How Much Does A Puffy Lux Mattress Weigh: Size Guide

The answer to how much does a Puffy Lux mattress weigh range from 51 pounds to 114 pounds because it comes in different sizes. We’ll also talk about Puffy’s other two beds and their weights. And since this brand is a bed-in-a-box, you will know more about what to expect with the package. 

You might also be interested in knowing how long a Puffy mattress lasts. Feel free to check our separate discussion about this topic because the weight of the bed is not the only indicator of its potential longevity. 

how much does a puffy lux mattress weigh


How Heavy Is A Puffy Lux Mattress?

The Puffy Lux mattress weighs from 51 to 114 pounds, depending on the size. For example, the smallest, the twin size, is 51 pounds, and the king-size Puffy Lux is 114 pounds. On the other hand, the twin XL, full, queen, and Cal king, weighs 58 pounds, 75 pounds, 83 pounds, and 106 pounds, respectively. 


How much does a Puffy Royal mattress weigh?

Puffy has another hybrid bed, and it is the Puffy Royal. It weighs more than the Puffy Lux, given that it has more mattress layers. To give you an idea, the twin-size Puffy Royal weighs 58 pounds, while the king-size is 120 pounds. 


How heavy is the Puffy mattress?

The flagship bed of Puffy is the memory foam model that is Puffy mattress. It weighs significantly lower than the two hybrid models. In particular, the Puffy mattress starts at 29 pounds to 61 pounds. 


What Is The Weight Limit Of A Puffy Mattress?

The Puffy mattress has a weight limit of up to 350 pounds on each side. Therefore, it is usable by most sleepers and even those that share a bed. If this also makes you curious about where to test the Puffy mattress, try our informative guide. 


What is the weight limit of the Puffy foundation?

Besides mattresses, Puffy also has a foundation made of metal. It has a weight limit of over 1,000 pounds, and it also comes with a lifetime warranty like the brand’s mattresses. If you still don’t have a foundation yet, consider getting it from Puffy as well to ensure the perfect fit with your Puffy mattress.


What is the weight limit of the Puffy adjustable base?

The Puffy mattress is compatible with all support and surfaces. And if you want more control with your bed’s angle, try the Puffy adjustable base. It can support up to 400 pounds, and the split king version is the same for each side. 


What is the weight limit of the Puffy bed frame?

The Puffy mattress and the two hybrid beds don’t require a box spring. Instead, you can put them directly on the frame, and if you want, you can get the Puffy bed frame. However, this frame can only support up to 600 pounds compared to the brand’s foundation. 


How Long Does It Take For A Puffy Lux Mattress To Expand?

After unboxing your Puffy Lux bed-in-a-box, allow it to expand for at least two hours. This will ensure that the mattress finishes off-gassing and has returned to its actual size and shape. You can also read this article on how long to wait for the Puffy mattress to inflate if you want to know more. 

Nonetheless, you can use the Puffy Lux mattress as soon as it finishes inflating. The required waiting time was even shorter than other mattress brands. And to consider your adjustment period to the new bed, try it for at least 30 nights first before concluding that it’s uncomfortable. 


What Is The Height Of The Puffy Mattress?

The Puffy mattress is only 10 inches tall, while the other two hybrid beds are a couple of inches higher. The Puffy Lux has a depth of 12 inches, while the tallest of the three is the Puffy Royal at 14 inches. This isn’t surprising since the Puffy mattress is composed of five layers, six layers for the Puffy Lux, and seven layers for the Puffy Royal. 

You can differentiate each model based on the materials and extra layers, where the Puffy Lux differs from the Puffy mattress because of its high-density transition comfort layer, contour-adapt firm base, and plush contour top layer. On the contrary, the Puffy Royal has a 1.5-inch cooling layer and the brand’s Cloud Air Technology layer. Their various layers also make the Puffy mattress feel medium-firm, the Puffy Lux as medium-plush, and the Puffy Royal as the plushest. 


How big are Puffy mattresses when delivered?

One of the best things about Puffy mattresses is they are delivered in a box. The memory foam Puffy mattress only measures 19 by 19 by 42 inches, while the hybrid Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal easily fit into a 16 by 16 by 44-inch box. Therefore, they are easier to maneuver around the house than getting the bed delivered unrolled. 

If you want more tips on how to set up a Puffy mattress, check our easy-to-follow tutorial. We have also talked about how long it takes to get a Puffy mattress delivered.



And that’s it! To recap how much does a Puffy Lux mattress weigh, it ranges from 51 to 114 pounds. The bed is available from twin to king, so the weight varies. 

Compared to the other hybrid that is the Puffy Royal, the Puffy Lux weighs less. Nonetheless, it is convenient to move around since it comes in a box, and Puffy has a weight limit of  350 pounds on each side.

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