How Much Do Wedding Drapes Cost And How To Use

To answer how much do wedding drapes cost, it will depend on whether you’re hiring someone to do the drapery for you or if you’re buying the drapes themselves. The type of fabrics and how much draping you’ll need for the wedding will also affect the prices.

But more than knowing how much is drapes for the wedding venue, do you know what specific materials you can use? Refer to what fabric is used for wedding draping to understand more. 

how much do wedding drapes cost


How Much Do Wedding Drapes Cost: Wedding Draping Budget


Professional setup at the wedding venue

You can contact wedding vendors that will do the draping for the wedding. They will hang and arrange the drapes for you and charge according to the drapes you’ll need and the size of the wedding reception area. 

Expect the average cost between $300 to over $3,000, depending on your requests. This is assuming that the draping will cover 100 feet.


Type and amount of drape needed for the wedding

Some wedding vendors will charge $100 to $250 per drape rather than asking for payment for the setup. But if you’re buying the fabrics yourself, expect to spend $2 to $5 per yard of a drape. 

Since you might be using the drapes not just for the ceiling, an average expense of $2,500 should be realistic for a regular wedding venue. But of course, you must clarify the inclusions and if the vendor can offer you a specific amount based on your requests. 


How Much Fabric Do I Need To Drape A Wedding?

The drapery pricing is significantly influenced by the fabric you’ll need for the wedding. Typically, you’ll have drapes on the ceiling, wedding arch, or as a wedding backdrop, so it’ll be helpful to know how many yards you’ll need for these wedding elements. 


How much fabric do I need for draping a ceiling?

First, determine the space you want to cover, then add extra allowance to allow for the swag or fabric that will droop down when draping the ceiling. A guideline recommended for calculating the swag starts at 25% if the ceiling is 20 feet tall or less.

Therefore, the formula will be the feet being covered multiplied by swag percentage equals the fabric length you’ll need. Note that taller ceilings will need 30% swag. 


How much drape do I need for a wedding arch?

You will need about five pieces of 25-foot draping fabric for a standard wedding arch. However, remember that it’s better to have excess material because drapes for wedding arches look better if some would pool at the ends rather than being too short. 

Decide on how you’ll use the draping for your arch and if you’ll also combine different fabrics. Keep in mind that, like with ceiling drapes, some of the material will fall loosely on the arch.


How much drape do I need for a wedding backdrop?

Another wedding area where you’ll use wedding draping is the backdrop. Unlike ceiling drapes, the backdrop drapes are typically flat to cover a section. 

So to determine the fabric you’ll need for the wedding backdrop, you must decide on the drape fullness, which can be 0%, 50%, or 100%. For example, if you need a backdrop for a 20-foot area with a 0% fullness drape, you’ll need two 10-foot drapes. 

On the other hand, you’ll need four 10-foot wide drapes for the same area if you want 100% fullness. So a quick formula to remember is to multiply the backdrop area by two. 

And speaking of backdrops, learn how to make a backdrop for a wedding reception if you’re interested. It can save you on costs and also transform your space easily. 


How Do You Hang Wedding Drapes?

  1. Identify the ceiling type and find the anchor points for the drapes
  2. Sketch your draping design according to the dimensions of the ceiling 
  3. Check with the wedding venue as well if you can have draping
  4. Drape panels on the anchor point and wrap the ceiling beams loosely
  5. Continue draping from the center of the room and have its corners outward similar to constructing a tent
  6. Secure the fabric to the ceiling according to the points in the venue; you can use nails, double-sided tape, magnetic hooks, or fishing wire, for example
  7. Add embellishments to the drape fabric such as garlands, flowers, or ribbons
  8. Conceal the anchor points for the ceiling draping with decors


How Do You Drape A Wall For A Wedding?

One of the most uncomplicated drape backdrops you can use for the wall behind your wedding cake or your chosen wedding focal point is a combination of pipes and panels. Some companies even rent out these frameworks that you can construct yourself at the venue. 

It’s similar to curtains you’ll slide on the rods, then position the drape behind where you need it as the backdrop. Otherwise, you can try to find points where you can hang the drapery flat.



And that’s it! We just learned how much do wedding drapes cost, which depends if you’ll buy the fabrics or you’ll hire someone to put them for you. 

In general, expect to spend at least $300 for set up or $100 per drape. Each drape yard can also cost $2 to $5, so plan your wedding draping accordingly. 

We hope this helps; let us know below if you have more questions.  

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