How Long Is A King Size Pillow? 6 Best Reasons To Use It!

Probably, you are wondering how long is a king size pillow and how would this be a convenient type of pillow.

Are you in the middle of finding a comfortable king pillow?

how long is a king size pillow

A king-size pillow has a standard size of 36 inches wide and 20 inches high that could fit in a twin-size bed.

This type of pillow is a much more suitable option for those who love to sleep and active sleepers tossing and rolling around the bed.

In this article, you will know all about pillow sizes and understand more of their uses in order to have a better guide on finding what size of pillow you will use for your bedroom.


What Is A King Size Pillow?

Pillows are essential for correcting a healthy alignment of the structure of the body.

Without a proper pillow, our bodies may create pressure points that could lead to simple up to severe back pain.

Finding a suitable king-sized pillow for your king-sized bed can be tricky, so chose the right pillow size that could fit your bed, which also right for you.

King-sized beds are better used as back support when bed reading or even watching movies in bed because of their extra length enhanced for lumbar support.

How long is a king size pillow?

Its 36 inches width can fit in a twin-sized bed but in a king and California king size bed, place a two king-sized pads for better organizing and comfort.

King size pillows are perfectly fit with 20 to 21 inches by 36 to 41 inches king pillowcases.

You can make a pillowcase on your own, or you can purchase it online for much hassle-free buying.


6 Benefits Of A King Sized Pillows

Pillow size is one of the few factors that affect the quality of sleep. There lots of styles of pillows that different manufacturers offer.

There are three most common types of pillows these include; standard size, queen size, and king size.

Despite the fact that pillows come in several sizes and shapes, they have a significant role here.

Choosing a specific pillow based on what purposes that you can also benefit for your health.

What are the benefits of a king-size pillow? Let’s find out!


#1. Appropriate for workaholic people

If your spending your time working a whole day, king-sized the best choice for you. These pillows could provide great comfort and back support.

If you have something to do on your laptop, read a book, or work from home situation, big sized pillow is the one that suits you.


#2. Recommended for side sleepers

King-sized pillows have a wider length and much more volume compared to other pillow sizes.

If you love to lie on your side when sleeping, this is perfect for you, especially when you like to put the pillow in the middle of both your legs.

It helps generate your whole neck and upper back to rest comfortably while you sleep.


#3. Best for broad shoulders

King-sized pillows are thick and firm enough, which are advisable for those who have broad shoulders for a less stiff and more comfortable feeling.

Aside from that, this pillow gives extra support that provides the right inclination for people who have broad shoulders.


#4. Good for display purposes

You can also use a king-size pillow for display or upgrading a whole look. It probably has a longer shape, but it doesn’t mean that it is not allowed to use it as a display.

With 20 inches by 36 inches, you can arrange it with a much bigger bedding set.

Furthermore, you can put it in a twin size bed for a much-elevated look. Playing and decorating your bedding is also fun and enjoyable, so go and give it a try!


#5. Body pillow alternative

Since king size pillows are long enough, you can use this as a body pillow if you are suffering from back and muscle pain.

This type of pillow lets you stay aligned for a night when you are experiencing some uncomfortable sleeping positions.

Also, it can get hold of your hips, which is very relaxing, especially when you want to have a good night’s sleep.


#6. User’s comfort

Having a much bigger pillow with the right softness and firmness would give you relief and comfort in sleeping.

Convenience is one of the few things we all need in order to attain that particular level of comfort.

You can sleep well using a king-size pillow, for it is long enough to hug and sleep with.


For Final Words

Picking the right size can indeed be tricky and challenging, especially when you want to achieve the comfort level you want while sleeping.

King size pillows are considered the best and comfortable type of pillow that could satisfy your sleeping needs.

Investing in a wrong and not suitable pillow size might not only cost you a lot of money but also cause a mild to severe pain.

I hope this article answered your question about how long is a king size pillow and helps you pick what is best for you.

How so? By stating the benefits that could answer all your assumptions about king size pillows.

Thank you for spending your time reading!