How Many Decibels Is A Hairdryer? And 5 Most Quiet Hair Dryers To Check Out!

Have you ever wondered, “How many decibels is a hairdryer?” A decibel ranges from the threshold of hearing to the threshold of pain, and sounds above 120 dB could already damage our hearing. Luckily, hairdryers, considered one of our daily essentials, only have sound ranging from 80-90 dB. It may be lower than the threshold of pain, but it is still considered very loud.

However, you don’t have to worry about hearing loss because hairdryer manufacturers of today try to make their products quiet and friendly to the user’s ears. If you are planning to buy a new dryer or replace your current loud one, but don’t know what brands to check out, then this article will surely help you out. So, read on!

how many decibels is a hairdryer


Best Noiseless Hair Dryers

How many decibels is a hairdryer? Hairdryers do not usually fall in the range of 80-90 decibels since this equipment is manufactured differently depending on the brand and company. Some typically include additional features, which make the product distinct from others. Moreover, there are a lot of factors to consider when buying a particular product.

In choosing a hairdryer, one should consider the motor type, the material used, cost, how many decibels is a hairdryer, etc. Therefore, it must be hard for buyers to choose the perfect hair dryer for them. To make things easier, we narrowed it down to the top 5 hair dryers that you must check out. And here they are:


Product #1. Dyson Supersonic

This hair dryer is the one to have if you want the most comfortable and worthwhile drying experience. In terms of loudness, it measures in at 79 decibels. It’s close to the average dB measurement of standard hair dryers, but there are still other features that make it unique. Truthfully, no other blow drier has a brushless, low-noise motor like these.

Also, it allows users to adjust the heat and speed depending on their preference while maintaining a quiet and subtle sound. However, there’s a downside. This product costs about $400, but you can invest if you want better results!


Product #2. Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light Pro dryer

The dryer from Harry Josh is not just one of the quietest hair dryers in the market, but it is also one of the lightest! With this, you might enjoy drying your hair without getting your arms worn out. Aside from this, it has whisper-soft technology and provides users with a quick dry time of approximately 95 mph.

Moreover, it’s energy-efficient and has a patented nozzle on it! However, like the previous one, it’s also expensive. Its cost ranges from $260-$349, but you might want to consider its professional cord length of about 9 feet.


Product #3. T3 Cura Luxe

The T3 Cura Luxe is considered an award-winning dryer because of its multiple essential features. Also, among the five hairdryers, this might be the quietest one of only 74 decibels. It’s a well-made dryer containing several control choices available, such as the two-speed adjustment, five heat settings, and many more.

Its cost is acceptable because the dryer itself can be considered SMART equipment. Did you know that it automatically turns off if it detects that the user’s hand has been moved from the handle? With this, you don’t have to worry about leaving it on the table unattended for a few minutes.


Product #4. MHU Professional Salon Grade hairdryer

If we presented the quietest dryer among the five, this next product is the least expensive yet effective! It only costs about $60, but it still provides the best quality. The MHU professional salon-grade hair dryer measures in at 78 decibels.

Unlike standard hairdryers, this one prefers to create little to no damage to one’s hair by combining infrared heat with negative ion technology to improve the speed of the drying process. However, when you adjust the speed and heat to a much higher level, it gets louder. Still, it includes a diffuser and airflow concentrator for additional style choices. On the other hand, you might want to know more about how to choose a hairdryer at this point.


Product #5. Centrix Q-Zone dryer

This blow dryer is not just one of the quietest and cheap equipment, but it is also the most popular among the five. The Centrix band is well-known in the hair industry because of its surprising features, such as multiple heat and speed settings which improve appearance. When referring to loudness, this dryer measures in at 75 decibels. The sound is also more profound, and the whole equipment is lightweight. And these are some of the best quiet hairdryers you should try!


Wrapping Up

And that concludes the article, “How many decibels is a hairdryer?” It also has come to our minds that various hair dryers depend on their decibel level, features, and how they are manufactured. Some prices are higher than expected, but all of them are assured to project the best quality in which investing in them would not waste any money.

Hairdryers are not only daily essentials, but some of them may boost other people’s confidence and make things easier for them. We hope we provided you with some insights today. For more engaging writings about hairdryers, read this article about how hair dryer works. See you next time! 

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