How Much Do Custom Wedding Invitations Cost

If you’re unsure about how much do custom wedding invitations cost, expect that they’re pricier than readily made wedding invitations or templates. It’s reasonable for custom wedding invitations to cost $1,500 and up, especially for intricate designs and requests. 

We’ll discuss if a custom invitation is worth it to help you decide on your budget. And in general, you can also read how much to spend on wedding invitations

how much do custom wedding invitations cost


Here’s How Much Do Custom Wedding Invitations Cost

The cost of a custom wedding invitation can start at $1,500 to $3,000 or more. Some stationers might even quote you $4,000 for custom wedding invitations for the costs of materials, the intricacy of the request, the number of invitations for the wedding, and when you need the invites. 

Remember that you’re paying the costs for the production and design since the stationer will start from scratch. This is why it’s essential to maintain good communication with your wedding vendor to avoid getting surprised by the prices. 

As with custom wedding attire, it will take time, labor, and other production costs to create your custom wedding invitations. Therefore, a semi-custom wedding invitation is a good alternative if you find the prices too costly. 


What is a semi-custom wedding invitation? 

Some stationers offer semi-custom invites with lower wedding invitation costs than stationery that’s entirely custom-made. You can choose from pre-made designs or templates and then work with the wedding vendor to modify the wedding invitation’s font, colors, designs, and other elements. 

Because they’re not entirely custom-made for your wedding, the wedding invitation costs of semi-custom stationery will be lower. Compared to custom wedding invitations with prices over $1,000, semi-custom wedding invitations can start at $200 to $500. 


Are Custom Wedding Invitations Worth It?

Deciding if fully-customized wedding invitations are worth it will depend on the couple’s budget and priorities. If you have a small wedding budget, it might not be worth spending over $1,000 on wedding invitations alone. 

But if you have the budget, custom invites can make your wedding memorable since the guests will receive something unique and personal. Many couples want their wedding to show their personality even on the stationery. 

Another example is if you’re having a big wedding, it might not be practical to spend $20 per invite. On the contrary, intimate weddings might be perfect for indulging in expensive custom stationery. 


How Much To Charge For Wedding Invitation Design

The average wedding invitation cost from a design studio starts at $10 per invitation. Many factors affect the pricing, which can go up to $30 per invitation. 

It’s reasonable for the design studio to increase the price, especially with the customizing they’ll do. If you’re designing an invitation, you can also offer a package that starts at $1,000 if it’s fully customized and starting from scratch. 

Some elements that increase the price of the wedding invitation design include hand-drawn designs, calligraphy, materials, and the time spent throughout the creation process when you work with the couple. The production costs from foil stamping, unique borders, corners, and seals will also affect the price of the custom invitation. 

Nowadays, designers also offer templates that the couple can print for their wedding invitations. The baseline cost is around $7 per wedding invitation, and you can offer sets like creating the template for the entire invitation suite to increase the price.  

If all of these prices are still incompatible with your budget, why not learn how to make wedding invitations on Microsoft Word at home?


How Much Do Online Wedding Invitations Cost?

The costs of online wedding invitations vary per store or seller, but to give you an idea, some online invitations, like the ones on Etsy are under $10. The intricacy of the design and the package, including the templates for the other stationery for the wedding, like the RSVP cards, can also affect the price. 

Regardless, digital wedding invitations are unlikely to go over $100 compared to physical invites, which can cost thousands of dollars. You are getting a template that you’ll print at home, so you’ll be shouldering the expenses for the paper and print. 


How Much Is A Wedding Invitation?

Most couples spend around $500 on their wedding invitations. But of course, you should be reasonable with the expected prices, especially for custom invitations. 

Depending on the print and material, it may cost you under a dollar to $20 and up per invitation. If you choose to make everything from the design to printing, you might save more on costs. 


How To Budget For Wedding Invitations?

Here are some tips to help you plan and save on wedding invitations:

  • Decide if you’ll include multiple inserts or opt for a primary invitation, then link the guests to your wedding website
  • Make sure to stick with standard sizes and shapes for the invitations to save on postage
  • Consider buying templates and then printing at home
  • Opt for sets to save on printing costs
  • Do not go overboard with customizing and adding details like wax seals that can increase the costs



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how much do custom wedding invitations cost, which can start at $1,500. 

Because of the production and design costs, they are pricier than readily made invites. An alternative to save on your invites is to ask the design studio for semi-custom invitations. 

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