How Much Are Wedding Centerpieces: Prices To Expect

If you’re curious how much are wedding centerpieces, it’s best to prepare as much as $300 maximum. However, we’ll also share the expected prices for wedding centerpieces that are budget-friendly.

Not all floral wedding decors have to be expensive, especially if you’ll be the one decorating. But if you don’t want to worry about sources and vendors, read how much is a wedding decorator

how much are wedding centerpieces


How Much Are Wedding Centerpieces: Average Prices For Those On A Budget


For under $50

It’s possible to find a wedding centerpiece or two for under $50. The cheapest you can get can be as low as $10 each for a bud vase

This wedding centerpiece can go with other affordable decors like candles, primarily if the wedding uses long tables. For fancier bud vases with greenery, you can assume to pay for $15 each or spend $75 per wedding table if five is needed per long table. 

If you don’t want to buy other decors, you can also consider floral garlands that typically cost $15 to $25 per foot, but they can cost twice as much if the garland is thicker. Again, these wedding centerpieces are ideal for long tables, especially if the couple prefers a head table over a sweetheart table. 

What if you have the budget to pay $50 per centerpiece? Some stores offer a package-type centerpiece composed of vases full of flowers and greenery with candles for only $45 each. 


For under $200

If you can spend over $50 for your wedding centerpieces, you can consider floral arrangements that are a tad bigger. For $90, it’s possible to get a decent centerpiece but with only a few flowers and more greenery. 

However, this price is enough for a centerpiece to add interest to a round table. You can also consider a $115 centerpiece if you want better flowers included in the arrangement. 

But if you want medium-sized arrangements with specialty flowers, expect to pay $130 per wedding centerpiece. But, then, it can range from $150 to $175 per centerpiece for larger decors, depending on the type of flowers included. 


For over $200

Perhaps you have the budget for it, or you’re only having a small wedding. You can indulge in pricier wedding centerpieces if you’re only decorating a few tables. 

Pay for a showstopping garland for $75 per foot on your long tables or a very grand and large arrangement for the round tables at $250 per piece. You can also mix different centerpieces, so only select tables have these pricier decors. 

For example, perhaps you can distinguish the tables of your parents by putting the bigger centerpieces on them. You can also ask the flower shop to modify these $200+ centerpieces to suit your budget. 


What Is The Average Cost Of Wedding Centerpieces?

Wedding centerpieces or floral displays are the most popular decorations for weddings, and they range from $50 to $600. However, it’s possible to find cheaper or more expensive centerpieces depending on the arrangement, style, and types of flowers in the centerpiece. 

If you want more flowers or you prefer exotic blooms, then expect that they will be pricier than those with more greenery or “generic” flowers. For example, peonies are more expensive than roses, so arrangements with them will naturally be costly. 


Why Are Wedding Centerpieces So Expensive?

  • Flowers are hard to transport, or others need to come from a far place
  • Some flowers are harder to find, or they might not be in season
  • Price of the flowers themselves
  • Size and type of vase
  • The expertise of the florist
  • Time exerted for each centerpiece
  • Production and supplies for each centerpiece
  • Size of the centerpiece and number of flowers and other materials needed
  • Longevity of the cut flowers
  • Preparation of the flowers
  • Customized materials like structures
  • Possible rush request


How To Save On Wedding Centerpieces?

  • Consider making the wedding flower arrangements yourself
  • Opting for smaller centerpieces and adding cheaper decors yourself
  • Using flowers in season or settling for simpler arrangements
  • Mixing faux blooms with real blooms
  • Putting centerpieces on select tables only
  • Maximizing garlands and greeneries
  • Reusing decors from other occasions

You can also learn how to display wedding favors as some can be table centerpieces. 


Where To Rent Centerpieces For Wedding?

If finding out how much are wedding centerpieces would be too pricey for your budget, you can rent them instead. Rental companies may charge lower for wedding reception decors than buying them. 

You can rent candle holders or vases from florists near your area. It’s better to search for a store within your location to save on transportation costs. 

Then, you can buy the flowers yourself, cut them from your garden, or mix fake flowers in the arrangements to further save on the centerpiece expenses. Please compare different wedding flower packages as well. 


What Is The Average Floral Budget For A Wedding?

Prepare to spend as much as $1,000 to $2,500 for all the flowers in your wedding. This includes the centerpieces, bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. 

And to further help you plan your budget, learn how to calculate how many flowers for a wedding



And that’s it! We just found out how much are wedding centerpieces, which range from $10 to $250 per piece or yard. 

However, you can also apply our tips to save on costs. We hope this guide helped with your budget for the wedding flowers; please browse our blog for more tips regarding wedding decorating. 

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