How Many Amps Does A Central Air Conditioner Draw? Helpful Information!

How many amps does a central air conditioner draw? Usually, central air conditioners draw 15 to 20 amps depending on the model and tons. It is because these kinds of air conditioners require up to 230 volts per unit. However, what is a central air conditioner? It is one of the best kinds of air conditioners. It functions similarly to a large fridge to cool your home.

Furthermore, it uses similar components, substances, and processes as a freezer, together with a coolant or refrigerant. The refrigerant transforms from a liquid state to a gaseous state. After which, it then returns to a liquid form as it passes via a network of pipes and circuits that absorb and radiate energy.

how many amps does a central air conditioner draw

It collects energy from one location and transmits it over to another via this process. The central air conditioner generates chilly air in one area while delivering that coldness to the next.

Like any other air conditioner, its purpose is to lower the temperature of your home. However, this type cools a small or big space convenient to people witheither massive mansions andtiny houses.If you want to know more about this topic, keep on reading!


The Number Of Amps A Central Air Conditioner Draw

To answer your question: how many amps does a central air conditioner draw? Standard central air conditioners use 230 volts, where they usually draw amps in the range of 15 to 20. Specifically, a 2-ton unit draws 20 amps. However, some of the units use 208 volts only. Thus, the number of amps also changes. Some sources said that the amps range from 15 to 60.

Therefore, for you not to get tricky with different information, check the instruction manual first. Then, ensure that you know your device so that it will guide you on the precise information. It is important to know how many amps your central air conditioner draws to track your expenses regarding electricity.


Types Of Central Air Conditioner

Central air conditioners have two main types: the split-system and the packaged. They both have similarities and differences. To know more, here are the following types:


Type #1. Split-system

This type of central air conditioner has exterior and interior metal storage. Both storages aim to protect and store specific components of the unit. The exterior cabinet stores and includes both the condenser coil and air compressor. However, the interior cabinet stores the evaporator of the unit. Moreover, the interior cabinet has a thermal heater or thermostat that regulates the device’s temperature.

The split-system unit is by far the most cost-effective central air conditioner to purchase if your home currently has a fireplace but no air conditioning system. Thus, I recommend you buy this air conditioner.

Type #2. Packaged

Like its name, it is all in one. Unlike the split system, the packaged type of central air conditioner contains all the crucial parts and components of the unit in one storage. It does not have separate cabinets for internal and external components.

Moreover, you can install your packaged central air conditioner on your roof. Tiny houses and buildings prefer to use this type of air conditioner to cool their place. Packaged central air conditioners contain both heat pumps and furnaces. The pipes and the supply are not the outside of the house, usually common to some models.


Benefits Of A Central Air Conditioner

Owning a central air conditioner has a lot of advantages. Here are some:


Benefit #1. It keeps your house cool

Despite having hot weather, your central air conditioner can your home. It maintains the temperature of the house as low as possible to fight the heat. Moreover, it dehumidifies the air inside your unit.

If you own this kind of air conditioner, I bet you are having a comfortable life as you are not struggling with the hotness of summertime. Since this device is strong, you can use it for an extended period. In addition, it has a fan to cools its components and regulate its temperature.


Benefit #2. It improves air quality

When your air conditioner takes air from different home parts using return vents, it passes through an exhaust system, which traps particles and pollen in the atmosphere. In addition, advanced screens may be able to eliminate tiny contaminants.


Benefit #3. Produces less noise

Unlike other air conditioners, central air conditioners produce less noise. It is because you can locate the compressor on the outside. Therefore, since it does not produce annoying noise, you can sleep and rest well when you use this unit. There is no noise inside of your house.

I recommend this air conditioner if you tend to have babies in your home. With this benefit, you can work from home quietly without any distractions in the background.



Again, to answer the question: how many amps does a central air conditioner draw? The central air conditioners usually draw amps with the range of 15 to 20. However, it depends on the tons and the voltage. A central AC has two types. It also has a lot of benefits. Thus, it is good for your home.

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