How Many Throw Pillows On a Loveseat Suits Best?

Knowing how many throw pillows on a loveseat gives us an idea of how we can dress our furniture. Of course, knowing where to place them is one thing. But styling and designing them is equally important. 


how many throw pillows on a loveseat

A general rule in placing throw pillows on a loveseat is to start with three. If you have a smaller-sized loveseat, you may want to begin arranging three pillows first. If you have longer ones, try five, then seven until you reach your desired number.


However, this also highly depends on how big your throw pillows are. Standard-sized loveseats can usually look nice with three throw pillows. It is also a basic rule to follow an odd number to give it a custom look. Here are some other tips to enhance its look.


Step 1: Create a base

You may want to start with neutral-toned pillows for white linen loveseats or other light and solid-colored fabric. The standard size is either 20 to 22-inch squares which will give it a plush look.


Try to find a color that blends with your loveseat so that it acts as a base. Use two pillows for this step and experiment with fabric textures like wool and linen. Don’t be afraid to explore other sizes such as 18-inch squares.

Tip: Consider the seat’s depth.

We can all agree that not all loveseats come with a cushion of the same height. If you have a bit deeper than usual, try to consider taller or larger square pillows and transition to smaller ones. 


On the other hand, loveseats that are not deep-cushioned may have smaller spaces to hold large throw pillows. In this case, try to add some horizontally-laid out rectangle throw pillows or bolster to match the backrest’s restricted height. 


Step 2: Add a patterned layer

This next step will surely give your loveseat that romantic and cheery vibe. It is time to pick our patterns to provide our furniture some personality. Try to choose one that is similar or a bit smaller in size compared to your base pillows. 


This next pair should come in color and pattern that you would love to see in your living room. Look for a color in the room that would make a good impact on your sofa. For example, use a patterned pillow with the same color as your curtains. 


Step 3: Finishing touches

Complete the bundle of throw pillows by adding a final piece that is smaller in size. You can go for an odd-shaped pillow such as a lumbar or bolster for a texture that stands out. Think of metallic covers, embroideries, or even faux fur. Make sure that it is worthy of a centerpiece.


Also, find a lovely quilt for a more tailored look and drape it over one side. It adds a significant amount of comfort, especially during the fall and winter seasons. You will definitely appreciate a light and gorgeous blanket to help you keep warm on cold mornings.


How to match colors

Colors are essential if you really want to pull the look together. Try assessing the room as a whole, and look for particular shades that make a great impact. Don’t use lone colors for pillows because they will seem out of place. 


If you are working on a blank canvas since you have just moved into your apartment, try planning your color scheme. This will help you make your interior feel unified and expertly made. 


Sometimes finding the perfect color scheme can be tricky. Start by thinking of your primary hue. Do you want a room that looks red, green, blue, purple, or yellow? Pick your main shade, then check the color wheel to find contrasting and complementary colors.


On the other hand, if you have existing decorations that you need to work with, try matching your throw pillows to your curtains or accent sofa. Perhaps you already have a rug or table runner in place; it would be good to match with those items too. 


For patterned pillows, you can never go wrong with anything that has a touch of white. Adding white to the throw pillow’s design is the perfect way to balance the colors. Make sure that you always have a neutral hue in your palette.




Apart from following the number of pillows to use, it would help if you kept in mind not to go overboard. After all, it is crucial to make it appear cozy, not overcrowded. Make sure that you still have plenty of room left to get comfortable. 


Loveseats are smaller than your average sofa. If you think three pillows are too little, you can always go for five smaller-sized square throw pillows to give it a nice touch. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with different patterns, shapes, and sizes. 


If you feel like switching up your design, you can always change the covers on your throw pillows to match the seasons. Replace your regular striped throw pillows with animal prints, tie-dyes, polka dots, and many more. 

Overall, knowing how many throw pillows on a loveseat will help you create a professional, artistic, and aesthetically pleasing design. Whether you are styling your living room or bedroom, it is always essential to add a bit of personality.