How Much Do Wedding DJs Make: Do They Make Good Money?

Those curious about how much do wedding DJs make can expect a starting earning of at least $500 per wedding. We will also discuss the annual salary of a wedding DJ if you’re interested in this profession. 

But more than knowing how much a wedding DJ makes, it’s also essential to know what affects their earnings and what one can do to make more money. This article will discuss these elements, so keep on reading below. 

how much do wedding djs make

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How Much Do Wedding DJs Make: Here’s What They Earn

Different factors can affect how much a DJ can make per wedding. But on average, you can earn at least $500 per wedding. 

A wedding DJ can also make $2,000 or more on the higher end, but remember that many things can affect it. If you want the cost range, couples expect to pay a minimum of $800 to $1,500, but be prepared for some to like and request a lower fee.


What factors affect the wedding DJ earnings?

Overall, how much should a wedding DJ earn? The money you can make by being a wedding DJ is affected by what the couple is willing to pay. 

Even if you set a specific amount, the couple might book another DJ for a lower cost. But if you can negotiate well and have your effective sales pitch, experience, and additional services that would make your price reasonable, then it’s possible to make good money. 

There are also generous clients, especially those having a grand wedding. You may even earn a great tip, so keep an open mind about this profession and its potential earnings per wedding. 


What factors can increase your wedding DJ rate?

To get paid a reasonable amount and to make your clients feel that they’re getting the most of what they paid for, here are the factors that can increase your wedding DJ rate:

  • Consultation and venue visit (you can charge for time spent for these like other wedding vendors)
  • Set-up time and break-down time (you can also include the hours spent for these on your total service time charge)
  • Travel and lodging (an out-of-town wedding will require more time and expenses so that you can charge them to the total bill)
  • Lighting and equipment (most wedding DJs nowadays provide the dance floor lighting package)
  • Sound system and microphone (some wedding venues don’t provide these)
  • Additional services (you might also be the one providing projectors, dance floor effects, uplighting, or even photo booths for the wedding)


Can You Make A Lot Of Money Being A Wedding DJ?

The number and type of weddings you’ll do in a year ultimately affect the amount of money you can make as a wedding DJ. You also want to familiarize yourself with effective promotions to book more clients.

The more gigs you have under your belt, you can build an impressive portfolio to stand out from the competition. But if you’re starting, you can find a wedding DJ agency and then progress into having your own business to own more. 

Aim to book at least two weddings in a week. Depending on the factors discussed, you’re looking to earn about $25,000 to $60,000 or more. 


How To Make Money As A Wedding DJ


Gain experience

One of the best ways to earn more money as a wedding DJ is to gain more experience. It will be great to show a portfolio for different kinds of weddings to your potential clients. 

You can also ask your past clients to leave a review to help you establish yourself in the industry. And as you gain more experience, you’ll also feel more comfortable raising your price. 


Know your worth

It’s not surprising for some couples to be shocked when you mention your rate, usually at $600 to over $1,000. However, be prepared to answer their queries and prove that you’re worth the fee. 

Depending on your needs, you can hold out for clients who can pay you what you think you deserve. But for those who value the number of bookings, reconsider, especially if you’re new. 

To know the expected prices from clients, here is how much does a wedding DJ cost


Work for yourself

You can get more bookings and be more familiar with the industry if you work under a company or agency. However, the best way to earn good money as a wedding DJ is to work for yourself. 

Compare an hourly rate of $25 when working under a company to a potential of $150 per hour. It’s a massive difference, but like with any other business, you’ll need to invest in experience and equipment working by yourself. 


How Much Should A Wedding DJ Charge For 4 Hours?

Most wedding DJs charge $200 per hour so a typical 4-hour reception can mean $800. But of course, you can charge higher or lower accordingly.



And that’s it! We just found out how much do wedding DJs make, which is around $500 per wedding. 

A DJ can also charge $200 per hour, but their experience and other inclusions can affect their fee. We hope the factors discussed have helped you set your rate, and for couples, we hope you find the best DJ for your budget. 

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