How Many Amps Does A Window Air Conditioner Use? Best Things To Know!

Are you asking yourself how many amps does a window air conditioner use? Well, do not go anywhere; the article itself will be answering that. Usually, a window air conditioner can run at 3.62 to 19.57 amps depending on its BTU or British Thermal Unit. I know you are very ready to learn this topic. So, without further ado, scroll down and enjoy reading the article.


What Are Amps In My Home Appliances?

Amps or amperes are units of electricity. They are used to describe the magnitude of electric current. Current, on the other hand, is the number of electrons that flow through an electric circuit. Think about the number of marbles that pass through a pipeline.

The equivalent of a single ampere is the amount currently made by one volt through a resistance of one ohm. Fun fact, if someone is electrocuted, the cause of their death will be not the voltage; it will be the current.

Amperes are labeled as A in your appliance. Amperage is defined as the strength of a currency expressed in amps. These electrical units are measured by a tool called an ammeter. Overall, amperes in electrical appliance play a crucial role especially in the distribution of power in its system.


Amps In My Window Air Conditioner

So, you are ready to learn, “how many amps does a window air conditioner use?” These measures will significantly affect your electric bill. So, watch out. If you have an air conditioner rated around 5000 BTU or British Thermal Units, it can have 3.62 to 5.43 amps. On the other hand, window air cooling units with 6000 BTU can range from 4.35 to 6.52 amps.

For 8000 BTU air conditioning units, they have ampere measures of 5.80 to 8.70. These units are typically window-type and portable. Air conditioners that are rated at 10 000 BTU have 7.25 up to 10.87 amperes in their rating. Also, these units can be a window to portable type.

Next, 12 000 BTU air conditioners can have 8.70 to 13.02 amperes in their ratings. These cooling units can be either window, portable, or mini-split type air conditioners. Conversely, 15 000 BTU air conditioners have much higher ampere ratings at 10.87 up to 16.30 amps. These types of units are window and portable.

Lastly, for 18 000 BTU air conditioners, they will have ampere ratings of 13.04 up to 19.57 amps. These air conditioners can vary from window type, portable type, and mini-split type. Indeed, air conditioners have varying ampere measures that you should remember. Every one of us should know these things.


What Is The Difference Between Voltage, Amperage, And Wattage?

If you have an air conditioner at your home, you will be unfamiliar with the terms: voltage, amperage, and wattage. Remember that each one of these terms is distinct from one another. However, all of them are crucial parts of the cooling operation of the air conditioner. Take note.

Suppose you are shopping for a perfect air conditioner. In that case, these terms will be beneficial for you in choosing the right need and service of an air conditioning unit. It would help if you remembered that air conditioners are big eaters of your electric bill. Without learning these terms, you might be increasing your electric bill unknowingly.

Voltage is the term for the electrical potential between two points. If a machine has a high voltage, it has a lower amp draw that allows the appliance to live longer.

Appliances that have higher voltages tend to have reliable capacities that you can trust for years. On the other hand, amperes or amps will indicate how much electricity flows between the two given points at a time.

In particular, electrical units should have a circuit that handles the amps that are used to them. If not, the circuit itself will break and cause problems. For the last term, watts are the vocabulary for electrical energy needed to do work.

You can see the term watts on the labels of our appliances. It is also indicated to your monthly electric bill on how you use power every month. Indeed, learning these measurements will benefit you greatly in choosing appliances that require unique voltages, amperages, or wattages. So, before you shop, look at the labels of your favorite air conditioning unit. It might be that it will be a wrong choice for your humble abode. Watch out.


Concluding Things Up!

Great! You already know, “how many amps does a window air conditioner use?” Typically, air conditioners have British Thermal Units or BTUs that vary from 5000 up to 18 000 BTU. Air conditioners in the range of 5000 up to 10000 BTU have ratings at 3.62 amps up to 10.87 amps.

On the other hand, higher-rated BTU from 12 000 to 18 000 on air conditioners have ampere measures of 8.70 up to 19.57.Take note that these measures will be significant in the total amount to be paid on your monthly electrical bill. If you want to read more articles, go here. Thank you very much for reading! See you soon!

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