How Long For Insurance To Approve MRI? Awesome Facts To Know!

Are you wondering how long for insurance to approve MRI? It takes only a few minutes rather than several days for the approval to take place. It depends much on the chosen health insurance company. They would regularly check each business day and the status of the approval. This is in the case of pending authorizations.

MRI or better known as magnetic resonance imaging, enables doctors to see what’s inside your body.

how long for insurance to approve MRI

This way, they will diagnose the problems effectively. An MRI scanner uses radio waves and magnets, giving doctors a detailed view of the cross-section of the body organs. Issues arising from these areas need to be treated before they turn into a severe health crisis. That’s why it makes sense to know how long for your insurance to approve MRI. Also, learn more about the costs related to the MRI procedure. There is so much to know about this topic, so read further!


Costs of MRI Scan

The typical cost of an MRI scan is 2,600-dollars. This can still increase considering the location, hospital, & scanning type needed. Other facilities may charge 400-dollars or 13,000-dollars. The machine may be expensive since the scanner can already cost millions. The MRI scanner is priced as low as 150,000-dollars. However, it may cost 3-million dollars for the machine. Clinics and hospitals may require a particular room for it. This is known as the MRI suite. This aims to protect others from the magnetic field of the scanner. Other costs to pay for the suite, machine, & medical personnel will be transferred to the patient.


Medical Insurance Coverage

The cost of the MRI may be covered by medical insurance. A high-deductible plan for medical insurance might require you to pay the MRI cost. However, it can be less as compared to the deductible. Search around for the right provider if you need an MRI procedure as part of regular health care. This should suit your budget. When taken to an emergency room because of an accident, MRI is therefore needed. Search for the best price possible for you. You may also read what is premises liability insurance coverage


Length of Time of the MRI Approval

So, how long for insurance to approve MRI? It requires two things when getting an MRI procedure. This includes the patient who needs it badly and the doctor who requests an MRI. The doctor has been professionally trained for years and is ready to make the right decision. This is to say for the welfare of the patients. It’s their training and knowledge to decide if it makes sense for a particular situation.

But today, things just have changed and progressively become more complex. For example, get an MRI today that involves the doctor ordering it, the patient that’s needing it, the 3rd party and non-clinical staff hired by the insurance company for administering prior authorizations, the clinical staff at the 3rd party reviewing authorizations, and the insurance company. Even the billing administrator in the imaging facility is included in reviewing and ensuring the authorization is done by a doctor.


How Long For Your Insurance To Approve MR

Read on the steps further for the approval of MRI to take place.

The doctor or the staff will figure out the 3rd-party administrator used by the patient’s insurance company. After that, the doctor will reach out by submitting an online form or calling through the phone. The doctor will develop some more special codes for the diagnosis, test, and more for the patient. This request will undergo a review after being submitted. It’s at seventy-five percent that the time is denied or rejected because of one reason and another. 

The doctor will call in and then wait on hold for ten to thirty minutes. Again, this is before speaking with someone clinically trained to argue the case of the patient. This is also to emphasize why this test is needed by the patient now. The approval is already given after it’s finally completed. These hoops are only created by the insurance companies and the 3rd parties for the staff and the doctors jumping through. This way, maybe they’ll decide to back out and not jump. 

The insurers will then save money since some offices could not persist enough for the approval. Some patients requiring a test may turn to the drawing board. They’ll then start over and see a specialist for further evaluation. This way, they’ll get the approval again.

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Reasons For Denial Of MRI By Insurance Companies

CT/MRI scans may face denial from insurance companies. It’s because the request was made incomplete. Further medical records may as well be required before making a decision. It’s often requested that a family member try PT or physical therapy. This is before getting the approval of an MRI. Also, read why does it take so long to get an MRI approved


It’s A Wrap!

Now you’ve learned how long for insurance to approve MRI. Insurance is needed in getting better prepared for the procedure. Remember that MRI is medically necessary. It’s also valuable for viewing internal structures in the body. Just follow the steps mentioned, as it’s worth it to save money out of your pocket! Claim insurance for the approval of an MRI scan that is appropriately required. This is part of the treatment of the illness in the health insurance policy. You may also want to read about how much does a Breast MRI cost without insurance

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