How Many Guest Can Attend A Courthouse Wedding

Those curious about how many guest can attend a courthouse wedding can consider creating a guest list of 10 people. Remember that a courthouse wedding is not meant to be as long and extravagant as other types of weddings, so you must understand the etiquette and requirements for the civil ceremony. 

And if you’re ever invited to one, please read what to wear to a courthouse wedding. Then, like the bride and groom, observe the proper etiquette when attending a courthouse wedding, much like when attending any other type of wedding. 

how many guest can attend a courthouse wedding


Exactly How Many Guest Can Attend A Courthouse Wedding

If you’re planning to have a courthouse wedding, be aware that you’ll usually only be allowed to have ten guests or fewer. Additionally, keep in mind that each courthouse differs in policies, so check with them regarding the number of guests to bring. 

Some courthouses may allow 15 people, while others might only allow under 10 guests. You must also account for the other people in the ceremony besides your guests, such as the officiant or photographer for the wedding. 

If you’re having difficulty shortening your guest list, you can mention to some relatives and friends that a courthouse wedding won’t even go for over 30 minutes. Therefore, consider having a separate celebration after the courthouse wedding ceremony with more guests instead. 


How To Get Married At The Courthouse

  1. Decide the courthouse you want to get married in and check the requirements with the city or county clerk’s office particular to that state; some couples opt to get married in their hometown instead to avoid additional applications
  2. Know and accomplish the marriage license requirements of the state where you’ll get married; depending on the location, you can get married the same day you acquired the marriage license as well 
  3. Prepare the necessary documents and pay for the marriage license fees; be aware of the license’s expiry and the potential waiting period for it when deciding on when to get married to a courthouse 
  4. Bring the marriage license, payments, and ID cards to the courthouse; verify the requirements of the courthouse for the witness/witnesses to your ceremony as well
  5. Schedule your courthouse wedding and plan that day; be modest on your wedding outfits and talk to the guests you want to bring
  6. Since a courthouse wedding is very small, you may not need to mail invites to the guests; consider emailing them to save time or having close friends and family spread the word to those invited
  7. Book a wedding photographer for your court wedding
  8. Attend the union and afterward, sign the marriage certificate to be officially and legally married 
  9. Consider a bigger celebration with more guests or hold a spiritual wedding if you want a more personalized ceremony with the guests you want 


Can You Have Family Members As Witnesses At A Courthouse Wedding?

To be eligible for marriage and ensure that you’ll get the marriage certificate to prove its legality, you must abide by the rules for each courthouse regarding weddings. For example, you may need a witness or two to get married, and even these witnesses must pass the requirements. 

The wedding witness must be 18 years old and higher for most states. Some places might also require the witnesses to be related to you, so it’s possible to have family members as your courthouse wedding witnesses.

Please read who can witness a wedding to know more details about this critical wedding factor.  


How Many Witnesses Are Needed For A Civil Wedding?

Some states don’t require any witness for a civil wedding to be legal. Still, please check with your local city office to know if you need witnesses to avoid any setbacks. 

Some public officials might also request a witness, or the witness/witnesses must sign the marriage license. And if you have already selected the witnesses for your civil wedding, have them bring an identification card. 


How Many Guests Are At A Civil Wedding?

Courthouse weddings or civil weddings are less extravagant and typically finish under 30 minutes. That being said, you can expect that the guests for these types of weddings will also be few. 

Typically, a civil wedding only has ten guests or fewer. Some couples might also omit to have guests and only bring a witness or two as required.

Then, you can hold a separate celebration or out-of-the-box wedding ceremony since you’ve already tackled the legality of your union with your significant other. 

Do you still want a short wedding or intimate celebration even after a city hall wedding? Then, read how to plan a micro wedding with under 20 guests!


Do You Say Vows At A Courthouse Wedding?

Since a courthouse wedding is not as long as a traditional wedding ceremony, some elements like the vow exchange are omitted. The readings and even ring exchange are unnecessary, so couples who want these elements can consider another wedding ceremony instead. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap how many guest can attend a courthouse wedding, expect it to be under 10 people. 

That being said, you must plan your guest list and plan another celebration if you can’t bring some relatives and friends. After all, you’ll be legally united with your partner after the civil wedding, so it’ll be easier to plan another ceremony. 

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