How Many 12 Volt Batteries To Run An Air Conditioner? Awesome Cooling Down Spaces!

Wondering, “how many 12 volt batteries to run an air conditioner?” Do not fret; this article will be answering that question. You will need four 12 volt batteries to power an air conditioner.

This specification can only operate your air conditioner for an hour. I know you are very curious about this topic.

So, without further ado, let’s get started by scrolling down and reading the article.


What Are The Different Kinds Of  Batteries For My Air Conditioner?

Before we proceed to the number required to power your air conditioner, you will be learning its kinds.

There are four types of batteries that you can use in cooling a space with portability. Here they are:


#1. Flooded cell batteries

flooded battery is the most widely known type of battery in the market. These are the wet or flooded types of power used in cars, power supplies, and independent energy systems.

Specifically, these batteries contain liquid that should be measured and maintained for it to perform correctly. Flooded batteries work by using fluid electrolyte-containing media in creating a chemical reaction.

When the battery starts operating, the acid in the liquid will interact with the lead plates. This interaction will generate electricity to the circuit.  They are appropriate for backup power needs, utility, and energy storage in choosing flooded cell batteries.

Flooded cell-type batteries are also money-friendly compared to AGM or absorbed glass mat batteries – another battery for air conditioning needs.

However, flooded cell-type batteries need time for routine maintenance and can be damaged easily in greater instances. Also, these types of batteries can be sensitive to temperature change which can affect the solution that contains electrolytes.


#2. Absorbed glass mat batteries

AGM or absorbed glass mat batteries contain a unique glass mat boundary inside that can taper the electrolyte fluid between the electric plates in the battery. In addition, it has a unique design that allows fiberglass to be mixed with the electrolyte, storing the fluid in a suspended or dry manner, unlike other batteries that accumulate in a liquid state.

AGM batteries work as the electrolyte transfers from the glass mats to the battery plates and generate electricity.  The glass mats themselves contain appropriate electrolytes for the system in generating total capacity without spilling the electrolyte when moved.

Luckily, you can use AGM batteries without maintenance and watering. These types of batteries are better than flooded cell ones in terms of care. However, AGM batteries should not be over and undercharged as they can damage the battery’s lifespan.

These batteries are commonly used in power systems like wind and solar power farms. Also, you can use them in electronic automobile service and UPS systems.


#3. Lithium phosphate batteries

These types of batteries use the combination of lithium and phosphate to generate electricity. Lithium phosphate batteries are light to carry. Therefore, you can store more batteries when you buy this type of portable power.


#4. Tesla battery modules

Tesla battery modules are primarily used in electric cars by the said company. These types of batteries use Lithium-Ion, unlike lithium phosphate batteries.

A usual Tesla vehicle has a battery number of sixteen modules, with one module has a rating of 24 volts. These batteries can challenge lithium phosphate batteries as one module can be compared to four lithium phosphate ones, costing half the cost.


The 12 Volt Batteries To Run An Air Conditioner

Well, this section will be discussing your question, “how many 12 volt batteries to run an air conditioner?” You can acquire 20 -24 batteries in 12 V, 100 Amp Hour capacities for flooded cell batteries.

This number will power your air conditioner for about 8 hours. For example, if you have 6 V flooded batteries, it requires 12 – 14 of them to power an air conditioner.

On the other hand, AGM batteries will require 14 – 18 batteries in 12 V, 100 Amp Hour capacities in powering the AC. Also, you can acquire 8 -12 of them in 6 V and 150 Amp Hour capacities to power the same air conditioner.  Likewise, you will need 12 – 16 lithium phosphate batteries in 12 V, 100 Amp Hour capacities.

Lastly, you can have only 3 Tesla battery modules to power an air conditioner for 8 hours. Indeed, powering an air conditioner using batteries is challenging; however, it requires some knowledge about electronics to cool down your portable spaces.


Cooling Things Up!

Wow! You already got the answer to the question, “how many 12 volt batteries to run an air conditioner?”. Generally, you can use four 12 volt batteries to run an air conditioner for about an hour.

Flooded batteries can run an AC with 20 – 24 at 12 V or 12 – 14 at 6 V. For AGM batteries. It can run an air conditioner at 14 – 18 with 12 V or 8 – 12 with 6 V.

On the other hand, lithium phosphate batteries will need about 12 -16 at 6 V to operate the same AC. Lastly, 3 Tesla batteries can run an air conditioner. Want to read more? Go here.

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