How Many Different Appetizers For A Wedding

The answer to how many different appetizers for a wedding is three. However, you can always serve fewer or more than these appetizers, depending on the type of wedding you have, how many guests you have, and when you’ll serve the wedding appetizers.

We will also provide examples and suggestions of appetizers you can serve at the wedding reception. But if you want the exact count of appetizers per wedding guest, read another discussion on how many appetizers per person in a wedding


Wedding Appetizer Calculator: How Many Different Appetizers For A Wedding

How many appetizers you’ll serve at your wedding reception depends on your preference, but you can have three different kinds of appetizers at most receptions. This number can be higher, especially at weddings that won’t have a full-course meal at their reception. 

In addition, you can provide five or more kinds of appetizers to provide a wide array of choices for your guests as they mingle in the reception. Note that in some weddings, the appetizers are not only served during cocktail hour or before the actual dinner. 

Therefore, you may need more types of appetizers after the wedding dinner or if you’re giving your guests heavy hors d’oeuvres as dinner replacements. If you’re thinking of having a reception where you’ll mostly need appetizers and hors d’oeuvres, read what is a cocktail wedding reception to know more about this type of event. 


How Many Appetizers Do I Need For 100 Wedding Guests?

Providing the exact number of reception appetizers for a 100-person wedding would be challenging. So instead, just assume that each guest will need at least two pieces of appetizers every one and half hours until the dinner is served at the reception. 

Assuming that the guests will only wait one and a half hours for the full-course meal, you can multiply 100 people to two for the cocktail hour or hour before the wedding dinner. But of course, you can always allocate more pieces for the guests and make it three to four. 


How Many Appetizers Do I Need For 150 Wedding Guests?

The wedding finger food or how many different appetizers you’ll need for 150 guests will depend on many factors. If they only wait half an hour to an hour before dinner, you can count 2 to 4 pieces per guest. 

However, you will need more if they wait longer, such as an hour and a half to two hours. Therefore, you will provide at least five pieces for each person in this case. 

And if you’ll have a four-hour wedding reception where the guests won’t have dinner, then provide around 15 pieces per guest. So a 150-person wedding for this type of reception will mean you’ll need 15 multiplied by 150.


What Kind Of Appetizers Do You Have For A Wedding?

The answer regarding how many different types of appetizers depends on the couple’s wedding type and their catering budget. But a safe guess is to have three kinds of wedding reception appetizers to satisfy your wedding guests. 

You can also offer five or even more, mainly if you’ll rely on hors d’oeuvres since you’re not serving dinner. Here are multiple appetizer ideas for your wedding to help you get started on your menu. 

  • Shrimp cocktails
  • Bacon-wrapped scallops
  • Crab cakes
  • Pigs in a blanket
  • Chicken skewers
  • Mini quiches
  • Sliders
  • Spring rolls
  • Stuffed mushrooms
  • Stuffed peppers
  • Biscuits
  • Pretzels
  • Mini soups
  • Chips
  • Fries
  • Fruit cubes
  • Tiny sandwiches
  • Deviled eggs
  • Salad boats
  • Corn dogs
  • Mini pizza
  • Cheese bites
  • Pork sliders
  • charcuterie

You can pick one chicken, seafood, and pork for your different wedding appetizers. You can also create a menu with one heavy appetizer, one savory appetizer, and one sweet appetizer.

Another option is to offer a bar or station where the guests can pick what they want, especially if it’s a cocktail wedding or a reception in the afternoon where you won’t serve lunch or dinner. Then, use the wedding theme, venue, season, and drinks to know what kind of appetizers will match them. 


How Do You Plan Wedding Appetizers?

  • Schedule food tasting with your caterer
  • Consider the season, time, and theme of the wedding
  • Be aware of what you think most of your wedding guests will enjoy
  • Ask about the dietary restrictions and potential allergies of your guests by including them in the invitation 
  • Consider menu items that won’t fill up the guests if you’ll have dinner after
  • Opt for appetizers and finger foods that aren’t messy to eat
  • Pick food ingredients that will stay fresh in the wedding venue and season
  • Be creative with the appetizers for a more fun way to feed the guests
  • Do not forget about your wedding budget when picking what wedding appetizers to serve


What Is Considered A Heavy Hors D Oeuvre?

Heavy hors d’oeuvres refer to appetizers that can be served as part of a meal, such as skewers, seafood cocktails, and soup shooters. If you want to serve these at your wedding, you need five types per guest and expect a guest to consume two to four pieces every hour.



And that’s it! To recap how many different appetizers for a wedding, you can provide three options. 

You can always widen the selection to satisfy the guests if the appetizers are dinner replacements. You can even try a bar, platter, or station to help the guests pick their favorite finger foods. 

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