Moreover, you have to spend 20% less on buying propane than you pay in terms of electricity bills. 



The propane heaters are reasonably priced and usually cost $90 to $150. So you don’t have to deal with any regrets after using the fantastic features of a propane heater. 


Why should you buy a propane heater? 

Your outdoor plans can become comfy with the presence of a single propane heater. TIn addition, the extra protective features like a tip-over sensor and oxygen depletion detector make a propane heater worth buying.


#4. Oil-filled heaters

Oil-filled heaters are known for efficiency, and you must not hesitate while spending money on them. These heaters are filled with diathermic oil that contributes to the heat transfer by absorbing the heat and then circulating the metal columns to warm the space by the convection process. The good thing is that you don’t have to refill the heater with oil. 



The cost of an oil-filled heater starts from $70 and averages between $89. BSO, be ready to pay $150 if you are up for a long-lasting model. 


Why should you buy an oil-filled heater?

The high boiling point of diathermic oil makes you fearless from the heater explosion. Moreover, the high heat capacity of diathermic oil allows the heater to keep radiating heat even when you shut the heater off. 


#5. Ceramic heaters

A ceramic heater works by heating the metal coil. The heat is then absorbed by ceramic plates and transported into the room by the convection method. Some models have built-in fans that accompany the heater in equal and even heat circulation. In addition, the heat stays in the room until the ceramic plates get cold.



If the ceramic heater fits in the mold of your ideal heater, then there is no harm in spending $150 for a high-quality heater. Some average models are available in a price range between 30 and 50 dollars. 


Why should you buy a ceramic heater?

Ceramic heaters are well-equipped with features like compatibility and an adjustable digital thermostat. Heat oscillates in the room with the help of a fan. The lightweight allows you to place the heater according to your heat needs. 


#6. Fan heaters

The fan heater models are no different than the ceramic heater. They heat a space without a ceramic heating element. But the lack of ceramic elements lowers the efficiency of a fan heater. 



You can have an fn heater at a price as low as $33 to an average of $69. A top-notch model could also cost $149 in total. 


Why should you buy a fan heater?

A fan heater will suit you if you want a bit of spot heating while sitting on your work desk. It will heat the air around you, and you will surely enjoy the work rather than wishing to get into bed for a comfortable sleep. You may also be interested in how to repair an electric heater.


It’s A Wrap!

It’s time to say goodbye. We hope you have found the answer to how much does a space heater cost, and we are separating on a good note. And don’t forget to read space heater electricity cost: a look at 21 different models. You may also want to read about how much to run a space heater and where to place a space heater.

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