How Much Does A Dryer Belt Cost? 2 Amazing Factors!

Are you searching for how much does a dryer belt cost? Dryer belts cost anywhere from $10 to $50, considering the diameter, kind, and belt quality.

The cost of getting a technician to change a dryer belt ranges from $200 to $300 or even more. There’s no concern to let it bother you if your clothing doesn’t come out entirely dry after a spin cycle.

how much does a dryer belt cost

Even yet, dealing with a professional might be intimidating if you aren’t sure about the cost of repairing a dryer belt.  However, we’ve compiled a list of the national average costs of repairing a dryer belt. While there are many factors to consider, like the amount of time required and the price of new components, this guide can assist you in understanding everything in detail. So without further ado, let’s get started!


Choosing Right Belt Size

Your dryer belt would either be damaged or in demand of replacement, as you’ve discovered. Finding the correct belt type and size for the dryer must be your priority. However, dryer belts are still not one-size-fits-all, like the belt we utilize to hold our pants up. You’ll have to look for a belt made particularly for cloth dryers. 


How Much Does Your Dryer Belt Cost?

Are you still wondering how much does a dryer belt cost? Stop concerning about it! The average dryer repair costs roughly $170 out the door, including service charges, components, and labor. Since the cost of dryer repair varies substantially based on the replacement components required, this estimate is crucial. Some pieces are inexpensive, although some may cost up to $10.

In contrast to the expense of parts, service costs typically range between $80 and $120.The fact is that such a dryer belt is not prohibitively expensive. A dryer belt will set you back about $25 on average. You could also acquire one for about 10 dollars or even less if you buy a generic dryer based on the brand. ThisThis may or may not help save your brand. That you have. On the other hand, more premium brand dryers may demand more costly dryer belts replacements; therefore, a replacement belt may cost close to $50.


What Factors Influence The Cost Of Belt Repairing?

The entire cost of the repair depends on several factors. The price of the belt is, obviously, the first consideration. The prices of various sizes, types, and brands of dryer belts vary. The belt’s failure is also a significant factor in replacement cost. It’s conceivable that the damaged dryer belt is just a symptom of a much more critical technical or mechanical issue with your cloth dryer. Because they may need enough new components, these could be substantially more costly to fix. The second aspect that influences how much you charge is if you employ an expert or repair/ replace the broken dryer belt at home. 


#1. Having a professional

The process of uninstalling and repairing the damaged dryer belt entails several phases. This should be intimidating for those who’ve never done household replacement work or any tasks before. Yet, it isn’t a challenging task. You should anticipate spending between $200 and $300 for a professional’s work plus a service charge of about $75 to $150. There may even be a surcharge on the belt’s product, which could be 300 percent more than its original cost. You may, therefore, be able to buy this separately and then have it fitted.


#2. Do it yourself 

If you determine you’re qualified and available to do this task yourself, you’ll save a lot of money since you do not have to spend a surcharge. You also won’t have to pay a lot of money for expensive instruments. The belt replacement package, which includes the belt, will set you back roughly $50. It’s a reasonably straightforward project that you can complete with only a few tools. It shouldn’t require you over 60 minutes to complete the procedure (and it’s possible if you’re meticulous).


Is It Worth It to Replace A Dryer Belt?

Indeed, replacing a dryer belt is worthwhile! You may think replacing the dryer belt or buying a brand new dryer is preferable, but you understand the expense and work required after reading this article. In general, replacing this part is worth spending the money and time because it isn’t a complicated or costly process and may extend the dryer’s lifespan. It is unquestionably a superior alternative, mainly if the unit is in proper working order and has no apparent problems. However, if the dryer is so outdated or broken, it may be wise to replace it because the unit may give you further problems in the long run. You may also be interested to know about sign that you need to replace your dryer belt.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that this guide indeed helped you in finding how much does a dryer belt cost. Keep in your mind that the cost of repairing the dryer belt depends on the size and quality of the belt you have. We have given you detailed everything to understand and read this article thoroughly. Click on these links to read related articles; know where to buy dryer fuses and how to cut dryer vent hose. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end. 

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