How Long Is A Long Bed Truck? 4 Best Ways To Use Its Space!

Did pickup trucks interest you lately and wondered, “how long is a long bed truck?”

If you want to buy a truck, you should consider its bed size.

how long is a long bed truck

It should depend on where you will use this vehicle.

The bed comes in three main sizes, which are short, standard, and long.

On the other hand, most of you would ask for something more spacious so that you could get the most out of it.

And it might also be practical for you.

So, this article will discuss long truck beds.

Stay tuned!


Is a Long Truck Bed Long?

Truck beds are the open part of the truck that is used to carry heavy materials and equipment.

Their purpose is similar to that of a wagon, but it’s bigger.

It commonly has a tailgate and side rails to prevent the carried materials from falling off the truck and disrupt other vehicles.

This truck bed makes the vehicle multi-purpose.

It would also benefit those families who consist of more than five members and love outdoor activities.

Sitting on the truck bed while traveling would make you feel the freshness of the air in the countryside.


Dimensions Of A Long Bed Truck

Knowing the size of your truck bed could open more ideas for you.

It will make you think of street food businesses, outdoor activities, and many more.

So, how long is a long bed truck?

The average length of long bed trucks is approximately eight feet.

Some pickup trucks have an additional one foot in length because of the tailgate.

The tailgate is commonly used to load and unload heavy materials.

And it also prevents the materials that the truck carries from falling down the vehicle as it moves.

If you want to buy the truck with the most extended bed, you can check out the 2015 Ram 1500.

It measures about 98.3 inches!

You can check how wide is a truck bed in this article!


Ways You Could Modify Your Truck Bed

You’ve already learned about truck beds and length of the long bed truck is.

In what ways can you use this?

Well, you may never know until you get creative and imaginative.

But we present to you some of the most common ways to use your truck beds other than carrying cargo.

And here they are:


Way #1. Street food truck

If you wanted to start your own business, your pickup truck would save you some money.

Instead of investing in food stalls, make use of your long truck bed.

It’s creative, do you agree?

You can put your goods or products in the back of your truck and park where there are many people.

It could be in plazas or in time squares.

However, some transform their pickup truck into moving food stalls, similar to those of street foods.

Vendors would add dividers and storage compartments in their truck beds for their food supplies and refreshments.

Others would add cooking equipment such as a deep fryer or a flattop grill.


Way #2. DIY pool

You can consider this method of enhancing your truck bed into something innovative and cheap.

Because of the depth and space your truck has, you can surely build a jacuzzi.

This pickup pool would be handy if the weather is sunny.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a slight dip in a scorching day?

You can use a tarp as the base for your pool and prevent the water from flowing inside the vehicle’s components.

Trace the edges of the inner surface of your truck bed with the tarp to maximize the space.

Don’t forget to tie the tarp in place with a rope or fibers that you can fasten.

And consider the maximum weight capacity of your truck.

The weight of about five people and the water might break your truck if it’s too much.


Way #3. Camping spot

Do you want to experience camping but don’t have the time to go to camping sites?

Well, your pickup truck could offer you that feeling of sleeping outdoors.

Build or position your camping tent on your long truck bed.

But make sure to attach or seal the edges of the tent tightly.

You don’t want your tent to be blown away by a strong wind in the middle of your sleep, do you?

On the other hand, you can also use your truck bed to sleep if you are camping.

For example, you and your friends went camping.

But, you’re worried that the ground wouldn’t be safe for resting.

Instead, place your sleeping blankets on the back of the truck.

And you’re now three feet high on the ground.

Keep in mind that your truck bed doesn’t have a roof, and it might rain.


Way #4. Turn it into a bus

There’s enough space on the truck bed to carry about 6-8 passengers.

So, why not make it into a bus?

It could be a school bus or a service van.

Build a long chair for both sides of the truck.

Also, they should be sturdy enough to carry the weight of the passengers.

Don’t forget to attach a roof in case the weather would be terrible.

You can use this to keep the passengers from getting wet in the weather.



And that concludes the article, “how long is a long bed truck?”

With its length and space, there would be enough room for some improvement and modification.

So, if you’re considering purchasing a pickup truck, why wait?

Do it now!

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