How Much Does A Barber Chair Cost: A Helpful Buying Guide

On Amazon or eBay, a typical chair is $200.00. You can choose various types to answer the question “how much does a barber chair cost,” depending on what you decide.

You also have the choice of whether you want to buy your own chair or rent one in another parlor. Your decision should depend on your budget, space, and if you are just starting your business.

how much does a barber chair cost


What Is A Barber Chair?

If you have ever had a haircut in a beauty salon or a barber shop, you are familiar with the sight of barber chairs. These big, black seats belong to the category of “salon chairs.”

Barber chairs have a functional design because they can recline using a hydraulic feature. This feature makes it easier for your barber or stylist to cut your hair. These chairs also have a footrest and armrest for comfort.

Barber chairs are also great for setting the aesthetic of your salon and capturing customer’s attention. Most of these chairs have a simple and sleek design, so make sure the chair you have is what your clients are looking for.


What Is The Difference Between A Barber Chair And A Styling Chair?

Barber chairs belong to the umbrella category of “salon chairs.” These include the various furniture you see on self-love days like manicure and pedicure chairs, massage chairs, and even those in the waiting room.

One chair that is similar to a barber chair is the styling chair. This seat is also used for hair care, and it can be found in various salons.

There is a big difference, though. Barber chairs can recline, and they are more adjustable than styling chairs. The latter is stiff and stays in place, so it’s best for people who are styling the customer’s hair with braids or colors.

Barber chairs have more functionality; they can be used for styling hair and other purposes like shaving, shampooing, and cutting. It’s an excellent investment for your salon when you find the right one.


Types Of Barber Chairs

Now that you know how essential barber chairs are, you need to decide which type is the best for you. There are several chairs you can choose that can meet the needs of your customers.


Traditional barber chairs

These chairs are the typical ones you see in a barber shop or salon. They are upholstered with synthetic vinyl or leather, and they include armrests, footrests, a headrest, and a hydraulic lift.


All-purpose chairs

These seats are handy because they can be easily adjusted. These chairs aren’t only valuable for salons but can also be for dentists and tattoo artists.


Antique barber chairs

These chairs are usually made of wood or leather, which can be pretty expensive. Antique chairs add a certain appeal to a salon.


European chairs

These chairs have heavy wooden arms for support, but they also have the other typical barber chair features like the reclining back and footrests.

There are also different mechanisms in a barber chair that allow it to function correctly. The most important ones are the hydraulic and reclining features. These help your barber adjust your position for a better cut.

Some chairs have a swivel mechanism that allows your barber to change your direction quickly, and other seats are controlled with electricity for better maneuvering.


Should You Rent Or Buy A Chair?

Now, you know the essential details about barber chairs, but you realize you may not have enough money to buy one. What alternative options do you have?

Renting a barber chair in an existing shop is one option. You basically pay for the right to use a particular chair during business hours.

This option is an excellent way for you to save money as average rental costs are $100.00 per week. This price can go up depending on which part of the city you are in, so choose wisely.

The concept may sound strange — why spend your precious money to use someone else’s space? Well, this option is excellent for people who are just starting the salon business.

You are only paying for the use of the chair, so there’s no need to worry about the bills or salon upkeep. It’s a great way to gain popularity and search for regular customers.

This strategy is also a good choice if you are a salon owner. You can earn extra money while helping a fellow entrepreneur.

However, buying a seat also has excellent benefits. The barber chair sets the mood of your salon and attracts the attention of your customers, so you need to match it with your desired theme.

Whether you want it casual, classy, or sporty, buying a barber chair will give you more flexibility and freedom to style your salon.


Where To Buy Barber Chairs

The best place to buy affordable barber chairs is through Amazon or eBay. You can scroll through the different choices and pick which one fits your budget.

Just remember that the quality of the chair is the most essential aspect. It will save you more money in the long run because it will last longer, so don’t always aim for the “cheapest” sale option.

Several online specialty shops also sell and ship barber chairs to anywhere in the world. They are a  little more pricey, but at least you are sure of the quality.



So, how much does a barber chair cost? You should choose whether you want to buy or rent.

Your area and the quality of your chair also play a huge part. Just remember that this seat is an essential part of your salon, so you need to make an effort to find the best quality option that can fit your budget.

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