How Many Acres Do You Need For A Wedding Venue

The answer to how many acres do you need for a wedding venue is at least 15 acres. We will discuss your space requirements if you plan to own a wedding venue.

You will also know below the space you’ll need for different kinds of weddings. And for couples with a big wedding, you can refer to how many square feet for a 200-person wedding

how many acres do you need for a wedding venue


How Many Acres Do You Need For A Wedding Venue?

If you’re planning to have a venue for weddings, how many acres would you need? You will need at least 15 acres of space when making wedding venues. 

You will also accomplish special event requirements besides meeting the minimum acreage of 15 acres. For example, you should have adequate septic or sewer waste disposal systems, lighting per the ordinance, and approved traffic control, and the venue’s appearance should also meet aesthetic commercial standards.

What about wedding venues for receptions? For an indoor space meant to accommodate around 100 wedding guests, you will need anywhere from 1,000 to 1,200 square feet of venue for a sit-down dinner style

This size assumes that 8 to 10 guests will sit at a 60 to the 72-inch table. And since it’s a wedding venue for the reception, you will need head table space, a cake table, a dance floor area, space for the DJ, and an area for the bars and food stations. 


How Big Of A Venue Do You Need For 100 People?

There are many factors to consider when determining the best size of wedding venues for a 100-person wedding. If you make a wedding venue, it would be practical also to plan how many wedding sizes you intend to accommodate in your space. 

But if the maximum wedding size you want to hold in your wedding venue is 100 guests, ensure the space can hold 150 guests instead of only 100 people. One person will need at least 6 square feet, but instead of 600 square feet of space, the venue should be 1,000 square feet to accommodate other wedding elements. 

For example, your wedding will not only have guests standing. If there will be seated guests, then increase 6 square feet per guest to 8 square feet. 

And if you also want a dance floor, count 9 square feet per guest. So for a 100-guest wedding, multiply 9 by 150; based on the tip, even if the wedding only has 100 people, you should count for 50 more. 


How Much Space Do You Need For A Wedding Reception?

The space you’ll need for the wedding reception will depend on the elements you’ll put in the location. Get the overall area and assume that 50% of the site will be used for the catering stations, set-ups, dance floor, stage, logistics, and waiters. 

The remaining half of the area will then be used by your guests. And for a typical seated dinner reception, each guest will need 9 to 11 square feet, depending on the table. 

Rectangular tables take less space than round tables. And for the dance floor, each wedding guest should have 4.5 square feet

About 50% of the guests will use the dance floor, so it should be around 150 square feet. Then, add 200 square feet for the DJ booth, 100 square feet for a head table with eight seats, and a 100 square feet area for the bar. 


How Much Space Do I Need For An Outdoor Wedding?

If you’re planning a venue for an outdoor wedding, you’ll need at least 10 square feet per wedding guest. It’s even more ideal for increasing this to 12 square feet for an open-spaced wedding venue. 

This way, you are also accounting for the space for logistics among the tables and also the distance between the tables. How you arrange the tables and seats at the outdoor wedding venue will also dictate the space you need. 

Consider 1,200 square feet of space for 100 guests for an outdoor wedding reception. This assumes that you’ll use 6-foot-long tables in the venue. 


How Big Does Your Backyard Need To Be For A Wedding?

The elements you need for the wedding will dictate your area. But for a 100-person wedding, a backyard measuring 40 x 30 feet should be sufficient. 

But of course, a wedding will need a space for the dance floor and focal points like the head and cake tables. If it’s a ceremony, you also need ample room for it. 

Please read how to turn your backyard into a wedding venue for a more detailed guide. This will help you prepare your backyard and figure out the best arrangements. 


How Do You Fill Up Space At A Wedding?

  • Be strategic with decor colors
  • Get creative with lighting systems
  • Use oversized or large elements like trees and walls
  • Set up a separate space for lounging
  • Consider hanging decors



And that’s it! You just learned about how many acres do you need for a wedding venue, which is at least 15 acres.

But more than the acreage, know the space expected per guest when planning the wedding venue size. Each person will need at least 6 square feet of space, but remember to consider other venue elements like the tables and stage. 

You can always browse our blog for different guides if you have more venue questions. 

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