How Many Amps Does A Blow Dryer Use? Read These Interesting Facts!

Are you worried about how many amps does a blow dryer use? So don’t worry; we’re here to help you out! The average blow dryer consumes roughly 16 amperes; that is a lot of power for any device, let alone one that just dries your hair.

Even an oven and air cleaner do not consume that much power. Blow dryers are always the spark for tripping the circuit breaker, although there is a definite cause.

how many amps does a blow dryer use

It’s not because the rooms have bad electrical connections or because your hairdryer is broken; it’s consuming so much more amperage. We know that you have to get your answer, but there’s much more to learn, so stay with us at the end.  We’ve discussed how many amps blow dryers use and why blow dryers effortlessly trip the circuit breaker. So without further ado, let’s get started!


Can Blow Dryers Trip The Circuit Breaker? 

Your blowdryer tripped the circuity breaker for a variety of reasons. This is feasible for a variety of reasons. If your blowdryer is broken, it’s a severe problem. It has gotten outdated and may misbehave if you’ve been using it for several years. Because repairing such a gadget is difficult, purchasing a new one would be preferred. If the blow dryer draws more amps than your circuit can operate safely, it might trip a breaker. A 13amp – 15 amp breaker powers a typical power source.

The breaker will be tripped if the blow dryer pulls more than that. If you also have some other machines attached to almost the same circuit, the odds of triggering the breaker are greater. If it happens again and you’re sure it’s not the hairdryer, try turning off some other machines connected to that socket or turning down the heat on the blow-dryer. Modern instruments are more sophisticated, yet they use more energy than older tools. Blow dryers from the past used around 700W; however, newer versions use nearly twice as much. To prevent any complications, use a dryer that uses less electricity.


How Many Amps Does Your Blow Dryer Use?

Knowing how many amps does a blow dryer use can help you determine when or where to get it. Most residential dwellings are designed for 15amp or 20 amp consumption so that your dryer will not trip your circuit breaker. The wattage is frequently displayed prominently on the back of a blow dryer as part of the Hairdyer’s name. For example, a hairdryer may be labeled “Meltyourface 1800,” implying it uses 1,800 wattages.

You’ll also have to understand the volts that are not usually posted directly in front of you. This will, therefore, be noted someplace on there, more probably near the wire. This will be 120Volts, or you’ll have a switch to choose between 120V and 240V. Amps= watts/amps are the formulae for computing amperage in any case. The amps will be 15 if the blow dryer is 1,800 watts and 120volts.  You may also be interested to know about important safety instructions.


Is A 15-Amp Hairdryer Safe To Use On A 15-Amp Circuit?

You won’t be able to operate a 15 amp blow dryer on a 15 amp circuit breaker unless your wiring is all jumbled up. That may seem illogical, but it all comes down to construction laws and security restrictions. The course will most likely trip if a surge exceeds 80% of the wire and circuits’ overall amperage. It’s only a precautionary measure. Two relatively low-amp gadgets tripping the circuit breaker could have startled you in the past. It’s most likely because they went beyond the 80% mark. That might not always be the case, however, if you put in a 15-amp blow dryer and tripped a 15-amp circuit breaker, it is frequently the case.

To test whether you receive a significant difference in answers, you’ll have to either acquire a new blow dryer or utilize a new plug. Many blow dryers won’t draw approximately 15 amps; thus, that shouldn’t be an issue. However, anything with a few more appliances on the same circuits, particularly something consuming more than one or two amperages, can trigger high-watt, high-amp hairdryers. There isn’t much in a household that will trigger the breaker after it is switched on, except for space heaters. Most other machines, such as a refrigerator or an oven, are always on or often utilized.


Things To Consider 

Blow dryers have advanced to the stage that adding other appliances or devices to the amps drawn by the blow dryer is enough to trigger the breaker. Not even all dryers can handle 15 amperes, so if you’re experiencing troubles with your blow dryer, it could be a good idea to reduce the watt and thus the amperes. Moreover, if the oven is on similar circuits and is switched on, a blow dryer drawing 10 amperes will trip the circuit breaker.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that we have answered the question of how many amps does a blow dryer use? We have discussed everything in a very simple way from beginning to end.  If you read this article thoroughly, you can easily understand this. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to choose hair dryer and how to use hair dryer diffuser. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end, and don,t forget to share this article with your friends if you kike it!

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