How Much Does A Disney Wedding Cost: Best Prices

The answer to how much does a Disney wedding cost depends on the type of Disney wedding you want to have. For example, couples who want their wedding at Walt Disney World can expect expenses starting at $7,500, while a Disney Cruise wedding begins at $3,500 only. 

We will also discuss what affects the price of a Disney wedding and the cheapest and most expensive option to give you an idea. But since a Disney wedding can be considered a destination wedding, why not read who pays for a destination wedding as well so you know who’s expected to shoulder the costs. 

how much does a disney wedding cost


How Much Does It Cost To Have A Disney Wedding?


Walt Disney World In Florida

The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida allows wedding events at a starting price of $7,500. The pricing is based on the elements and how you build the event. 

According to Walt Disney World, the day and time of the wedding and its venue will also affect the Disney wedding cost. You can check out the Florida wedding costs on the website for Disney weddings where the locations are classified based on a price range to know more. 

For example, some locations start at a minimum of $7,500, while the priciest is at $50,000. As for the other elements, the food, and beverage at Disney Florida range from $140 to $210 per wedding guest, while you can read more about flowers, decors, photography, entertainment, and transportation on the website.


Disney California

You can have your Disney Wedding without leaving the West Coast if you’re from California. Compared to Florida, the Disney wedding prices in California start at $10,000, but the other elements and services, time and day, and venue will still affect your Disney wedding expenses. 

You have five wedding locations to choose from if you want a Disney wedding in California, where the costs will be higher on weekends and holidays. Brunch is also rated at $145 per wedding guest, while dinner is more expensive at $190 per person. 

Like with other Disney weddings, you can also discuss your preferred decor, floral, and entertainment services with a Disney wedding specialist. Remember that the prices for all Disney wedding products and services are subject to change without notice. 


Disney Resort and Spa in Hawaii

Do you want a relaxing Disney wedding? Then you can consider having your union at the Disney Resort and Spa in Aulani, Hawaii. 

According to Disney, you can select between the Pilialoha and Lokahi packages, whichever suits your wedding dreams. The former starts at $5,400 for 18 guests, while the latter is pricier at $10,600 for the starting costs. 

The Pilialoha Disney wedding package is curated for 18 guests, ideal for intimate weddings and couples on a budget. The Lokahi Disney wedding package, on the other hand, is more customizable so that you can modify everything to your liking. 

And since it’ll be in Hawaii, you may want to read what to wear to a Hawaiian wedding


Disney Cruise Line

It’s also possible to have your Disney wedding at the Disney Cruise Line. Onboard celebrations start at $3,500, while upgraded festivities at the Disney Cruise Line begin at $4,500. 

The package for the former includes a ceremony coordinator, fresh floral for the couple, officiant, a pianist, cake and champagne, couple dinner, ceremony attire steaming, engraved cake knife and server, Disney Cruise Line commemorative wedding certificate, and a $100 onboard credit for the couple. And as for the more expensive package, you’ll get the same, but Castaway Cay ceremonies will also include a round trip island transportation to and from the wedding venue. 

The deposit and payment for a Disney wedding in their cruise line will be handled as a package to your cruise reservation. Then, the deposit is due when the Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings packages are added to your reservation at the Disney Cruise Line. 


What Is The Average Cost Of A Disney Wedding?

Disney weddings start at $10,000, but other Disney weddings are more affordable at under $5,000. The price depends on the location, time and day of the wedding, and the elements you’ll choose. 


What Is The Cheapest Wedding At Disney?

The cheapest Disney wedding starts at $3,500, the onboard celebration at the Disney Cruise Line. There are also ceremony venue fees of the same price at Disney Florida, such as Luau Beach and Sago Cay.  


What Is The Most Expensive Wedding At Disney?

The highest starting price of a Disney wedding is $50,000. The priciest Disney wedding venue is in Florida, where the Magic Kingdom After Hours ceremony venue fee costs $30,000. 


How Much Does It Cost To Have A Wedding In Front Of The Disney Castle?

You can have your Disney wedding at the Conch Key Marina in Florida and exchange your vows in view of the Cinderella Castle for only $3,500 for the ceremony venue. But if you want to say your “I dos” in front of the Cinderella Castle, prepare $30,000 for the Magic Kingdom Park. 



And that’s it! To recap how much does a Disney wedding cost, prepare $3,500 to as much as $50,000. 

The ceremony venue, time and day, and elements will affect the overall price of the Disney wedding. To know what to expect, you can contact a Disney wedding specialist on their website for the packages to choose from or full customization of the event. 

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