How Much Do Event Planners Charge For A Baby Shower

If you’re curious about how much do event planners charge for a baby shower, expect to spend around $2,500 and up. The services included in the event planning budget will affect the total cost, and the party you choose will also matter since some event planners can charge higher than others. 

But if you don’t want to hire an event planner for the baby shower, you can manage the party yourself. For the checklist of what to do for the event, here’s how to plan a baby shower

how much do event planners charge for a baby shower


How Much Do Event Planners Charge For A Baby Shower

Event planners vary in the services they offer per package, so the price range will also differ. But to give you an idea, prepare a budget of around $2,500. 

This event planning pricing usually includes everything from the floor plan, budget management, baby shower vision, timeline, updates, floral and decorations, and a coordinator for the day of the baby shower. If you’re on a budget, partial planning service would cost under $1,999 from some event planners. 

The services for this cost cover budget management, floor plan, timeline, event vision, and on-site management. It might also be possible to select a service you want based on your budget. 

You may only want to hire a party planner for certain aspects of the baby shower. The price starts at $750, but the event’s theme and the number of guests may also influence the total cost. 

If you’re in Atlanta, Gorgeous by Design Events is an example of a party planner that can help with the baby shower. According to them, design, decor, and styling services for the baby shower start at $4,999 for 50 people, and you can use their consultation form for your specific questions. 


How Much Do Event Planners Charge For A Themed Baby Shower?

Expect that the event planning cost for a themed baby shower will cost more because the party will have specific requests. The venue, decorations, food, and other services might need to be custom-made for the baby shower. 

Therefore, if event planning services start at $750, then a themed baby shower may go over $1,000. However, it’s also possible that since the event planner won’t help with the conceptualization of the baby shower, then you can choose their partial planning services. 

Perhaps you’ll only need an on-site coordinator or specific vendors for the baby shower theme. Consider comparing different packages from various party planners to find the best one for your budget. 


How Much Do Event Planners Charge For A Baby Shower With Games?

Games will increase the needed budget for the baby shower as there are expenses for the props and prizes. The more people you have at the baby shower, the more games can get pricier. 

Baby showers typically have three to four games, so it’s best to mention this to the event planner if you want various activities at the party. This should be discussed during the planning of the baby shower’s timeline. 


How Much Do Event Planners Charge For A Baby Shower With Food?

An event planning package for baby showers that is around $3,999 for 25 guests typically only includes design services, decorations, and guest table settings. It’s up to the party planner if they’re also the caterer or if they’ll find another vendor for the baby shower food. 

That said, expect a catering budget of $10 per baby shower guest. If it’s a 25-person baby shower, then you’ll spend $250 on the food. 

Remember that some baby shower options will cost less, especially those that only serve finger foods. On the contrary, a brunch baby shower or if you’ll serve different alcoholic drinks will need a bigger budget. 


How Much Do Event Planners Charge For A Baby Shower With A Photographer?

You can check with the event planner if they also include photography services with their package. But typically, a photographer would cost $300 for two hours, and the package’s inclusions will vary. 

You might also include a photo booth or photo favors for the guests. These will add to the total expenses of the planning for the party. 

If you’re in Florida, Photography KJ Studio offers baby shower photography packages ranging from $300 to $500. The latter includes four hours of photography and about 300 images in a flash drive. 


How Much Is A Baby Shower For 50 People?

Expect to spend $1,000 and up if you have a 50-person baby shower. The event type and the party’s time and theme will influence the budget you’ll need. 

Baby showers are usually intimate events, so it’s acceptable only to invite the closest family and friends of the guest of honor. To cut costs, you can modify some party elements, like the food and decorations. 

And if the expecting mom and dad will both attend, please read what is a co-ed baby shower.



And that’s it! To recap how much do event planners charge for a baby shower, expect to spend around $2,500 or higher. 

Some might also offer the option for a la carte services at $750 each. Consider comparing DIY planning versus hiring a professional, as doing the former might be more cost-effective.

But for more significant events, then it’s more convenient to hire a professional. 

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