How Many Best Man In Wedding: Can I Have Multiple?

If you are wondering how many best man in wedding you must have, you can go over one. You don’t need to follow the tradition of only having one best man, but we’ll also talk about why you shouldn’t go overboard with multiple best men. 

Furthermore, are you even aware of what the best man does at a wedding? This role is more than just the groom’s best friend, he’s also leading the groomsmen. 

how many best man in wedding


How Many Best Man Should You Have In Your Wedding?

Traditionally, the groom has one best man, and the other critical male people in his life are included in his groomsmen. As seen in some weddings, the best man can be a close friend, a brother, cousin, or even the groom’s son.

However, it’s also perfectly acceptable to have the best men at your wedding if you simply cannot choose one. Consider narrowing the best men into the two closest people you’d want to accompany to the altar. 

Having two best men in your wedding should be enough to honor the important people in your life, especially if a sibling and a best friend are tied in the best man role. But what if you want to add another best man?


Can You Have 3 Best Man?

If you feel like three men in your life must not only be part of the wedding party but should be considered a best man, there are no rules that prevent you from assigning them this role. However, the more best men you have, the more people might want this role. 

For example, a friend or relative might feel overlooked if you have three best men. There might be five of you in your friend group, or you might have a fourth sibling. 

To avoid any potential hurt feelings, it’s better to have one to two best men. Of course, three might be the maximum number, but again, assess how the other people at the wedding party might feel if you’ll have multiple “best” men. 


How Much Best Men Can You Have At A Wedding?

There is no maximum number of best men to have at a wedding because the groom gets to decide who is who in his wedding party. However, it might not be good to go over two or three best men because the other people can feel overlooked if they’re not chosen. 

Remember that the best man is also the equivalent of the maid of honor. Therefore, if you have more best men on your side, the bride should also increase the number of people in her bridal party. 

That being said, did you know that the bride can have a wedding house party? This party is composed of people she can’t include in her bridal party, so why not, as a groom, consider a separate party for those who didn’t get to be the best man?


How Many Best Man Are You Allowed To Have?

You can have many best men if you want, but it’s probably better to only have one. Carefully decide which person is going to be your best man. 

After all, the best man is so-called for a reason; he is the best man in your life. Wouldn’t the notion of “best man” is lost if multiple people were considered the best?

Regardless, you can always have the other essential and close people to you among your groomsmen. This is also the ideal approach if you’re having a small wedding. 


Who Is Usually The Best Man At A Wedding?

The best man at a wedding is usually the closest male friend or the groom’s best friend. The best man can also be his brother or relative to which he’s closest.

Overall, if you’re chosen as someone’s best man, understand that they trust you and consider you their right-hand man. This is why it’s also essential to familiarize yourself with the best man’s duties and ensure that you’re always there for the groom, especially when the wedding gets stressful


What Should I Say When Asking My Best Man?

The best way to ask someone to be your best man is by being straightforward. Simply say that you want them to be your best man because of their importance to you.

It’s also customary for grooms to give a gift to their best man. Perhaps it’s a tie or an accessory he could wear to your wedding. 

Another best man proposal route is to do something that you and that person bond over. You can play video games, have a friendly sports competition, or when you’re having drinks, then you pop out the question.


How To Choose My Best Man?

Choose the following qualities for your best man:

  • Someone really close to you 
  • Someone you can rely on 
  • Someone who can handle stress well
  • Someone friendly but can lead
  • Someone organized
  • Someone responsible



And that’s it! We just found out how many best man in wedding, where grooms can even have more than one. 

It’s acceptable to have two to three best men if you really can’t pick. However, you may want to limit your best men to avoid other people from thinking why they’re also not considered.

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