How Many Degrees Can An Air Conditioner Cool? 3 Interesting Fact!

How many degrees can an air conditioner cool? The thing is that an air conditioner can cool at 15-20 degrees. Moreover, the maximum temperature of an air conditioner also drops to 20 degrees.

Air conditioners of all sorts operate in the same way. They draw warm air from the inside of your home, reduce it, and then recirculate it externally. In that manner, both warm and cold air bends and gradually lowers the temperature of the house.

how many degrees can an air conditioner cool

It is essential to remember that the air that flows out from the appliance must not be the same temperature that you choose on your thermostat.

It will release only 15-20 degrees; therefore, it will be colder than it was when you first turned on the air conditioning system.

Everything is the truth behind such a widespread misunderstanding that you could turn up the temperature on your air conditioning system. And you can do so to the maximum level and chill your room or house quicker.

This action only makes your air conditioner consume more energy than it requires. To attain a cooler temperature, it needs cycles of 15-20 degrees.

If you want to know more information and facts about how many degrees an air conditioner cools, keep on reading!


Fact #1. How Many Degrees Needed For An Air Conditioner To Cool

Your air conditioner is for summer temperatures, which, according to our climatic statistics, are often in the mid-80s. Although your air conditioner is working correctly, it will struggle if the temperature increases into the 90s.

That is because your air conditioning unit aims to chill your home to a limit of 15-20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Now, do the math.

If it is 100 degrees outside but only 80 degrees inside, your air conditioner will continue working.

If your air conditioner system is not cooling, check the outside temperature first.

Then, inspect to ensure that the air conditioner system runs or properly sends cool air to your home. The air conditioner is alright if all appears to be in condition, yet it is incredibly humid outside.

However, if some of the following statements are erroneous, your air conditioner system may require assistance. So to answer the question “How many degrees can an air conditioner cool?” it is at 15-20 degrees.


Fact #2. The Coldest Temperature An Air Conditioner Can Get

Air conditioners are meant to keep the temperature inside your home no and over 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.

Unfortunately, even for air conditioning units in Phoenix, where temperatures may be scorching for most of the year, that is a significant amount of money.

Predicting temperature drops of more than that is unrealistic, and you will almost certainly never be in a scenario where you would like it anyway.


Fact #3. The Minimum Temperature Of An Air Condition That Makes The House Still Cool

The lowest thermostat preset on many other air conditioners is about 60 degrees. When the temperature outside is 60 degrees, several manufacturers believe you will not switch on your air conditioner. Therefore, you may damage and add the risk of your air conditioner if you turn it on at this moment.

This information will show you how it works:

Even though the temperature is under 60 degrees outdoors, you decided to turn on the air conditioner for any purpose. The possible damage will not happen if the developer included low ambient control in the system. However, the air conditioner will not work correctly if such measures are not in existence.

The low ambient heat waves will generate lubricants in your air conditioning unit which will make your work harder. It will suffer from excessive wear and tear that reduces the duration of your air conditioner.

In short, when the temperature drops below the minimum, which is generally 60 degrees, do not turn on your air conditioner.


Tips If You Are In Extreme Temperature

Aside from growing tree cover and waiting a period, there is nothing you can do to influence how humid it is outside your household.

You might try to keep the hot air out by closing the windows.

If your air conditioner cannot handle the heat, try these techniques to keep your house cold:

  • During the daytime, retain your blinds closed
  • Do chores and run the dishes until the outside of your home is cool
  • To avoid the hot stove air warming up your house, consider cooking outside
  • Adjust your thermostat high to give your air conditioner a rest
  • Adjust your filter
  • Trim any bushes surrounding your air conditioner condenser
  • Using a hose or running water, clean the condenser
  • Close as few vents as possible since your device requires ventilation to function



Again, the air conditioner cools at 15 to 20 degrees. It is also the maximum temperature of the air conditioner systems.

Most of the air conditioners work the same. However, before adjusting the temperature or turning the air conditioner on, check the thermostat.

It is important to know these facts to prevent your air conditioner from experiencing damage and malfunction.

I hope I answered your question: how many degrees can an air conditioner cool?

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