How Many Pocket Springs In A Good Mattress

The answer to how many pocket springs in a good mattress is no less than 1,000. We will discuss in more detail below why this number matters and how it affects your experience with the bed. Furthermore, we’ll talk about whether an innerspring mattress would be a good fit for you. 

Speaking of which, do you ever wonder what questions to ask when buying a mattress? It would help you give that article a quick read, especially when looking for a new bed. 

how many pocket springs in a good mattress


How Many Pocket Springs Do You Need In A Mattress?

Always select a mattress with a spring count of at least 1,000 springs because it’s one of the factors that affect the tension of the bed. However, you also have to consider if the mattress uses other materials in its overall construction that choosing something lower than 1,000 springs is acceptable. Furthermore, 600 springs is the minimum number of springs in a bed, while something as big as a king-size mattress should have 1,000 to 1,500 pocket springs minimum. 

What is the maximum number of pocket springs in a layer? Two thousand pocket springs would be the maximum number in a single layer, so mattresses with more than 2,000 pocket springs are multi-layered. It’s also worth noting that mattresses with fewer pocket springs use larger and less adaptive springs than the standard-sized ones in a bed with 1,000 to 2,000 pocket springs.  


Do more springs make a better mattress?

Do not be easily swayed by manufacturers that offer mattresses with thousands of pocket springs. The higher the pocket spring number, the smaller springs they’ll need to use, which affects their functionality. Additionally, a very high spring count doesn’t mean that you are getting the best from your bed. 

Always check if the spring count complements the size of the mattress. For example, a single bed with 1,000 pocket springs is not realistic, but an oversized king mattress should have more. The main takeaway is that even if your small pocket sprung mattress only has 600 pocket springs, it would still provide a better sleeping experience than an open coil or continuous coil bed


Do more pocket springs mean a firmer mattress?

The pocket spring count is not the sole dictator of the bed’s firmness, softness, and overall tension. You will find mattresses with the same spring count in the market, but one is firm while the other is soft. This is because the bed’s tension is also affected by the wire’s thickness of each spring, the number of turns in each spring, mattress filling, and base type.

But even if the pocket spring count is not the only factor to consider to ensure a comfortable mattress, note that a higher density of pocket springs means better support. More springs will support your weight, so every movement unique to the user will always be well-supported. And because each spring reacts separately, you won’t feel motion transfer as noticeably compared to other bed types. 


What’s The Difference Between Innerspring And Pocket Spring?

An innerspring mattress gets its support from interconnected coils, while a pocket sprung mattress uses springs in individual pockets under the mattress top padding. The more traditional innerspring bed is durable, but a pocket sprung bed offers better pressure relief since each spring moves individually according to the weight it feels. You may also notice that your shoulders and hips are the heaviest regions of the body when lying tend to dig into the springs of an innerspring mattress than a pocket sprung mattress with individually wrapped springs. 


Pocket sprung mattress vs open coil mattress

Do not be confused by the term open coil because it’s another name for a traditional innerspring mattress. Therefore, a pocket spring mattress differs from an open coil mattress because the latter has a more noticeable motion transfer when used by couples. However, the advantage of open coil beds is that they have more give, so those with orthopedic needs can benefit from their firmness.  


Is Pocket Spring Mattress Better Than Memory Foam?

Choosing between a memory foam bed and a pocket sprung bed will depend on your individual needs and requirements. But to give you a quick comparison, a pocket spring mattress is aimed for support, while a memory foam mattress will feel more comfortable because it contours unique to the user. And if you’re particular about longevity, memory foam would be the better choice. 

The expected lifespan of a memory foam mattress is a decade or more. On the other hand, a pocket sprung mattress might develop sagging quicker if you don’t maintain and use it properly. However, we all know that the disadvantage of memory foam is heat retention, so those who sleep hot should opt for a pocket sprung bed. 



If you’re buying a pocket sprung bed, you must check its spring count. Get a mattress with 1,000 pocket springs to ensure good support and comfort. However, as discussed in this article, the pocket spring count is not the only factor affecting the bed’s tension. 

Remember also to check the overall construction and quality of the mattress. A high number of pocket springs doesn’t mean better quality. We hope this article answers your spring-related questions, but feel free to leave us a comment if you have more to ask. 

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