How Much Champagne For Wedding: Toast And Reception

The answer to how much champagne for wedding does not mean you have to count too many since sparkling wine is usually only served during the wedding toast. We will help you compute how many champagne bottles you’ll need in more detail below, including how many bottles to serve at the reception. 

We will also teach you how much champagne is needed for different weddings, regardless of the guest size. And for buying the champagne, please read what is a good champagne for a wedding to help you purchase the best one. 

how much champagne for wedding


How Much Champagne For Wedding: How To Compute For Wedding Toasts


One champagne bottle per 8 wedding guests

A helpful formula to remember is to buy one champagne bottle for every eight wedding guests. Weddings usually only provide champagne for the toasts at the reception. 

Therefore, each guest is only expected to have half a glass of sparkling wine. One champagne bottle can even serve ten guests, especially since some tables may have guests like kids and seniors who won’t drink a glass. 


One champagne bottle to serve 8 toast-size servings

Another consideration is that one champagne bottle is usually 25 ounces, and one full glass contains 5 ounces. Since only half the glass is filled, you will get around eight servings per champagne bottle. 

But of course, you may also choose to serve champagne at your wedding bar. Discuss this with the reception or caterer to know their recommended bottles to serve throughout the wedding reception. 


How Many Glasses Of Champagne In A Bottle?

Another way to help you know how much champagne is needed at weddings is by knowing how many servings you’ll get in one sparkling wine bottle. Typically, a 750 mL bottle of champagne will serve 5 to 6 glasses.

Use this information when stocking the wedding bar and calculate half a serving per glass for the wedding toast. You might also serve different champagne for the toast than the one on your open bar. 

Consider your wedding budget to help you decide your wedding bar menu and what specific champagne brands to stock your bar. Furthermore, remember that champagne comes in different bottle types. 


Champagne bottle and number of glasses to serve

You can consider buying large champagne bottles to save on cost for the wedding reception toast. Then, you can provide smaller sparkling wine glasses at the wedding bar for guests who might want a bubbly over other drinks. 

  • Piccolo: one glass
  • Demi: 3 glasses
  • Magnum: 12 glasses
  • Jeroboam: 24 glasses
  • Rehoboam: 36 glasses
  • Methuselah: 48 glasses


How Much Champagne Do I Need For 70 Guests?

You will need 12 champagne bottles for the wedding toast and 17 for the reception if you have a 70-person wedding. This is assuming that you’ll get 25 ounces or 750-mL sparkling wine bottles, and your wedding champagne flutes will hold 6 ounces of champagne. 

However, remember that on wedding toasts, you’ll only serve 4 ounces of champagne per guest. Keep this formula in mind when computing how many champagne bottles to buy for the wedding. 

Alternatively, a 9-liter bottle of champagne called Salmanazar can serve 72 glasses. 


How Many Bottles Of Champagne Do I Need For 100 Guests?

You will need 16 champagne bottles for the toast and 24 for the reception for a 100-guest wedding. Weddings this big can also buy the Balthazar or 12-liter champagne bottle serving 96 glasses or the 15-liter Nebuchadnezzar serving 120 glasses. 

Will you have an extensive guest list? Read what is a big wedding to know more. 


How Many Bottles Of Champagne Are Needed For 20 People?

Smaller weddings like intimate and micro occasions won’t need as much sparkling wine. You can buy four champagne bottles for the toast and five for the reception, assuming you’ll get a 25-ounce bottle. 


How Do You Do The Champagne Toast At A Wedding?

The first champagne toast at a wedding is usually led by the wedding host, the bride’s father. He will do this before the first course to tell the guests to enjoy the meal and wish the couple the best. 

The toast can also be done by anyone close to the couple. It could be the best man, maid of honor, or a relative after giving their wedding speech. 


Is A Champagne Toast Necessary At A Wedding?

No rule obliges weddings to have a champagne toast. However, it’s a feel-good tradition to send the couple’s best wishes and tell the guests to enjoy the reception. 

You can also switch champagne with any non-alcoholic bubbly for the wedding toast. Bubbly drinks are very celebratory, but there are also dry weddings that may not want to serve alcohol. 

Consider a cider in festive bottles for the reception and toast. You can also offer other bubbly drinks for the toast if some guests don’t like sparkling wine. 


How Much Is A Decent Bottle Of Champagne?

Spending $40 per champagne bottle should be reasonable, but there are also decent bottles under $20 for those on a budget. If you want to wow your guests, vintages can cost $1,000 and up.



And that’s it! To recap how much champagne for wedding, you will need one bottle to serve eight wedding toasts.

However, some weddings may also serve sparkling wine at the reception. For this, you will serve 6 ounces of champagne per glass. 

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