How Many Fans Equal Air Conditioner? 4 Best Tips!

Are you finding the answer to the question, “How many fans equal air conditioner?” Then, do not go anywhere; this article will be very frank with that.

Usually, with the average power consumption, it takes up to nine of them to be competing with the air conditioner in cooling your room.

How many fans equal air conditioner

The thing is that fans are cooling must-haves in our homes together with our air conditioning units. However, it is self-evident that air conditioners are more potent than a fan.

That’s it. I know you have many fans out there! Kidding aside, you are now free to scroll down and enjoy reading the article.


The Equivalent Number Of Fans Compared To An Air Conditioner

I know you might be wondering, “How many fans equal air conditioner?” Well, this section will be answering that.

In terms of price, room cooling fans are priced at an average of 45 dollars. Using these figures, an approximation of 5 to 6 room fans may be equivalent to a single air conditioner.

Remember that these prices are fluctuating and are not stable. So, you might be buying six fans if you are getting an ordinary air conditioner for your home. An intermediate-sized window air conditioner can use up to 900 watts of electricity per hour for energy usage.

On the other hand, an ordinary cooling fan consumes about 100 watts hourly. With these numbers, it might take nine cooling fans to compete with an air conditioner. It would help if you noted that some air conditioners have higher wattages up to 1440 watts, with some smaller models with 500 watts.

In operating both appliances, you will need the kilowatt-hour rate of your area. So, suppose you are using a single medium-sized window air conditioner. In that case, you can slightly compare it to using nine fans simultaneously.

Indeed, it is undeniable that there is a specific number of fans for it compared to an ordinary air conditioner. If you need to save electricity in your home, the following section might be helpful. So, stay tuned.


How To Save Your Electric Bill

Dear home buddy, I know you want to save money while cooling your home. But, unfortunately, hot temperatures are uncomfortable for each one of us here. Luckily, there is a solution for it to both save yourself and your pocket. Here are some tips that you can remember in saving money in cooling your room.


Tip #1. Setting the appropriate temperature

You are no master here. If you set your temperature to its lowest setting, the higher your electric bill would be.

It is ideal for everyone to set their air conditioners at 75.2 degrees Fahrenheit. You will be saving dollars per day if you follow this tip.

Also, if your air conditioners still operate using lower temperature settings, their mechanical parts will require more energy.

Specifically, its compressors will work harder compared to setting it at the ideal temperature.


Tip #2. Insulation will be your best friend

In cooling your rooms, you will be trapping the circulating cold air inside of them. So, everyone should seal their rooms to trap the cold temperature. Also, you will be closing all your windows. I know you are not clumsy enough to forget this.

Use some curtains for insulation. These curtains will be your friend, especially if you want to keep some sun rays that heat your room. If the sun rays come up to your room, you will be forced to lower the temperature setting of your air conditioner.

Thus, a higher electric bill with a brighter room. Take note. It can be very appropriate if you can turn off other appliances when you have your AC operating.


Tip #3. Fans, you will love fans

When you have your air conditioner running, you will be thrilled if you supplement it with your room or ceiling fan.

The fan itself will recirculate the cold air and removes some of the air conditioner’s effort in cooling down your room.

Through this, you will be saving dollars on your electric bill every month. Plus, if you can operate your air conditioner on fan mode, it would be great.


Tip #4. Cleanliness is next to coolness

Everybody should be cleaning their air conditioners from time to time. You will be having lots of dust and other particles that can block the vents of your AC. I love cleaning my air filters every month.

As a result, I have my air conditioner cool my room very well and save more cents on my electric bill. Most importantly, if your air conditioners are cleaned well, you will be saving from future troubles.



Good job! You learned, “How many fans equal air conditioner?” Usually, it is equivalent to a certain number depending on a degree of comparison.

For price ranges, six fans are equal to an AC. On the other hand, nine fans will be equivalent to a single AC for power consumption and cooling capabilities.

If you need to learn more about cooling down your home, go here. Thank you very much for reading! See you next time!

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