How Many Prizes For Baby Shower

If you’re curious about how many prizes for baby shower, you can prepare two to three prizes per baby shower game. We will discuss the etiquette in preparing gifts for the winner of baby shower games in more detail below. 

Furthermore, you’ll get some prize ideas if you have raffles at the baby shower to ensure that guests have one, and everyone will be encouraged to participate. And for setting the budget, the host can read about how much to spend on baby shower prizes

how many prizes for baby shower


How To Know How Many Prizes For Baby Shower

The host can prepare two to three prizes per baby shower game. A minimum of two gifts for the winners would be ideal, so there will also be something for the runner-up. 

You want a grand prize and a thing or two for those who place second or third. Consider what most people would like when preparing the gifts for your guests, especially for the diaper raffle, where it’s better to have many people participating. 

You can also prepare many baby shower prizes if your games have many runner-ups. This way, everyone will feel more excited to participate in the game. 


What Are Good Raffle Prizes For A Baby Shower?

Gift cards are among the best prizes at a baby shower raffle. Guests would have more fun with this prize because they could choose what items to get. 

If you’re having a diaper raffle, your grand prize can be $20 and up for a gift card. Then your other prizes can be gift baskets priced from $10 to $15. 

You can construct a spa set with essential oils, scrubs, and loofah or even a collection of delectable pastries. Some other gift ideas for the winner include a coffee kit, wine bottles, signature scents, or dinnerware.

If none of these gifts inspire you, you can also check what kind of prizes are for baby shower games.


How Many Prizes Should I Have On Hand For My Baby Shower?

Prepare at least two prizes per baby shower game, but you can always add one more as an extra. If a guest is extra enthusiastic during the game, it’s only fitting to give them a surprise reward.

Some people have infectious energy, and those who inspire guests to have fun during the games deserve their own price. It can be something unique or custom, like a trophy or sash that follows the game or baby shower theme. 

And when grouping the prizes per game, there should be some distinction between the winner and runner-up. For example, your gift cards for the winners should be a couple of bucks higher than the ones the runner-ups will get. 


What Is The Best Way To Distribute Prizes At A Baby Shower?

The baby shower host will plan the flow of the event, including the baby shower games. You can announce the winner after each game or do a collective recognition by the end of the party.

Some baby shower games don’t even have a separate time for announcing the winner, and you can just quickly hand the winner their gift. This allows everyone to get right into the next part of the party and the same on time. 

But if you want something that will honor the winner, you can always give them a short shoutout with fun and quirky trophies or plaque. Know the plaque of appreciation wording to make it even funnier at the party. 


How Can I Make Sure Everyone Has A Fair Chance Of Winning A Prize At My Baby Shower?

Here are some tips to remember when designing and planning baby shower games:

  • Check all the props and kits that the participating people will use to ensure that nothing is broken or missing
  • For group games, have the guests randomly select their teams 
  • Make sure that different game types cater to your diverse guests
  • For baby shower raffles, be transparent with the entries and show the guests that their tickets are included 
  • Consider a tandem game or separate the men from women in active games for co-ed baby showers


What Should I Do If I Run Out Of Prizes At My Baby Shower?

What can the host do if a baby shower game ends and there’s no prize? It should be easy to purchase a gift card you can give the winner quickly. 

Do not make it evident that you ran out of prizes. You can always put the awarding part of the game later into the party. 


How Can I Avoid Having Too Many Or Too Few Prizes For My Baby Shower?

To ensure you’ll have complete prizes for all your baby shower games, remember these:

  • List all the baby shower games and plan the prizes for them
  • Make sure not to use one prize from one game to another 
  • Plan the number of winners per game
  • Consider the budget for each baby shower game



And that’s it! You just learned how many prizes for baby shower, which should be at least two per game. 

You can provide more gifts, especially in games with runner-up winners. And if you’re considering a grand prize for the game, you can always give guests gift cards, as they can be used however the winner wants.

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