How Much Does A Clinitron Bed Cost? Awesome Facts To Know!

Do you have any idea how much does a Clinitron bed cost?

Well, that depends if you want to rent or purchase this bed.

Patients with severe injuries have testified that air fluidized therapy has contributed a lot to their healing process.

This technology has helped “paralyzed” lives go back to their old place of living.

If not improved their lifestyle.

Being in the hospital to get better may seem to cause the patient to get homesick.

But, there’s a piece of good news for all who suffer from this pain.

One of the Clinitron bed designs is specially crafted for a patient to stay at home.

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How Much Does Your Clinitron Bed Cost And Why Is It Worth It?

It is suitable for you to know how much does a Clinitron bed costs.

But it is also wise to realize if it is worth the price.

Won’t you agree?

Many patients have suffered much pain from the quality of the bed they lie in throughout their healing course.

Who wants to see their loved ones suffer?

The Clinitron bed provides the main ingredients for patients to heal from severe skin and muscle conditions.

Let’s be honest here.

At first, Clinitron beds may surprise you with their price.

But, you will soon realize that you have saved so much because you purchased one.

How does it work?

Simply because its design minimizes certain factors such as pressure, resistance, and moistness that primarily cause tissue cessation.

In this article, you will be presented with two of the main Clinitron beds.

Be sure to pay attention, friend, because this time, we will dig deeper.


Clinitron At Home Air Fluidized Therapy Bed

From the name itself, this bed is ideal for patients who wanted to stay home.

What does this bed look like?

Would the price fit the quality?


Clinitron at home air fluidized therapy specifications

The Clinitron at home bed is designed so that the patient may quickly transfer from the bed to the wheelchair.

In simple terms, its construction is inspired by the home setting.

The height of the bed is 26 inches and can be elevated up to 34 inches.

Its overall length from the headboard to the footboard is 91 inches, with a sleep surface of 84 inches.

The width for a sleep surface is 34 inches, thus providing enough space for the patient.

It is also fashioned with side rails to keep the patient from rolling off the bed.

A voltage of 104V to 130 V is the ideal power for the bed to function.

Also, given that the power consumption is not less than 385 watts.


Benefits of using Clinitron at home air fluidized therapy

One feature of this bed is that the controller is hand-held which the patient can easily access.

The bed is coated with silicon which indorses a buoyant setting that secures the comfort of the patient.

The patient’s immersing to the simulated liquefied mattress.

Establishes less interface stress, reducing friction, and manages the microclimate of the patient.

The bed is also designed so that the patient does not get a hard time if required to change position from time to time.

The price of this air-fluidized therapy bed ranges from 42,000 to 45,000 dollars.

Yes, that’s quite a price. But allow yourself to weigh the cost.

Is it worth it? The choice is yours!


Clinitron Rite Hite Air Fluidized Therapy Bed

Just like the Clinitron at home AFT, this Clinitron bed is also designed for the same purposes.

However, there are some things in which they differ.


Clinitron rite hite air fluidized therapy specifications

The overall length of this bed is 92.3 inches, which requires a rest surface of 84 inches.

The width is 42 inches with the side rails installed.

The bed can go from 21.5 inches to 34.75 inches concerning its height.

For the bed to operate, a voltage of 120 volts is required.

The bed temperature can also be set from 82° Fahrenheit to 102° Fahrenheit.

It is also to be noted that it weighs way further than the first type.

Its total weight is 567 kilograms.


Benefits of using Clinitron rite hite air fluidized therapy

Both beds are designed so that the patient may be able to transfer quickly from the bed to the wheelchair.

However, there is something special with this Clinitron bed.

First, it aims at the body parts to which wounds primarily ensue.

There is also this feature of high or low adjustments for the benefit of nursing agents.

Which enables the bed to change its height.

This bed is advantageous to those who have pulmonary problems since it can be tuned to a rightful position for the patient.

Also, it has controls for easy repositioning and turning purposes.

For these features, the bed costs around 51,900 dollars.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned how much a Clinitron bed costs.

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