How Much Do Wedding Videographers Charge

For those curious about how much do wedding videographers charge, the cost range from $1,000 to twice as much or even higher. We will discuss what affects the wedding videographer’s prices and help you find the best value for money when choosing a wedding videographer.

You will also know what should be included in wedding videography. Alternatively, you can read how to become a wedding videographer for people interested in this line of work. 

how much do wedding videographers charge


How Much Do Wedding Videographers Charge: Average Costs

The average wedding videographer cost between $1,000 to $2,500. Many couples also spend around $1,700 for their wedding video in the US. 

Is this price fair? The answer is yes because the wedding videographer’s job is to capture your wedding in a way that is also satisfying to watch. 

A wedding video is not only a compilation of clips because the videographer will also include sounds and editing to make the film more immersive and sentimental. Depending on his experience and professional expertise, paying $1,000 and up for beautiful wedding videography should be reasonable. 


What is included in the prices of wedding videographer packages?

To further understand what impacts the price of the wedding videography and the factors that can make the cost higher or lower, here are the things to consider: 

  • Time: the duration of when your videographer is present during the wedding will affect the charge for the service; of course, expect a higher price if the videographer will be filming all the wedding events
  • Wedding location: some weddings will have multiple locations for different shoots, and your videographer might also charge you for the accommodation if needed; if your videographer needs to travel significantly, then they will add the transportation cost to the bill
  • Staff: the size of the wedding will affect the need for an assistant or even a second videographer; having more shooters will raise your wedding videography price
  • Service: different wedding videography packages vary with the product you’ll get; for example, would you get a wedding film, highlight reel, raw footage, edited clips, film, DVDs, USB drives, effects, or do you also want a drone footage?


What Is Included In Wedding Videography?

When videographers offer a wedding videography service, it is usually composed of the following. These also affect how much they will charge, and some offer packages to help couples choose what service fits their wedding and need best. 



The service or the time and execution the videographer provides during your wedding is something to discuss to avoid misunderstandings, especially with the prices. For example, how many hours have you agreed upon, and what particular wedding highlights do you expect to see in your wedding videography?

You might also request other shoots, drone footage, and the videographer’s presence during pre and post-wedding events. The videography service includes the staff the videographer may bring and the expenses for travel and accommodation if you’re having a destination wedding. 



Some wedding videographers will also give the raw footage. But similar to the wedding photos, you’re likely to receive the edited version. 

Part of the wedding videography experience is capturing your wedding in a sentimental and aesthetically pleasing way. They might change the colors, include music, effects, or other post-production practices to give you your dream wedding film. 


Videography product

Besides having the videographer shoot during your wedding, expect to get a final product. For example, the wedding video might be provided via a USB drive or DVD. 

The videographer might also offer additional copies for a particular cost, or you can request a highlight reel for social media. Some weddings even request the same-day edit so everyone can watch the wedding film at the reception. 

If you want to know more about what the wedding videographer does, here’s what to ask a wedding videographer when hiring one for your wedding. 


How Much Should I Pay For Wedding Videography?

Most couples are willing to pay at least $1,900 for their wedding videography. But, of course, you have to be reasonable with the payment, especially if you request different services.

The prices of wedding videographers also vary according to the number of hours, shooters your event need, the package, and even your location. Regardless, it’s worth it to allocate a budget for this wedding vendor since a wedding video is a fantastic way to relieve your biggest day as a couple. 


What do you put in a wedding video?

Here are some of the wedding ceremony and reception highlights that should be included in your wedding video:

  • Bridal entrance
  • Processional
  • Groom waiting at the altar
  • Vow and ring exchange
  • Wedding first kiss
  • Recessional
  • Wedding first dance
  • Parent-child dances
  • Wedding tosses
  • Cake-cutting
  • Toasts
  • Wedding exit
  • Dancing

Some videographers also include these clips for a more immersive wedding film:

  • Wedding party at the aisle and altar
  • Guests sitting and talking
  • Guests arriving
  • Officiant reading 
  • Father of the bride hands her to the groom
  • Venue shots
  • Reactions of the guests to the ceremony
  • Guests toasting the newlyweds
  • Guests eating at the reception
  • Wedding decors and food
  • Wedding cake
  • Preparation shots with the wedding party


How long should a video be for a wedding?

A wedding video can be between 3 to 30 minutes or longer.



Was this price guide helpful? To recap how much do wedding videographers charge, expect $1,000 and up.

Couples are willing to pay $1,900, especially with intricate and cinematic shots. Overall, be open to communicating your expectations with this vendor to help you get your dream wedding film without getting surprised by the cost.

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