Importance Of Learning How Many Watts Is An Electric Blanket

Electric blankets are warm, and all, but have you ever wondered how many watts is an electric blanket?


how many watts is an electric blanket

Well, the answer to that is it ranges from 15 to 155 watts. 


However, we’ll go further than that in this article. We will talk about electric consumption, the risks of electric blankets, and avoid those risks.


That is why you should read on and inform yourself about electric blankets, especially if you own one. 


How Many Watts Is An Electric Blanket?

First off, just to be clear electric blankets are just blankets with wires inside that heat up.


They also have cords, which you can plug into a wall, and a control dial.


There are recent innovations, however, that do not require plugging.


These, to be honest, is a step towards a safer electric blanket. 


The electricity an electric blanket consumes depends on the rate per watt consumed.


On average, they would cost 25 to 50 cents per night if you left it the whole time.


It does not amount to much, but of course, it will still depend on the rate and the frequency of use.


Moreover, it is cheaper than turning the thermostat down, which is why people choose electric blankets over lowering the thermostat.


Also, it feels good to lay down and wrap up in a warm blanket, don’t you think?


Are electric blankets deadly?

While innovations lead to safer electric blankets, namely wireless electric blankets and with timers, it does not hurt to be cautious. 


Naturally, electric blankets pose risks but none that can’t be managed.


Electric blankets only pose dangers when they are damaged or misused.


You just have to remember to properly take care of them. This is also why you have to watch out for any changes regarding your blanket.


For example, if your blanket’s fabric is worn or if there are scorch marks.


Seeing these changes means that you need to change your blanket, especially if you find visible wires poking through the fabric. 


Move on from your old electric blanket and get a new one. 


How do you handle electric blankets properly?

Apart from the things you need to watch out for, we also have tips on how you should handle your electric blankets. 




  • Religiously follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


  • Use it as an over blanket — like how it is supposed to be used.


  • Turn it off and unplug it when not in use.


  • Watch out for signs of wear, like discoloration or even the presence of smoke.


  • Take care of the cords and control dial.


  • Secure the mattress while using it. This is so it won’t move while you are using it.


Should nots:


  • Do not use it overnight. If you are using wired ones, do not forget to unplug them before you sleep.


  • Folding the electric blanket may lead to overheating, so be sure not to fold it. Keep it flat on your bed.


  • Do not use it on a water bed.


  • Do not machine-wash your electric blanket.


  • Do not pile books, pillows, or anything on top of your electric blanket.


  • Do not let your pets go close on the electric blanket because they might interfere with heat escaping. 


Is it safe to use the electric blanket all night?

As mentioned above, it’s not supposed to be used all night.


Be it wired or wireless, an electric blanket is meant to heat up your bed and turned off before sleeping. 


Electric blankets with timers would help you set the time when your electric blankets should be shut off.


This way, you don’t consume too much electricity and avoid accidentally leaving it on overnight. 


Moreover, having an easy-to-understand controller would also help you adjust the temperature to your liking.


Cold nights are dreadful, and we are more susceptible to being cold in our sleep.


However, this does not mean that we turn up our electric blankets to the point that it burns (not that they would because there are safety standards). 


An electric blanket with a timer and a controller would be the best features to look for in an electric blanket right now.


Is there a difference between electric blankets and heated blankets?

Yes, there is. While electric blankets and heated blankets are used interchangeably, they are not the same.


All electric blankets are heated blankets because they give off heat due to electricity.


However, not all heated blankets use electricity. For example, some heated blankets are battery-operated.


How do they give off heat if they do not use electricity? Well, some heated blankets use air-activated body warmers.


These body warmers provide up to 24 hours of heat just by shaking them.


This type of heated blanket has pockets that can be filled with numerous body warmers, as many as you require.



Now you are aware of how many watts is an electric blanket, you can use them as much as you need without being burdened too much about your electric consumption.


However, please still heed our advice on the risks of electric blankets. Stay safe and warm!