How Many Skeins Of Yarn To Crochet A Twin Blanket: 3 Factors

If you’re planning to do a crochet project and you’re wondering how many skeins of yarn to crochet a twin blanket, you’ve come to the right place.


how many skeins of yarn to crochet a twin blanket

The short answer is it depends. It cannot be simplified further than, “it depends.”


However, the things you need to consider in determining the skeins of yarn for your crochet twin blanket will be tackled in this article.


You will also know how to calculate the skeins of yarn you need and more!


Considerations To Know How Many Skeins Of Yarn To Crochet A Twin Blanket

As said above, you cannot simply calculate the skeins of yarn you need for your project.


Many factors come into play, and here they are:


Yarn weight

If you are going to use bulky yarn, you would need less. If you are going to use lightweight yarn, then you’d need more.


Basically, the thicker the thread, the fewer skeins you need. 


Size of your crochet project

The following important factor you need to consider is the size of your crochet project.


It goes without saying that the bigger the blanket, the more skeins of yarn you’d need.


For your reference, we included standard blanket sizes below:


Standard blanket sizes


  • Lap Blanket (36” x 48”)


  • Child blanket (42” x 48”)


  • Couch Throw (48” x 72”)


  • Twin Bed (48” x 78”)


  • Full Bed (60” x 78”)


  • Queen Bed (66” x 84”)


  • King Bed (80” x 84”)


In your case, you would use the twin bed measurements to crochet yourself a twin blanket.


You would use these measurements further down in this article, so take note!


Types of stitches

The next factor is the type of stitches. The principle of this is simple: the simpler and shorter stitches would use less yarn.


The taller and looser stitches would use more yarn.


However, it’s still good to know which kinds of stitches would be “yarn eaters” because they’d make you buy more yarn. 


Crochet hook size

There are different hook sizes, and they affect the dimensions of stitches. Hence, it’s essential to note what size of hook you’re going to use.


Remember that smaller-sized hooks make dense crochets, while larger-sized hooks make bigger-spaced blankets. 


Tension and gauge

Lastly, take note of your typical tension and gauge when you’re crocheting as it affects the spaces between your stitches. It also affects the amount of yarn you’ll need. 


How to calculate the skein of yarn you need?

After figuring out what your choices of materials are and the like, you can now proceed to calculate the skeins of yarn you need.


  • Step #1. Make 10” x10” a swatch sample


  • Step #2. Measure your swatch sample by using a fine food scale. Take note of the weight. Let’s say that it’s 30g.  


  • Step #3. Look at your yarn label and take note of the weight and yards of the ball of yarn.


For example, if it says that it’s 280g and it has 602 yards of yarn. If you divide it, you’ll see that there are 2.15 yards in each gram of your yarn.


  • Step #4. Since the swatch weighs 30g and there are 2.25 yards in each gram, your swatch used 64.5 yards of yarn. 


  • Step #5. Keep the results of step #4 in mind. Then, figure out how many swatches would make up your whole blanket.


After that, take note of the size of the blanket you want to make. In this case, it’s 48” x78” for a twin blanket. 


Multiply the twin blanket dimensions, 48” x78” = 3744, while your swatch is 10” x10’ = 100. 


  • Step #6. Divide the two, like so: 3744/100 = 37.44


  • Step #7. Multiply the yards of yarn in one swatch (64.5 yards) with the number of swatches in your twin blanket (37.44) to get the total yardage of yarn you’d need, which is: 2414.88 or just 2415. 


  • Step #8. Since there are 602 yards of yarn in each skein, you would need 2415/602 = 4.011 skeins of yarn.


To be safe, you can round it up to five skeins. 


That’s how you calculate how many skeins of yarn you need.


However, do note that it depends on your materials and stitches as well. 


How many hours does it take to crochet a blanket?

It depends on your skill level. For beginners, it would range from a week to a month.


If you’re a beginner, it would be better to practice simple patterns and stitches first. 


Moreover, be sure to enjoy the process no matter what skill level you are in crocheting.


Crocheting has mental health benefits if done with less frustration and more on learning. 



Now that we’re at the end and you know how many skeins of yarn to crochet a twin blanket, you can try the other blanket sizes.


Your next project can be crocheting a baby blanket with thinner yarn or a king-sized one.


You can also change your choices in materials while doing the same blanket size.


It’s up to you! The possibilities of crocheting are endless.