How Much Does A Fridge Cost To Run? 4 Awesome Factors!

Are you planning to purchase a new fridge, and you want to know how much does a fridge cost to run? Well, it cost about more than $1500. This computation includes the monthly cost due to energy consumption and consists of the price for the whole unit. Plus, we’re also going to consider the factors such as usage and maintenance.

Investing in a refrigerator is an opportunity that will not make you regret if you’re a kitchen person or you own cooking business.

how much does a fridge cost to run

It’s effective in storing food and preserving them to avoid spoilage. However, if you have limited income, you will need to consider a few factors to have a functional refrigerator in your kitchen. So, why don’t we start discussing those variables so that you can find the perfect fridge for you as soon as possible? Stay tuned!


Factors That Influence The Cost Of Running A Fridge

We have looked into different perceptions to determine the aspects that affect the cost of running a refrigerator. And we’ve summarized them all into this one article. So, we hope that these factors make sense to you and will help you make a decision. Without any further controversy, here are the factors that affect how much does a fridge cost to run:


Factor #1. Unit price

The average cost of refrigerators is between $1000-$2000, but it usually depends on what type you get. Refrigerators with freezers on the top have the best deals. Fridges without freezers are the next cheapest option. Side-by-side refrigerators are also popular these days, and they can be pricey because of their width and capacity.

They have water dispensers on the side. It usually costs around $950-$2400. The brand can also contribute to the price because some manufacturers have a higher price for their appliances with advanced technologies and complex engineering.


Factor #2. Energy consumption

Your fridge’s energy consumption daily usually depends on its capacity, measured using cubic feet or in liters. The average scope of a standard refrigerator is about 9-30 cubic feet. Note that if you don’t let the fridge run 24/7, you can calculate the consumption yourself. But who turns off their fridge?

Your food will spoil once you wake up. So, first, you need to determine the capacity of your fridge to calculate the monthly consumption.  Let’s say that a standard fridge with 7-7.9 cu ft consumes about 1.10 kWh per day. That is equal to $0.22 per day.

So, when we calculate the estimated monthly consumption of your fridge, we multiply $0.22 to 30 days. This computation will give us about $6. So six dollars from the refrigerator will contribute to our monthly electricity bill. But this price doesn’t stay consistent because other factors can cause it to increase.


Factor #3. How frequently do you open the refrigerator door

If you open the door too often, it will increase your energy consumption. Every time you open the door, 7% of your daily kWh contributes to your bill. Additionally, when you open the fridge door, the lamp within the fridge illuminates. The light, then, requires energy to function.

This situation will remind you always to check if your door is not left ajar. If you have kids, you’ll surely understand since they’re the ones who get food from the fridge more frequently. And they also sometimes forget to close the door.

Unintentionally leaving the door open may result in various situations that may cost you even more money. So, note these things so that you won’t develop certain habits that can affect your monthly budget. Also, once you have your fridge, avoid overloading it and always check the seals. Then, it can avoid leaving the door slightly open without your notice.


Factor #4. Maintenance

To maintain the quality of your fridge, you need to clean it about twice a year or more. It does not mean that you should only clean the exterior unit, but you also need to maintain the inner parts and pipes if there are molds and toxic contaminants. However, exploring the inner side is too complex.

So, most homeowners usually pay professionals to clean and examine their refrigerators. They want to assure themselves that the electrical components are not defective and they are working well. But why do they need to do this? Well, they want to prevent further damage from happening because if they keep using it without knowing that there’s something defective.

It could result in severe damage to the fridge or their home. For example, a fan is malfunctioning, and you continue to use it since they don’t know what’s happening inside. The fridge might overheat due to the engine forcing itself to work. Molds and contaminants can also cause severe damage to your health. And being admitted to the hospital will cost you a lot of money. It’s therefore preferable to be safe than sorry.


Wrapping Up

And those factors contribute to how much does a fridge cost to run. It’s better to look into certain factors before making a decision, especially when it involves money. When you have a strict budget, this situation is not new to you. And you’ll always need to consider different aspects and possible circumstances before buying a fridge.

Also, consider its reliability and efficiency despite the limited savings. So, we hope this article will serve as a guide whenever you shop for a new fridge. Save money by saving energy! If you want to read more, check one out, it’s about how much it cost to run a 5000 BTU air conditioner.

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