How Many Watts Does An Air Conditioner Use Per Hour? 3 Interesting Factors!

Have you ever wondered how many watts does an air conditioner use per hour? Well, that would usually depend on what type of air conditioner and how often you use it.

But there is a provided power requirement for the AC’s cooling and heating features, and that is 2.72 kW and 2.69 kW, respectively. People who live in warm regions would take air conditioners as a necessity to one home.

They might cost a lot, but investing in such products will make their home comfortable, especially during hot seasons. However, the more power consumption, the higher the electric bill you will spend.

That’s why most people are hesitant to install air conditioning systems in their homes. But knowing how many watts the air conditioner you will buy consumes will help you a lot. So, read on and learn from this article.


How Air Conditioners Work

Air conditioners undergo the process of air conditioning to remove heat in an enclosed area and control the humidity of the room to provide a comfortable environment.

In simple terms, air conditioners remove unwanted heat and humidity, transfer it outside, and replace it with cold air. This process is one of many techniques used to attain HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Some methods include ventilative and passing cooling. We don’t want to go in-depth as to how these things happen, so let us answer your question, “how many watts does an air conditioner use per hour?”


Knowing How Many Watts Air Conditioners Consume

There is no definite estimate as to how many watts air conditioners use. That is because air conditioners have different models, and there more factors such as the size of the room, the unit itself, or how long it has been used.

But there is a power requirement for most AC to work their cooling and heating functions; that is 2.69 kW for the HEAT mode and 2.72 kW for its COOL mode. So, for instance, if you set your unit to the cooling mode for an hour, it would take up 2.72kWh.

But again, energy usage per hour would be the same always, also consider the rate of thermal energy loss and the temperature of your room. So, if it’s too hot and you put the unit to a higher setting, it will consume lots of electricity. But here is a list of the estimated number of watts an AC use:

  • Smallest window unit:  0.5kW
  • Medium window unit: 0.9kW
  • Largest window units: 1.44kW
  • Central AC (FAN only and compressor OFF):0.75kW
  • Central air conditioner: 3.500kW


Factors That Affect Your Electric Bill

Before buying your unit of AC, you want to keep in mind how it would make your electric bill go skyrocket if you don’t consider these factors:


Factor #1. Your environment

This one is the sole reason why most people use air conditioners, a hot and humid environment. People who live in hot regions, especially in summer, will spend lots of money on their electric bills. It is hard to try and turn off your AC once in a while if you experience scorching heat, but if it’s worth saving you some money, why not, right?


Factor #2. Local electric bill rates

Aside from the price of the unit itself, the electric bill you’d face might give you a mini heart attack. You see, every kWh your air conditioner consumes will come at you like your monthly power bill.

So, please make yourself aware of the local rates and when it is high or low for you to act and conserve electricity. According to Energy Star, the estimated value of the electric bill for the average homeowner is $1,000 yearly, and that covers 50% of the bill.

Now, imagine the bill of people living in warmer states, the cooling cost is more expensive, and during summer, it covers 70% of the electric charge. It hurts your pocket, right? So, be smart and find ways to conserve energy at home.


Factor #3. The size of your AC unit

Most people buy smaller units because they are cheaper, not knowing that it might be why their electric bill is getting costly. You see, if you place a small unit in a big room, your AC might take some time to cool the entire area, which will take up lots of electricity.

But this does not mean that you should buy a bigger AC unit because it will cool the room too fast and leave too much humidity that might create an environment perfect for molds to grow.

You want to make sure that the size of the AC unit is just right for the size of the room, not too small, and not too big. It will help you conserve energy easier. To learn more about how you can lessen your electricity intake when using an air conditioner, read this article.



That is all for this article, “how many watts does an air conditioner use per hour?” Always remember that your air conditioner’s energy intake will depend on the size of your room, the age, model, and size of your unit, the temperature difference, and how much humidity it needs to get rid of the room.

Moreover, consider the size of the AC and your local electric bill rates before buying your unit. If you want to read more helpful and interesting articles, click here. Thanks for your time!

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