How Much Does A Breast MRI Cost Without Insurance? 2 Helpful Cost!

How much does a Breast MRI cost without insurance? The price of a Breast MRI scanning test could be between 300 to 900 up to a thousand dollars without the help of an insurance company. I know how hard it is to prepare for a test. We’re not talking about examinations and tests done in school but tests that are done to know if our body is still healthy as it should be.

You might have gone to your doctor recently and examined your health lately. Supposed you have been requested to have a Breast MRI Screening specifically because your body might not be in a good condition.

how much does a Breast MRI cost without insurance

Having a test conducted to determine your body’s status is necessary to diagnose you properly and for the doctor to provide you with appropriate medications. But how much would it cause to have a Breast MRI screening if you don’t have insurance? Knowing a Breast MRI is its benefits and cost, will be discussed in this article. So if you’re confused about why do you need to take it and for how much should you pay, it’s all right here.



Breast MRI

The use of MRI has helped many women in detecting breast cancer than the typical mammography. Since MRI scanning is of a modern approach, of course, the price isn’t so cheap at all. A Breast MRI is a type of test that uses magnets and radio waves to create a 3d image of the breast tissues after a contrast dye is injected. The breast MRI could show the density and detection of breast cancer.


How does It work?

You will have to lay down facing down on a flat surface then you’ll be placed within a cylindrical tube machine. The machine emits a strong magnetic field along with radio waves which produce 2D or 3d images to detect problems along the breast area. The magnetic field creates pulses of radio waves from the scanner then it aligns the atoms in your body to send out signal waves. The signals will be received by the computer which in turn analyses and converts them into imagery.


Tips In Getting The Test

If your doctor suggested for you get a breast MRI scan done, then you should. Although there may be some preparations before the test. Here are some tips and suggestions before having the test.


Step #1. Follow the radiologist’s or technologist’s instructions

Some tests would require having a series of diets and such but when it comes to Breast MRI scanning, no particular diet is required. Although follow the technologist’s direction right before the test start.


Step #2. Notify the technologist if you’re uncomfortable

Some people have certain conditions that make them feel uncomfortable in tight and closed spaces. The condition is called claustrophobia. Since the MRI scanning machine is narrow and long, you might have a problem if you are claustrophobic. You might have to take some medicines before having the test. With that said, it won’t affect the test if you take medicine to relax your nerves while taking the test.

The technologist will give you a tour of the scanner so that you will be familiarized with how the test goes. Remove anything made from metal before taking the test, you are requested to remove your clothing to avoid any metal materials. That includes accessories and pieces of jewelry. If you have metal implants within your body, notify the technologist immediately.




Of course, your main problem is how much money should you spend on taking the test? You may have to struggle hard but here is a comparison of the possible cost of the test.


#1. Without insurance

How much does a Breast MRI cost without insurance? Well, a test could cost as much as a thousand dollars. SO that would cost you heavily on the pocket. Knowing the price beforehand will give you the advantage of preparing the right amount in due time.


#2. With insurance

I know that most of us want to save as much as possible. So having insurance during these times is an advantage. You won’t have to pay as much as a thousand and have the expenses covered by the insurance instead.


MD Save

I recently found this site where they compare prices of MRI scanning test fees and weighs the right one for your budget. Their test cost about 300 to a thousand dollars. How does their service works? Well, you can go to their website on MRI Breast (s) with and/or without contrast. And jot in the procedure and their preferred location. Local health providers that offer the Breast MRI scanning test. Read here about Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

The cost of the treatment together will their location will be posted. All you have to do is to choose which pricing is within your range of budget.

After choosing from arrays of choices, you can now then buy the service. The site allows you to pay through them or by calling their hotline number. You could also buy the procedure and get an appointment scheduled at the facility. Present the voucher that the site will provide to enjoy certain discounts and benefits. I didn’t know that some of my relatives were paying for their medical tests through this site and have been helping them with their expenses. So I recommend trying them out to get your test as quickly as possible.



How much does a Breast MRI cost without insurance? If you were to go through their site, you will have to spend between 300 to 900 dollars per test. In my opinion, it is already a good price considering the discounts. Anyway, we have here also article for you to read about how much is a TB test without insurance. And if you want more of these know what is one cost of avoiding insurance. Thanks for stopping by!

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