How Long Should A Fridge Run? 4 Astonishing Factors!

You might be interested in knowing how long should a fridge run. Well, this depends on various factors that can either be external or internal. In most cases, the fridge won’t shut off for a few days due to those reasons.

You may think it is not severe, but it would be better to pay attention to your appliance and find solutions to the current issue. On the other hand, if the fridge is running too often, it calls for concern. Having this in mind can help in knowing whether your refrigerator is overdoing it.

how long should a fridge run

On average, the length of time that the fridge runs should be ranging from four up to eight hours before it shut off.

After that, the fridge must proceed to its defrost cycle. Recent fridges are even designed so that they can run for about 80% up to 90% of the time.


 Main Factors Affecting How Long Should A Fridge Run

In this post, you will also know several factors affecting the run time of your fridge. We will then touch on the things that you should do if your fridge keeps running. So keep on reading!


Factor #1. Ambient temperature

If you are using a portable refrigerator, you may be aware already that it is working slowly in warm conditions. Ambient temperature can likewise affect the run time of the majority of fridges. For that very reason, you will not see a fridge running the whole time in warmer environments.

In those areas, ventilation plays a vital role. It is advised by the experts that you need to leave a few-inch gap in between the fridge and the counter, cabinet, or wall. Or better yet, install your fridge in the corner of your house that is close and not near any appliance which releases heat.


Factor #2. Damaged or weak door gaskets

If the door gasket is damaged, it will prevent the fridge door from shutting close correctly. In such a case, the cold air will be leaking from the fridge. It would be hard to notice this, but look if water leaks or moisture is gathering from your fridge.

Additionally, opening your fridge constantly will allow the air to leak. Therefore, you will also not notice apparent changes. However, the fridge will continue running since it wasn’t able to attain the temperature desired in keeping the items in the fridge cold.


Factor #3. Internal temperature

You may think you just have to set the thermostat on its highest level, so the refrigerator will no longer keep running. But it does not work like that. For one thing, the ones that will determine how long the fridge will run are the temperature of those food items you put in it.

In case you are keeping hot or warm foods in the fridge, the fridge needs to cool it down first before actually chilling them and it will keep running. Furthermore, since the internal temperature must be lower as compared to the ambient temperature, this will offset the fridge’s temperature.

Essentially, the warmer items you put in the fridge will keep running longer. More so, stuffing the fridge too much can also affect its running time. For that reason, you need to space the items you put in the fridge adequately since it will allow quicker cooling and better ventilation.

If you think your foodstuff exceeds the capacity, you can consider getting a bigger fridge or a small one to support the other one.


Factor #4. Interior light

The interior light of any fridge is supposed to go off if you close the door. But if the light does not go off after the door has been completed, it will give off heat inside the fridge. This, in turn, will lead to the running of the fridge for a longer period.


How Long Should A Fridge Run That Is Plugged In For the First Time?

The first time you plug in a fridge will keep it running for 24 hours. That is because the first startup will have to reach a stable temperature. But before you plug your fridge, leave it upright and unplugged for about four hours first before you begin loading it with food items.

Furthermore, you need to make sure that those food items are cool rather than warm before placing them inside the fridge. Doing so will help in preserving your unit’s efficiency.

That is because the compressor no longer needs to utilize extra energy in cooling down those warm items.


It’s A Wrap!

Going back to the question: how long should a fridge run? Before it shut off and starts the defrost cycle, the fridge must be running for about four up to eight hours.

But then again, this can be affected by several factors including ambient temperature, damaged or weak door gaskets, internal temperature, and interior light.

In other words, putting warm foods in the fridge can affect the run time. The same is true with the number of times you open the door of the fridge.

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