How Many Watts Is A Small Fridge? 3 Easy Steps!

Do you wonder how many watts is a small fridge? Well, it is lesser than the bulky fridges for it only ranges from 45 to 120 watts. Oh yes! That’s relatively small.

Keeping the freshness of our food can be achieved if we have a fridge, especially if you know how to organize them. The wattage that our fridges consume depends prominently on their type and size.

how many watts is a small fridge

We have this so-called “mini-fridge” or sometimes referred to as “small fridge”, which is best to have in the office, dormitory, or anywhere where space is limited.

Of course, being that practical geek, you must find out how much it will contribute to your electrical bill before deciding to purchase one.

Perhaps you are one of those wise folks; then you came across the right article. Dear friend, keep your eyes wide open as we embark on some important truths regarding fridges – especially the small ones.


Why Should You Know The  Wattage Consumption Of Small  Fridge?

After we have already answered our main inquiry, which is, “How many watts is a small fridge,” it is of much importance to evaluate the electrical consumption of the small fridge we have by utilizing the value that has been given to us.

By this, we can carefully choose what small fridge to buy and not just go with our excitement or impulses. We can choose a cheap small fridge but later feel disappointed after reading the electricity bill that has gone drastically higher than before.

Knowing the wattage is not something that only a professional is capable of, but it is a very easy task – you can just plainly read it – that is significant for anyone who is practically fond of having different appliances.


Choosing The Right Fridge

You are fortunate if you are dealing with small fridges because that will unlikely affect much of your electricity bill since it is “small.” There is only a cramped space that the fridge has a responsibility to cool; thus, it will just require little power.

However, that varies along with the manufacturer. While you go around the store to pick the right one, you may observe a yellow tag that is attached to most fridges. Make sure to choose the small fridge with lesser energy usage.


How Can You Know The Power Consumption Of A Small Fridge?

Along with the purchasing of the small fridge comes a user manual. You can go over it and find all the important information that you want to know about your purchased product.

However, there are instances that we get to misplace these kinds of documents. Don’t be hopeless! There is still another option to know the power consumption of your small fridge.


Step #1. Find the sticker inside the small fridge

This option will only require you to do simple math – multiplication – and seeking skills. First, you have to find the sticker that is usually inside the small fridge that you have.

You will see various significant values indicated there, including the maximum amperes and rated voltage, which we will multiply to know the wattage consumption of the small fridge.

Thanks to James Watt, who authored this very helpful formula.


Step #2. Research on electrical rate of your country or state

After you have already attained this value, you may use this to estimate the electrical consumption of your small fridge. Electric rates depend on the state you live in, and you must know this because it is one of the things that you must consider for the estimation that you desire.

For easy access, you may find it on the electrical bill paper. So in this sense, you must get to realize that throwing off such documents may cause you to spend some time that might have been reserved for other important matters.


Step #3. Solve for it!

Now that you have attained the primary values, you can finally estimate the power consumption of your small fridge. First, it is to be noted that fridges run on and off. For most of them, they just run 1/3 of the day. So, divide the wattage you discovered by 3.

Then, multiply it by 24, indicating a whole day’s consumption. After which, convert the value to kilowatts by dividing it to 1000 only if it is in watts. Now you have a value with a unit of kilowatt-hour which tells you the power consumption of your small fridge for a day.

Use the value that you have researched or checked in your electricity bill – your country’s electrical state – to get the final answer. All you have to do is to multiply the kilowatt-hour value by the cost of electricity. Now you have your small fridge’s electrical cost per day.

For you to be able to estimate it for a month, of course, you just have to simply multiply it by thirty. There you go! We did not just learn the wattage value of our small fridge, but we also have studied how to estimate its electrical consumption.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that you have learned how many watts is a small fridge and also get to know the basics of solving its electrical cost per month. May the information above has helped you a lot.

Thank you for reading up to this point. Your time and effort are very much appreciated

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