How Much Does A King Mattress Weigh? 3 Important Things To Consider!

How much does a king mattress weigh? When you aim for a huge bed that is good for 1 to 2 people, a king-size mattress is good enough.

It is very wide, and it is already comfortable for you and your roommate to have one.

How much does a king mattress weigh

Well, a king mattress may be different in types depending on the brand, material, and kind of bed you will be ordering.

To be safe, ensure that the company will deliver it to your doorstep when you buy one.

These mattresses from my estimation would be heavy since it is a king-size one.

It also concerns the material used for the said mattress to know how it would weigh.

Some mattresses do have a spring built in them which makes them a lot heavier and sturdier.

Nevertheless, read on to learn more.


How Much A King Mattress Weigh?

A king mattress is one massive mattress that comes with many benefits, but how much does a king mattress weigh?

Well, it would rely on the material used in one mattress for you to know which of them is heavy.

But then you cannot ask the person for the material of it just for you to know you should at least have a rough estimation.

Mattresses, especially a king-size one, would often offer something nicer than your regular-sized one.

Moreover, your king mattress knowing it is enormous, and wide it may weigh about 100 lbs. or more.

King-size mattresses often weigh around 130-180 pounds to give you the exact one.

If you want to convert it into kilograms, divide it by 2.2 since one kilo is equal to 2.2 lbs.

King-size mattresses are often the best size for couples or for those who share their bed with someone.

It is wide, huge, and slightly longer, which indicates that even tall ones could fit in this bed.


What To Consider When Buying A King-Size Mattress

If you want to buy a king size mattress, then you should consider the following:


#1. Room size

This one is not just for any room. You should also have a huge and massive room to come along with a king-size mattress.

In the sense that your room is small, the mattress would take a lot of space in it, which would lessen the area where you can walk.

When you want to maximize your room space and do not have many things to put there, it is okay.


#2. A bed frame with drawers could help

Or may I advise you to get a bed frame or a mattress case with drawers and compartments along?

Since it would occupy a lot of your room, it might also use it as an advantage that is way better and wiser.

You want to re-arrange the things inside your room to give space for the mattress.

Even though your room is small, it does not mean you can’t buy a quality mattress.


#3. Transportation

The next thing you should do is think of how you would want your king mattress placed there.

King mattress, even if it weighs so much, it is truly worth it.

Make sure that there are delivery trucks when you buy one.

You will indeed have a hard time transferring this one, so make sure that you will be able to get free delivery.

Mattresses of this size are very hard to transport regarding their size, and the weight of it is just too much to transport and carry alone.


How To Move A King-Size Mattress?

I don’t have many ideas about how you should transport a king-size mattress alone and just with your car.

Although I can share with you how a king-sized Tempur Pedic Mattress would get moved from a place to another?

You might get confused on why and how it would relate to the question. Chill out for a second, and you’ll know.

Knowing that it is king-sized, even if its material is not the same as the standard mattress, you can use it.

As a basis, that would be fine since you can also think of ways to do this by looking at the steps.

Some of the procedures may also apply to your way of moving your traditional king-size mattress.

Check this out!

Or you may also refer to this way of moving a mattress, although this one is the basis since it also applies.

The second option I shared with you is how you should transport a mattress in a 2 step guide.


How Much Would A King-Size Mattress Usually Be?

The main factor here is how you would want to have your king-size mattress referring to its material.

However, your king-size mattress would range from $400 – $5000. That depends on the quality.

You can avail of those considered top grades and elite mattresses, but you have to remember things.

When you are buying one, make sure that you are prepared, and if you’re looking for a quality mattress, expect a reasonable price.



We are now done with this question, “How much does a king mattress weigh?” and you have to take down notes.

Scroll up and down or just screen capture it. I hope that you will be able to take note of those, especially the weight.

The weight weighs a price that would reflect it.