How Many Napkins For A Wedding: Best Buying Guide

You can easily calculate how many napkins for a wedding by knowing when they are needed by the guests. This article will talk about the number of cocktail napkins to get for the wedding meals and drinks at the bar. 

Furthermore, this article will go through the types and sizes of napkins for the wedding. And if you need to set them up, here’s a guide on how to fold napkins for a wedding

how many napkins for a wedding

Remember never to overlook the wedding napkins because they are functional and decorative for the wedding reception. 


How Many Napkins Do You Need For A Wedding?

Consider having five napkins per wedding guest to ensure that they’ll have enough for the meals and drinks. This count is for the smallest napkin size called the cocktail napkin.

The cocktail napkin measures 5 by 5 or 10 by 10 inches, making it the smallest napkin size used for weddings. Nonetheless, it is used to serve appetizers, desserts, and drinks, so make sure to order enough for your guests. 


Wedding meals

For serving the wedding appetizers at the reception, allocate one napkin per guest. Then, you’ll need another napkin per guest for the desserts table. 

The total napkins at the dining area will be two per guest for their appetizer and dessert. You can also add another bigger folded napkin per guest at each table that they can use while having the main course


Wedding bar

You will also account for two to three more cocktail napkins per wedding guest at the drink station or wedding bar. This number is that guests often make several trips to the bar and might need a napkin with each drink. 

The bartender may also give one napkin per beverage, especially really cold ones with condensation on the glasses. You can also order extra napkins for the bar in case some guests request them. 


How Many Extra Napkins To Order For A Wedding

The base number of napkins for a wedding is to allocate five cocktail napkins per wedding guest given with the appetizer, dessert, or each time they go to the drink station or wedding bar. Furthermore, you’ll also provide one luncheon or dinner napkin per guest on each table for dining. 

You can allocate one extra napkin per guest to ensure that you’ll have enough from this number. Some guests might need another napkin for various reasons, and you can never go wrong with having extra napkins since you can leave a pile of them on the dessert table or wedding bar. 


How Many Guest Towels Should I Order For A Wedding?

You can provide one to two guest towels per wedding guest. It will be helpful to order guest towels other than napkins because they are thicker and more absorbent. 

Guests can use these towels for their hands, but they are also useful for meals similar to disposable napkins. But for weddings where you’re providing the accommodation for guests, provide two to three guest towels per person, placed in their restroom. 


How Do I Choose A Wedding Napkin?

Different napkin types and sizes vary in use. Of course, you don’t need all kinds in your wedding, but it’s best to offer two to three cocktail napkins and at least one luncheon or dinner napkin per guest. 

Please note that these sizes are standard, so it’s possible to see bigger luncheon or dinner napkins.


Cocktail napkin

From the name itself, cocktail napkins are used for beverages, but their small size at 5 by 5 inches also makes them useful for serving appetizers and desserts at the wedding. When calculating how many cocktail napkins to get for the bar, consider the number of drinks you assume your guests will have. 

If the guests are expected to have three drinks each, then you’ll need three to four cocktail napkins for each person. You’ll also give them a cocktail napkin per appetizer or dessert. 


Luncheon napkin

Luncheon napkins are typical in wedding receptions because they are thick enough for a sit-down meal or buffet service. This napkin is what you’ll put on the table, where each guest will have one on their setting. 

The standard-sized 6.5 by 6.5 inches luncheon napkin can also be placed in stacks at the end of the buffet line. So more than counting one per guest, order extra luncheon napkins in case of spills and messes. 


Dinner napkin

A slightly larger napkin than the luncheon napkin is the dinner napkin at 8.5 by 8.5 inches. It’s more suitable for formal wedding receptions, and they are often pre-folded. 

Consider about two dinner napkins per guest to be sure. You can also decide between disposable or washable napkins. 

Please read how to wrap silverware for a wedding to create a beautiful table setting with these napkins. 


Cloth vs paper napkins for weddings

The wedding reception might already include a cloth napkin in the table settings. Cloth napkins are also preferable for formal dining, but disposable napkins are more convenient for outdoor weddings. 



Was this article helpful? You just learned how many napkins for a wedding by allocating five cocktail napkins per guest. 

This will ensure that they’ll have enough for drinks, appetizers, and desserts with still some extra napkins. You also want one luncheon or dinner napkin per table setting. 

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