Efficient Sewing: How Many Granny Squares To Make A Blanket

How Many Granny Squares To Make A Blanket

If it’s your first time knitting, you might be wondering how many granny squares to make a blanket. An average-sized blanket will require 88 blocks, measuring 48 x 66 inches.


how many granny squares to make a blanket

That isn’t the only amount you need, though. You can put granny squares on other blanket sizes too! 


A baby blanket that is 42 inches all around will need 49 granny squares. A king-sized bedspread measuring 90 inches will need 225 granny square blocks. 


You need to change the color of your yarn every two rounds. This way, your blanket will have a beautiful color pattern! 


What else is there to learn about granny squares? Let’s find out! 


Why Is It Called A Granny Square?

Another name for the granny square blanket is the Afghan, named after the Pashtuns of Afghanistan. The country is famous for producing colorful carpets and unique textiles. 


In 1946, early American women would save the extra scraps of yarn unraveled from old clothes. When there was a huge accumulation, they would crochet the yarn into tiny, colorful squares. 


They combined the squares to make a beautiful and functional blanket. Older women and grandmothers usually did this task; that’s why it’s called a “granny” square. 


How Many Rounds Is A Granny Square?

A typical granny square blanket is four to five rounds. Don’t worry, though; we’re not strict when it comes to size. You can make mini-squares of two rounds or a huge square blanket! 


It all depends on what you prefer! Let your creativity flow. 


Variations Of Granny Square Blankets

Did you think granny squares were all, well, square? If you’re not a fan of the typical sharp corners, then there are other variations you can try. 


Crochet ring/magic ring

A magic ring is a way to make a tightly-closed center when you crochet round patches. It sounds intimidating, but it’s a simple task. 


You need to loop the yarn around your fingers and stitch it the way you do for any other crochet work.  Stitch in a circle, and when finished, pull it closed. Tada! You’ve got a magic circle! 


Multi-color squares

Remember, when you crochet, you can let your creativity show. Feel free to combine any colors that you like. 


You may attach a different-colored yarn to your finished granny stitch by tying it on. Slowly work your way around it until you have a beautiful pattern. 


It’s great learning the different ways you can make a granny stitch blanket. However, there are other things you should remember when you crochet. Let’s find out!


How Many Skeins Of Yarn Do You Need For A Granny Square?

Afghans use intricate patterns and color combinations. That means you will need a lot of yarn to make them. 


You will need 13 to 18 skeins of yarn for a full-size blanket. You will use more skeins the more colors you combine. 


If you use fewer colors, you may only need ten skeins. It all depends on your pattern and how much you want to put.


Here are some tips to remember when you plan your yarn amount. 


Factors to determine yarn amount


  • Yarn weight

The heavier the yarn, the fewer skeins you will need. A lightweight thread will need more.


The best yarn for a blanket is the acrylic blend. If you’re making a washcloth or a coaster, then cotton is your go-to yarn. 


  • Item size 

Clothes don’t need so much yarn. If you’re planning to make a blanket, you will need to stock up on your thread. 


  • Stitch type 

Different stitches use different amounts of yarn. The granny stitch uses more yarn than the single crochet. 


  • Crochet hook size 

Your hook can affect the pattern of your crochet. Larger hooks will make the stitches farther apart; therefore, you will need more yarn. 


An excellent size crochet hook for a granny square stitch is 5mm. However, it all depends on your thread. If the stitches are too tight, then go for a larger hook. 


  • Tension and gauge 

Like the previous factor, if your design requires less tension, it will have more space between the stitches. 


How Many Days Will It Take To Make The Blanket? 

It all depends on your design and how much time you dedicate to making your craft. A large blanket may take from a few days, to a week.


A smaller blanket will take you less time. Don’t let it pressure you, though, especially if you are a beginner. Let your creativity push you and create a beautiful pattern you will love. 



Are you excited to try your granny squares? This style is easy to master once you get the hang of it. 


This granny square pattern is not strict in any way. Don’t worry too much about how many granny squares to make a blanket you need. It is easy to tweak depending on how you want it to look.


Just let your creativity flow on your crocheting and work until you’re satisfied with the results!