How Long Does It Take To Repair A Water Damaged Phone?

Depending on the severity of the damage, you will only know “how long does it take to repair a water damaged phone.” A cell phone repairer may ask you to wait for days or months, but this article will give you eight simple steps you can do at home to fix your water-damaged phone.  


how long does it take to repair a water damaged phone

How Can You Tell If Your Phone Has Water Damage?

There are clear signs you can look for to confirm phone water damage:

  • Behind the screen, you will see the visual presence of water
  • Visible corrosion marks at cellphone ports
  • Liquid damage indicator get discolored or appears maroon


8 Steps On Fixing A Water Damaged Phone


Step #1. Switch off your phone

Turning off your phone will help avoid short electrical connections, giving your phone a higher chance of survival. 


Step #2. Remove the case, sim card, and the battery (if possible)

Remove any casing of your phone, the sim card, micro SD cards, and the battery so that the water will not stay on these parts. Also, it will help the internals of the phone dry out quicker. 


Step #3. Use a cloth to dab your phone dry

To dry the visible water on your phone, you can use an absorbent cloth or paper towel. Wipe the wet parts and be careful not to spread the water as this could push the water into the devices’ physical features. 


Step #4. Try to use a phone vacuum cleaner

You can try to use a phone vacuum cleaner to suck out the water in the ports of your phone. Make sure that the small parts of your phone are in a safe place or far away enough, such as a sim card and micro SD card. 


Step #5. Use silica gel packets

Typically, the old rice trick is what most people do, but using silica gel packets that often you see on the box of a new pair of shoes is proven more effective. Get a zip-top plastic bag, fill it with silica gel, put your phone inside, and leave it for at least 24 up to 48 hours.


Step #6. Let your phone rest for 48 hours 

Do not turn on your phone, and just let it rest for at least 48 hours to make sure it is dry entirely. You can put your sim card in a spare phone to ensure you are still contactable.


Step #7. Switch on your phone after 48 hours

After 48 hours, try switching your phone on. If it does not work, connect your phone to a charger and try again to see if it will make a difference.


Step #8. If your phone does turn on, test the various features

If your phone turns back on, try to test the various features like the touchscreen, camera, and speaker to see if they work. To ensure that no data or photos will get lost, take the opportunity to save them to another device because it might not continue to work for long. 


Does water damage to the phone happen immediately?

Water damage to cell phones develops slowly over time — only instead of years, it will take days or weeks. You can try to clean your phone using a sonic cleaner and other electronics-safe cleaning solutions for the corrosion and debris. 


How much does it cost to repair a water-damaged phone?

Typically, water damage repairs cost between 35 and 50 USD. Most phone fixes cost only a fraction of the new phone’s price.


10 Reasons To Get A Cellphone Repair Professional

  1. Damaged phone screen
  2. The charging port of your phone has an issue
  3. Water damaged
  4. The battery is draining fast
  5. The speaker is not working
  6. The phone is hanging frequently
  7. Phone overheating
  8. The buttons/screen is not working
  9. The flashlight of the camera is not working
  10. Apps keep crashing


How long does it take for water to evaporate from a phone?

Usually, you have to wait for moisture to evaporate from the charging port of your phone within approximately one to two hours. You can also use a soft cloth to absorb the water and dry it quickly.

For reference on “how to clean water damaged electronics,” you can check this one.


Does putting a cell phone in rice dry it out?

According to some phone repair experts, uncooked rice (to know “what chemical works for water damaged circuit boards,” here’s a guide) can help to absorb some moisture in your water-damaged phone. However, it can cause other issues to your phone because the dust, small grains, and rice starch can potentially get lodged into your phone ports.



You may wait for days or even months for a phone repair, yet the only answer to “how long does it take to repair a water damaged phone” can be less than expected. So before going to a cellphone repair shop, you can always check a self-help guide to fix it on your own.

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