How Much Does A Limo Cost For A Wedding

Those curious about how much does a limo cost for a wedding can prepare for at least $100 per hour. However, this is assuming that you’re getting a classic car limousine meant for two people. 

If you want a stretch limo or other types of limousines that can accommodate more people, continue reading for the expected rental rates. And if budget is an issue, you can also read how to pay for a wedding as an additional reference. 

how much does a limo cost for a wedding


How Much Does A Wedding Limo Cost?


Average cost of a limo for 2 people

One of the most popular limos to rent for a wedding is a classic or vintage car type. The prices for this small limo that can seat two people are around $175 per hour, although it will depend on the rental company. 

This type of vintage limo is ideal for couples who want a luxurious vehicle without breaking the bank. Classic cars undoubtedly look good for wedding photos, especially if you don’t need something extravagant. 


Limousine price for 5 people

If you want a bigger limousine, typically something that can seat five to six people, the cost to expect is $175 to $225 per hour. This applies to SUV limousines, larger stretch SUV limos, and even Hummer limos

They are comfortable to ride on, especially if you’re expecting a long drive. And because they’re not too big, the price to rent them is also reasonable. 


Wedding limo cost for 6 people

A modest or stretch limousine meant for four to six people starts at $100 per hour. This should be reasonable for most wedding budgets, especially if you want to experience the classic limo ride on your wedding day. 

It’s even possible to pay under $100 per hour for some small limousines. But to get the most of your money, you might as well splurge a bit without going over $100. 


Rates of a limousine for 8 people

Do you want a stretch limousine for your wedding? Renting a big limo that can seat six to eight people typically starts at $150 and goes up to over $200. 

The cost will, of course, depend on the limo itself. However, if you want to save on costs, be mindful of the time duration and compute how much you can spend according to your wedding budget. 


Why Is A Limo So Expensive?

The wedding limo service can be pricey, but you can score one at under $100 per hour with proper budgeting. There’s a reason why it’s the most popular wedding vehicle, and knowing the factors that affect the limo rental cost can help you find an affordable and value-for-money deal. 


Time of renting the limo

One of the most influential factors in the price of wedding limo rental is the time of the year when you’ll hire the vehicle. So expect that busy wedding months will have the limo costs at a higher rate than other times of the year. 

To help you avoid this surge in demand and high prices, know when is the peak wedding season. Then if possible, schedule the wedding on a weekday as weekend limo rentals can be pricier. 


Duration of limo rental

Most limo rental companies charge per hour. So if you can only allocate a specific budget, time your limo rental and ensure that the wedding’s flow of events happens on time. 


Type of limo

The limos for rent for weddings vary in size and type. But, of course, smaller limos are cheaper to rent than stretch limos. 

The same goes when renting luxurious SUV limos versus simpler limousines. And sometimes, the limo color also affects the price. 



Some other inclusions will demand extra charges when renting a limo. For example, is the distance to picking the people significant? 

Some limos also provide a service with a chauffeur and champagne. But, overall, a luxurious service will mean the limo cost will be high. 


Should you tip the wedding limo driver?

You can choose to tip the limo driver with 15% of the total fee, and if the gratuity is not included in the contract. 


Is A Limo Worth It For A Wedding?

Allocating some of the budgets for the wedding limo rental is worth it because you’re getting an experience and a classic element for your wedding photos. The couple with the wedding party can also have fun with this wedding transportation.

But of course, if you think it’s too much, you can always opt for a simpler vehicle to rent. Never feel pressured to splurge on a limo if you have budget restraints. 


Who Goes On Limo After Wedding?

There are no rules regarding who can ride in the wedding limo. It can be the selected family and friends of the bride and groom or the whole bridal party. 

Typically, the couple gets to ride together in the wedding limo after the ceremony to go to the wedding reception. Then, they can have other people with them, depending on the limo’s capacity. 



Was this price guide helpful? To recap how much does a limo cost for a wedding, prepare at least $100 per hour. 

The average cost for a wedding limo depends on the season, rental duration, type of limo, and inclusions. We hope this guide helped you decide on renting a limo; let us know below if you think it’s worth it. 

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