How Many Watts Does A Hair Dryer Use? Awesome Facts You Must Know!

How many watts does a hair dryer use? It varies between seven-hundred fifty watts to two-thousand five-hundred watts with home use. While for professional help, watts can reach as high as three-thousand five-hundred watts.

Nonetheless, know that differences also occur in the different hair dryer types. It is not possible to know its wattage by just looking at the hairdryer.

How many watts does a hair dryer use

Indeed, a hairdryer is an essential hair styling tool. It must be highly qualified and must operate on suitable wattage stats. Many hair dryers are available that work on different wattages and are ideal for various hair types. So, read on further to know how many watts your hair dryer use. This way, you will learn more about the wattage limit of the outlet and the limit of hair dryer wattage.


How Many Watts Your Hair Dryer Uses?

Celebrities and people believe that a hairdryer uses much electricity that spikes our bills. The thing is that this is not true. Know first the hidden and complete phenomenon in the number of watts consumed by a hairdryer. Learn how the entire process can affect your home’s energy bills.

The brand is one factor to consider if you’re not sure of the power consumed by the hairdryer. Various brands provide various hair dryers that show watt ranges. More than that, think if you will obtain a hairdryer for daily use, not commercial use. So, how many watts does a hair dryer use? As mentioned, the watt range can go between seven-hundred fifty to two-thousand five hundred watts. Obtain a hairdryer for professional service. Obtain a hairdryer that reaches up to three-thousand five-hundred watts.


Amps That A Hairdryer Use

Follow specific processes and methods to learn the amps and wattage of the hairdryer. Read through the packaging box where this info is embossed and written. Look through the hairdryer label and know more about the wattage range. Go on further to the box where the body label prints to let you know the wattage of the hairdryer. Find out the same information in the instruction manual in the hairdryer package.

If you want, you may Google a set of data instead of reading a lengthy document. Just enter the model number of the hairdryer model as you search on Google as this is a quick and straightforward way to know this information. Obtain the same information as you write down on Amazon. Thus, you’ll learn about the detailed specifications of the product. Tool for wattage measure lets you know the watts consumed by the hairdryer. Carry out the same job with the use of a multimeter. This way, you will measure the range consumed by the hairdryer. Follow this procedure when you’re stable and good enough to handle electricity.


Famous Brands & Their Wattage

Here are some of the famous brands of hair dryers to watch out for their wattage

  • Dyson Supersonic generally has 1,600 watts
  • Conair INFINITIPRO has 1875 watts
  • BaBylissPROCERAmixXtreme has 2,000 watts
  • BIO IONIC Goldpro has 1875 watts
  • Remington D3190 has 1,879 watts
  • 1-Step Hair Dryer and Styler has 1,000 watts


Higher Wattage Is Better Hair Dryer: The Myth

Some people believe that hairdryer with higher wattages are high-end and better hairdryer as this is an incorrect myth that you must stop thinking about it now. While a hairdryer has higher wattage, it does not mean you end up with a top-quality and high-end hairdryer. Hairdryer with high wattage means it’s hotter than a hairdryer with low wattage. It produces even more heat content.

It’s potentially after drying your hair on short and quick notes. Nonetheless, there are sub-standard and cheap hair dryers consuming massive power and loads. But then, they fail in matching the performance standards. Be attentive as you use a hairdryer with maximum and high wattage. Trouble might occur if the wattage of the dryer surpasses & exceeds the limit of a socket. Check & verify the socket limit of the dryer. Avoid using a hairdryer in the socket if the limit does not allow more than two thousand watts. Keep this in mind to avoid experiencing potential hazards that only catch on fire and bring loss on your end.


Watts A Hair Dryer Uses Per Hour

A hairdryer is a good choice for styling hair. It just consumes electricity while it increases energy bills. Know first its power rating in the label of the hairdryer. Know the amount of maximum wattage that it requires and the power that it consumes. The usual wattage range falls from eight hundred to one-thousand eight-hundred watts. It varies according to the hairdryer model the energy that it should use.

The consumption of energy varies according to the hairdryer setting to use. Hairdryer use on an unheated mode consumes seventy-power watts. A hairdryer on a high heat type of mode finishes 1500-watts on an average and typical note while a hair dryer that uses 1500-watts for ten minutes results in a total energy cost of 0.10-dollars per kilowatt-hour. Once you use a hairdryer daily and in a short time, it will not use much power and energy. Nevertheless, the prolonged and extended use of a hairdryer increases the electricity bill. Use hairdryer following a lot of heat mode. Thus, this does not damage the heart and cut down on electricity bills. Here’s everything you need to know about hair dryer watts.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how many watts does a hair dryer use. You know now the famous brands and their respective wattages. You also understand by now that a hairdryer with a high wattage does not mean a better and high-end hairdryer. Read related articles; know how to use hair brush dryer and what is the best blow dryer for black hair.

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